19: Return To Africa

Chapter 19.

That same night i arrived in Amsterdam, i witnessed how the birds swallowed the cocain. Basil had deliberately called me out to watch them so that i would know how it was done.
It was important that i watched them because i was going to be doing the same thing.

Basil cooked Okro soup for the two birds. They swallowed the ball with the soup and would occasionally rest.
It was almost 4am by the time they finished swallowing.

After an hour rest, a taxi was called for them.
I watched as both of them disappeared from the apartment to wherever they were going.

According to Basil, the balls contained 10grams of Cocain each. Exactly 100 Pieces of balls amounted to 1KG which was 1000 grams.
He explained that each ball would fetch 20 Euros for the bird.
That meant that if i swallowed 50 balls, i would simply make 20 Euros multiple by 50.
It was a straight and understandable calculation.
I could decide to swallow just 50 balls since 100 seemed too many. However, the problem was that the more balls one swallowed, the less expenses it would become for the owners.

Without holding anything back, i gave my body to Basil.
We had sex at every small opportunity.
I didn’t want to give him any reason to change his mind about sending me to Ivory Coast.
If my body was what he wanted, he would get it. Afterall I was a street prostitute who have given out the same body to men for just 10 Euros.

Five days after i came to Amsterdam, a flight ticket was purchased for me to travel to Ivory Coast.
I was very excited because i was going to visit Mother Africa again.
Even though i wasn’t going to Nigeria but i was going to have the feel of home again.
I was going to see all black faces and no white.
I was going to see foods being sold in the streets.
I was going to see girls doing their hair along the roads.

I called Uncle in Castel Volturno and told him that i won’t be returning to his place until about two weeks.
He said some of his customers were asking about me but i didn’t care. I told him that i would come back in about two weeks.

I contemplated calling Melissa but i didn’t. Ever since we separated, i haven’t called her and i didn’t even know how she went about the housing issue.
Separating myself and her was one of the downsides of me back in Castel Volturno but one part of my mind told me that i did the right thing.

Basil and I lived happily for one more week before my departure date suddenly surfaced.

The airline was Air France. It meant that i had to travel to Paris before taking the flight to Ivory Coast.
It felt even better that i was going to see Paris for the first time in my life.
The resident permit opened the World’s doors to me and it was amazing what that piece of card could do for me.

On the morning of my Journey to Ivory Coast, Basil followed me to the Amsterdam Central Station where we both boarded a fast train to Paris.

Amsterdam to Paris was not too far.

We got to Belgium in just over an Hour.
If i were alone, I would have gotten down from the train to see the City of Brussel.
I had heard so much about Belgium when i was in Nigeria.
Most of the imported used items back in Nigeria were referred to as Belgium.
I didn’t know that i would see those places with my eyes.

“It took another two hours to get to Paris from Brussel.

From the Gare Du Lyon Station where the train stooped us, we took a Taxi to the Charles De Gaulle International Airport.

The airplane was leaving by 2:45 pm.
We were at the airport on time to look around before boarding.
Basil helped me secure my boarding pass and showed me where i would enter when it was time.

At about 1:40pm, we started the boarding.

Basil watched me enter into the departure hall before he left back to Amsterdam.

Since i had gained experience from my first air travel to Amsterdam, it wasn’t difficult for me to know what to do without asking questions.

I saw the digital signboard that directed people and followed it to the counter where the people going to Ivory Coast were standing.
I stood behind the last person and moved slowly until it was my turn.

Like the white man before me did, i handed my documents to the lady behind the counter and waited.
After looking at the documents, she checked for corresponding information on her computer before she tore my boarding pass into two pieces and gave me one.

I took my documents and walked into a large tube that lead directly to the front door of the large aircraft.

The lady air hostess at the door of the flight said something in French with a smile.
I nodded as if i heard what she said.
She took my boarding pass and after looking at the information written on it, she directed me to my seat.

I walked down to the middle of the aircraft and found my seat.
Since i had requested for a seat near the window, i sat down and looked through the glass window.
The city of Paris stretched to infinity.
The sun was up in the sky.
A soft song was playing inside the plane.
A movie was showing on the Television overhead.

My excitement got better of me as i watched the magnificent piece of technology that would fly hundreds of people from one continent to another. It was unlike anything i have seen in the past.
I thought the small airbus i took from Napoli to Amsterdam was wonderful until i saw the large Boeing Jet.

I watched the TV and looked around until it was time to leave the airport.

A short announcement was made for the passengers to fasten their seat belts.
We were told to switch off our cell phones.
The announcement was made in English and French.

As the airplane began to gather more speed that would propel it into the air, i did the Catholic sign of the cross and closed my eyes for Prayers, Even though i was a sinner, a prostitute that had no plans of repenting anytime soon.
I was going to carry drugs in Ivory Coast which i considered crime and evil, yet i had high hopes that God would answer my prayers.

Yea, i believed he would take me to Ivory Coast safely.

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