19: Love in Berlin

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Chapter 19

Maria found a cab and drove away; i believed she went to the hotel.
Ralph and his pusher had slowly drifted away when the cops started searching us.
Akunne was angry with me and he repeated in Igbo that i brought Police to his shop. I didn’t care since my safety was the priority.

I wasn’t afraid of what the Police was going to do. The reality was that my fingerprint was in the German database. I took asylum there in 2002. My asylum status was still so much valid when i left the country. However, the police had found drugs in my room and seized it. They had invited me to court but i left the country down to Portugal without honoring the court invitation. I had always known that it was only a matter of time before i returned back to assume my asylum status. I knew there were going to be some punishments for me whenever i returned to the Country. They were never going to leave me free for nothing. I had suspected that they were going to reactivate the court case and probably lock me up until it finished but as we were driven to the police station, i prepared my mind on whatever that was going to befell me.

Berlin was my home in Europe. Despite getting the resident permit from Paris, having did drugs in Amsterdam, having been to Lisbon, Vienna and other places, Berlin was still in my heart. That was where i was made in Europe. It was never a surprise to me that i always wanted to go to Berlin wherever i was. It was there that i sent Jennifer in the beginning; she still lived there at the time of the police incident.
Berlin was the first big city i knew very well. I had lived for a short time in Essen and Oberhausen down in the Wesphalia State but none of them could be compared to Berlin. The transport and social system in Berlin had captivated me to the extent that i vowed to name my first son “Berlin” whenever he arrived.

One thing was very clear on my mind as we were being taken to the police; they were going to fingerprint us. If the other guy haven’t taken asylum yet, they were probably going to ask him some questions and send him to either deportation camp or asylum camp. As for me, they were going to find out that i lived in Brandenburg. They were going to find out that i jumped court and they were going to lock me up and process a kind of temporal paper either to charge me to court or to send me back to Brandenburg.
I smiled as i remembered that even if they sent me to Nigeria, it would be a welcomed development. I was getting tired of Europe. My life was dangerously swinging between bad and bad. I was just in the middle of survival and death and what the Nsukka group did was just one of the things i had been expecting. If it was in Paris, i would have not even gone to Akunne to eat or greet him. It was just that i loved Berlin and nobody from Nigeria was going to chase me away from there. Every other city i had been to never connected with me like Berlin. There was a time i even vowed that if i didn’t live in Berlin, it was going to be in Enugu Nigeria.

“Follow me” The voice of the police man jolted me from my reverie.
I walked down from the vehicle and followed him to a room where there was just a table and two chairs.

A woman was waiting there with a paper and a pen.
“Your name please” she said.
“Solomon Ebot” I answered.

“Date of birth” She said.
“12 August 1980” I answered.

“When did you come to Germany” She asked.

“Zwei thausand und Zwei (2002)” I said
“Was (what)?” she asked.
I repeated what i said in German.

“Du Verstand Deutsch? (You understand German)”

“Ja Ich Verstand Deutsch” I responded.

We continued in Deutsch.
“Why don’t you have ausweise since you came here in 2002?” she asked.

I told her that i had ausweise from stadt Brandenburg but lost it. I didn’t tell her when i lost it or how, i just told her that i lost it and when she asked why i didn’t return to the foreign office to get another one, i told her i didn’t know it was important.

She called another police officer and told him what has been happening between us.
After several discussions, they told me that i was to be detained until the next day.
No fingerprint.

They took my phone and my wallet. But luckily for me, i had nothing implicating with me. Even if i had anything implicating such as tickets, i wouldn’t really care because i was ready for whatever comes out.

I couldn’t reach Maria because they took my phone. I didn’t know what the poor girl was doing. I had instructed her to go to the hotel and switch to a cheaper hotel the following day. There was some money in our bag and she knew where i put it. I didn’t care if she will take it and run or not. As a matter of fact, i wished her to take he money and run. I was actually looking for a way to get rid of Maria. I liked working alone without the burden of having to cover someone else. I was already thinking of how to return to France and tell them i lost my resident permit card and that would be if the Germans let me off easily.

I was unusually calm in the cell block where they left me without any connection to the outside world; just a wooden bed and a toilet.

Around 8pm, they brought coffee and biscuit which i rejected. Right there in the cell block, i was thinking of Maria. The poor girl has taken to me. I knew she was hoping to get pregnant for me and give birth even if we didn’t get married. Somehow, the issue of the guy who wanted to marry her in Africa had died a natural death. She never mentioned him to me again and i never asked. It was me she wanted; the events of the past few weeks told me that.
Right there, i vowed that if she waited up for me, i was going to take her to one Reverend to get us married. I would then take her as mine and carry whatever responsibilities that came out of the union. The truth and reality were that no other woman knew me half as Maria did.

The thoughts of our life together quietly took me to sleep in the cell block until a knock woke me up early the next morning.

” An intelligent man is sometimes forced to
be drunk to spend time with his fools”

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    u a forced to think abt ur future when in some unpleasant situation and u begin to appreciate people around u more.

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