19: Owerri

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OWERRI IMO STATE: I had arrived in this city from Aba Abia state around 4pm on a friday.
I had traced my way until I found myself in Concorde avenue where the Famous Concorde hotel was located.
I drove into the hotel, parked my car in one of the numerous car parks and entered a massive bar. Every kind of liquor was arranged in a beautiful manner.
I sat down and demanded for a bottle of JW whiskey.

”Its N6000 sir” the bar attendant had said.
For a few seconds, I considered whether to buy It or not. I was sure I could get it for N2500 outside the premises. It didn’t make economic sense but things like that were to be expected.
Since I had spent unexpected money in Aba, I decided not to buy the whiskey for N6000.

I ordered for a bottle of guinness stout, it was still expensive at N400 but it was better than buying the whiskey.

I sat on a sofa and drank alone. Several ladies and men came in and left as I sat there.
The Concorde hotel was apparently a five star hotel.
I spotted a state governor who came into the bar with his numerous body guards. They bought some drinks and left for god knows where.
Night was coming and it had dawned on me that I wasn’t going to catch any fun there, therefore I walked outside.
I saw a hotel attendant and asked her where the club was located. She said the best one was called Octagon but warned me that I may not be allowed inside. She pointed me to the direction and left.
She was right, the club had not started but the bouncers said that some important people were coming there that friday night. They warned me to leave that area. Since their biceps and muscles were bigger than mine, I decided to obey them. It was only a fool who would fight someone who was bigger than him.

I went to my car and started the engine. I turned around and headed out of the Concorde Hotel. I didn’t fit in there a bit.

I got to the road and stopped. There was a Mr Biggs restaurant across the road. I parked in front of it and entered. The time was already past 7pm.
I went to the counter and bought fried rice and chicken. I looked around and saw a table occupied by a young girl alone. There were other empty tables but I ignored them and went to the table with the girl.

”Hello, do you mind if I join you” I said as I sat down. She said nothing.
”a beauty like you shouldn’t be eating a lone” I said again. She kept quiet and pretended that I didn’t exist.

I had always known that I cannot succeed with ladies all the time, therefore I kept quiet and ate my food.

The girl was yellow, that type of girl that evaluate you based on your height, your cloths etc. I wasn’t so tall and I figured she would not pay attention to me.

I was wearing a short jean that barely covered my knees, a leather slip-on I had bought in Portugal and a simple Short that was already getting dirty.

My phone rang. I brought it out. It was a motorola razor, one of the best machines in the market.
I guess she was impressed since she raised her eyes and looked at the phone once and continued what she was eating.

The call was from Johnson in Germany. I was determined to make an impression, therefore I picked the call and asked what was happening in Germany. I had also put the phone in speakout and started eating a chicken leg with my left hand in order to make her believe that the speakout was as a result of not being able to hold the phone.
I had gotten her attention but I pretended not to have noticed.

After a few minutes talk with Johnson, I asked him to give the phone to his German wife for us to talk.

”Halo Maxie, Wie gehts dir? I asked her in German.
The yellow rat eating opposite me had decided to chat with me as soon as I finished talking to Johnson’s wife in German language.

”What language is that” she asked.
”go to hell” I replied her.

I grabbed my chicken leg and stuffed a mouthful into my mouth.
She was surprised at what I had said to her.

”don’t you have manners” she said.
”Go to hell” I said again between the meat in my mouth.

I swallowed the meat and looked at her.

”What made you decide to talk to me Sweetheart’ was it the language or the phone?” I asked.

”I am not your agemates and I suggest you concentrate on your food. I came here and greeted you but you pretended not to have heard me. I tried being friendly but you thought I was not in your league. People like you will always make mistakes with choices and decisions. I am no longer interested in chating with you and I suggest we eat our foods and go our separate ways” I concluded.

She said nothing and continued eating her food.

We finished eating at the same time. I walked outside before her.

As soon as I opened the car door and sat on the drivers seat, she came.
I closed the car door and got the glass down to the middle.

”You know you are rude” she said as I selected CD 10 from the music loader. The voice of Dr Dre boomed out from the speakers. I turned the Air Conditionerection on and turned my face towards her.

”Which way are you going, I could give you a lift” I said and smiled.

”I am going to the Rapport Hotel” she said.
The fool really believed I was going to give her a lift.

”I don’t know where it is and I am not going there, you can take a taxi to the place. You are a big beautiful girl you know” I said as I started my engine and headed to no where in particular. I got to The start of Onitsha-Owerri road and contemplated going to Onitsha that night. The problem was that I was alone and I didn’t know that road at all. The idea sounded like a suicide mission.

The total money left with me was N13.000. It was enough to rent a hotel and buy petrol for my journey tomorrow.

I motioned to an Okada man and asked where the Rapport hotel was located. I had gotten the name from the Mr Biggs snub girl.
The Bike man said he would take N200 to take me there. I followed him to the hotel and paid him.

The Rapport hotel was exactly what I was looking for. It was lively with live band and numerous sexx workers. The girls were on sexy dresses looking for customers.
I had packed my car inside the hotel and went into the reception.

The cheapest room was N3000. I paid and took my keys, then I went outside again.
There was an area where people eat point and kill fresh fish.

I went there and stood in front of the pond looking at the fishes and deciding on which one to buy. I still had N10000 with me and could afford to buy a fish.

”So you came here” a voice said from my back.
I turned and saw the yellow rat from Mr Biggs standing behind me.

I smiled and nodded. ”Yes, I followed you here sweetheart. What do you have for me” I said.

”I am sorry for what happened at Mr Biggs. I was very angry when you came to my table. I had caught my boyfriend with a girl and it made me furious” she said.

I had a feeling she was lying but I didn’t care. I was leaving town the next day.

”You have a nice car, BMW” she said.
”Yea, it is one of my cars” I boasted.
”Where are you from, I have not seen you in this town before” she said.

”You don’t know everybody in this town” do you eemm… What is your name” I said.

”Chinasa” she answered.
”What are you doing here in this hotel” I asked.

The fish seller had left us alone. He was telling me the prices before Chinasa invaded us.

”Nothing, I just came out here to look around and have fun.” she lied.

I told her that it was good as I motioned for the fish seller to come back.
I pointed to a fish and he said it was N2800. I asked him to kill it and prepare for us.

”Chinasa I hope you will eat with me” I said as we walked to the bar near where the live bands were shouting at the top of their voices.

We sat down and I ordered a drink for her. I ordered water for myself since the alcohol in my body had started to make me feel like Malaria was coming.
I was drinking daily and had forgotten that I wasn’t in Europe where a tablet could easily dissolve alcohol.

We sat there and talked and drank and waited for our fish.
Chinasa was a lively chatty girl. Her mouth refused to shut for the whole time. She talked about school, about Owerri, about her boyfriend whom she said had found another girl, about my car and my head and everything she could think off.

Our fish arrived almost an hour later.

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