43: The Cops

The two cops, a man and a woman had gotten out of the car as I approached them.

”Please where is the train to Tempelhof airport” I asked the lady cop from 10 metres away.
I decided to start the talking because I knew they would ask for my passport if they started.

The male cop spoke German to his colleague. He said that I may have missed the road.
The lady cop asked where I was going, I told them that I had come to the hill to look around but didn’t know the way back. She pointed towards where I was coming from and said the nearest bus station was there. They said I should go to the bus stop and wait for a bus that will take me to Tempelhof airport S-Bahn.
I thanked them in English and turned back. I didn’t look back because I knew they would be watching me.

I walked for close to 15 Minutes before I saw the bus stop, the Nazi punks were sitting there smoking cigarette.
As soon as they saw me, they jumped to their feet. I put my right hand into my cloth and left it there. They walked fast out of the bus station and went back into the bush.
‘Warte fur mich, du punk(wait for me, you punk)” I said. They obviously thought that I was still after them.
They quickened their pace into the forest and vanished.
I checked the bus time table pasted on the glass wall, the bus was coming in 4 minutes. I stood there facing the bush with my right hand inside my pocket.
The bus came 3 minutes later and stopped for me. There were five people seated in the bus, I entered the bus through the front door to show my ticket to the driver. Then I walked down to the extreme back end to sit alone.

The punks didn’t come out of the bush. The bus left after a minute at the bus station. Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the Tempelhof airport station. There were numerous police officers there. My heart was beating faster than normal. I didn’t know if there was a stop-and-search. I walked straight to one of them and asked which direction that led to NEUKOLN. HE told me to wait on that very platform where they stood.

A train came two minutes later and I entered it. Two of the police officers entered too. I waited for them to go down from the train before we got to NEUKOLN but they didn’t.
As soon as we got to the Neukoln area, I got down at the first station. A taxi was standing there. I entered it and asked the driver to take me to Flughafen strasse where the Afro shop was located. Every German was a potential Police. I didn’t want to go straight to my apartment with the taxi. I never did.

I got down at the Afro shop and entered. It was already evening. The usual suspects had returned from work and were all over the Afro shop. Chichi was there too. She had apparently told everyone what happened between me and the cops earlier at the shop. Every one of them were looking at me as if I had stolen a Nokia phone.

I sat down and demanded for a bottle of heineken beer. Chichi brought it a minute later and dropped it in front of me without saying a word. People were greeting me as usual. I ordered a beer each for everybody in the shop. I rushed my own bottle of beer and excused myself. It was time to go.

I walked up to the Boddin strasse U-bahn station and headed to AlexanderPlatz. I got down and join U2 train to Pankow area where I lived. As soon as I got back, I brought out the gun and kept it on the table. It nearly put me into trouble but it had saved me as well from the Nazi Punks.
I sat down and pondered what my next move would be. I was definitely going to dispose off the gun but not on that very evening anymore. Therefore I put it back into my drug bag and went to the kitchen to look for food.

My phone rang, it was an unknown number. I figured it was Jennifer and when I picked the call, it was her.

I Decided to surprise her

” Hello my baby” I said as soon as she greeted me.

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