18: The Stubborn Fly

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The last haven’t been heard from Sharon yet, she was as sturbon as anyone could be.

Despite every thing we did to make her return into the apartment, she still behaved as if she was better than everyone else.

The next batch of problems emerged when Zuby asked what her name was.

It was Peace her partner who eventually answered for her.

Peace said her real name was not Sharon but Caroline. Sharon was just a name she chose when she arrived in Venice.

For some tactical reasons, Zuby decided that it was better to suspend whatever questions he wanted to ask Sharon. It was obvious that things were very delicate at that time.

He grabbed his bag and went into the room; i followed him.

“What is Rose doing here?” I asked.

It was obvious that i was going to ask that question. I was sure Zuby knew i was going to ask about Rose’s sudden emergence in our apartment.

“I found her at the Dobelnsgatan and we are also taking her out of the street” He responded instantly without looking at me.

“You didn’t discuss that with me before bringing her here” I protested.

He turned around and said, “I didn’t discuss anything important with you since last night and you know why.”

“Last night, do you mean that you have been with her since last night?” I fired.

“Yes Maria. We have been together since last night and as a matter of fact, we slept on the same bed but we didn’t do anything. We didn’t have sex Maria and that was because i had respect for you. I also don’t want to discuss this matter again” He shouted.

I shook my head and returned to the sitting room.

Ten minutes later, he called Rose and I into the room.

“Maria, i believe you know Rose from two nights ago. She wants to stay with us” He said.

I wanted to object instantly. I was still battling with the fact that Zuby slept with Rose and now she was going to live with us. But then, the girl was standing next to me in the room; it was difficult to tell Zuby that i didn’t want her to stay with us.

Rose was a fellow woman and she needed help.

“That’s fine with me” I said as if i really wanted her to stay with us.

Zuby went on to tell us that the bed in the other room was big enough to contain the three of them.

It sounded like a victory for me because i was going to live in our room with Zuby alone.

It would have been very bad if Zuby decided that Rose would stay in our room with us. Despite him and I living as lovers at that moment, that strange man was capable of doing anything and the worst was that he would eventually make me understand why he did whatever he did and he was usually right most of the times.

“I will come out to address the three of them soon” He said as he motioned Rose to return to the sitting room.

Rose thanked us and went back.

“I think this Sharon girl is sturbon, what are we going to do about her?” I asked.

Zuby said he knew how to handle whatever issue that would be raised by the little brat.

After eating his food, he rested for an hour before he Returned to the sitting room to talk to the girls.

Under normal circumstances, i would have decided not to follow him to the sitting room to listen to whatever discussion he was going to have with the girls, however, i was sure there would be some kind of drama between him and Sharon. I needed to be around to separate fights where and when necessary.

“Where are you from?” He asked Sharon as soon as he sat down.

“Nigeria” She said non-chalantly.

“Listen you little brat, i think i am going to have problems with you here. Lets start again” Zuby said, he was visibly getting upset.

“Where are you from?” He asked again.

“I said Nigeria, don’t you know where Nigeria is?” Sharon answered and continued chewing her gum as if nobody was talking to her.

At that stage, Zuby got up, rushed into our room and returned with a leather belt.

I attempted to stop him but he pushed me aside and started hitting Sharon. There was nothing i could do but just to watch them and pray.

Peace was shaking with fear while Rose thought it wise to stay away from the whole drama.

We watched as he beat Sharon severally before deciding that it was enough.

Sharon was crying out loud and if not that the entire place was sealed because of the cold, neighbours would have heard her voice.

When things was calm enough, Zuby decided to continue his questions.

“Sharon, where are you from?” He asked.

“Edo” She said and waited for another round of beating that never came.

“She is from Benin City” Peace said.

She must have sensed that another round of beating was on the way.

Since we didn’t know his next line of action, we waited as he dropped his belt, stood up and walked to where Sharon was still sobbing.

“I am sorry for beating you baby girl. I don’t like to beat people but you forced me to do that. It is true that you don’t know me but it was me who brought you and Peace to Sweden. Yes it was me who did that. I don’t like teenage girls standing in European streets waiting for men to sleep with. It was the reason why i tricked your Madam into bringing you here. She doesn’t know who i am but she will soon know. I want you and Peace to become useful in the future. You are still very young to waste your life in the streets and European night clubs. If you don’t listen to me, you will soon become a drug addict and end up at the Psychiatric hospital” Zuby concluded.

The little talk seemed to be more effective than the beating because i could see Sharon nodding her head in agreement.

“Would you like to go to school here?” He asked Sharon.

She said she would.

“Good, now you Peace, where are you from?” He asked.

“Brother i am from Benin City. In fact we are from the same place. We went to the same schools and the same Church and we have been friends since we were kids. People even think that we were twins” Peace said.

It seemed she was willing to talk and as a result, Zuby concentrated on her for the answers on how and when they came to Europe.

She was really ready to talk.&#

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