178: Dont kill yourself

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Chapter 178.

February approached and moved slowly towards the interview date. I spent most of the time at home due to the danger outside. The area boys, the Police, the Okada squad and other people were all looking out for me. The danger outside was enormous. I also stopped anything that would bring a visitor to my house. Elizabeth from Jakande estate wanted to visit but i refused. Ifeoma was the only person allowed to show up but since the pepper attack kicked off, i asked her to quit coming. She had accused me of keeping another girl but i didn’t care.
Things went normally until my interview date. On that fateful day, i went very Early in the morning to the German embassy. When i got there, i was allowed inside. I sat in a small hall with some other people who were there for interview as well.

A little past 8 am, the interview started. It was my first time to attend a visa Interview. There were two interview windows inside the hall. If you heard your number, you would go to one of the windows for your own interview.
While i was waiting for my time, i saw Sir Shina Peter. He had come for visa as well. He was given a preferential treatment and was attended to as soon as he came.
I waited patiently until it was my time. During the wait, i saw some people praying with their eyes closed. I wondered why they needed to do that inside the hall. I wondered if they were trying to remind God that the time was at hand.

I walked to the interview window on the left. There sat two people; a German young man and an Hausa Young woman. The Hausa woman asked the questions.
She asked what i was going to do in Germany. I said that i was going to buy used vehicle spare parts. She asked me to name some spare parts that i knew. I started lecturing her on vehicle spare parts. First of all, i divided the vehicle parts into three divisions; the body parts, the underneath and the electrical parts.
The body parts consisted of doors, glasses, roof, bonnet and booth. The underneath consisted of Axles, suspensions, shock absorbers, fuel pipes, steering shafts etc while the electrical parts consisted of the lights, the wires and others. I narrated everything in details.
I could see that the white guy was very impressed. They asked for my documents which i provided. They checked everything and took the duplicates. They also asked me to pay about N7,000 for the visa and took my passport. I was asked a few more questions and was told to return to the embassy in three days time.

I left Victoria Island and returned to Surulere. When i got home, i called my brother and told him that i had gone for the interview. He wished me goodluck.

It was time to start praying and waiting for the three days. Since i wasn’t that good with prayers, i didn’t care to do that. I just waited.

I called Ifeoma and told her that i was at home. She said she would come in an hour. An hour later, she came with someone else. She introduced her as Genevive. Genevive looked like the Genevive Nnaji Of the Nollywood movies. I had asked her if she took the name because of her look alike or if she was given the name from childhood. She didn’t answer, she just asked me to call her Genevive. She also said that she was aspiring to become a movie star.
I wanted to take them out but since the BMW had been taken to Onitsha, we took the Mercedes and drove to Mr Biggs. After eating at Mr Biggs, we came outside to board our car. Then i saw him. Mekus, one of the pepper victims. He had come to drop off someone. I had always felt that i would run into one of them someday.
I saw him first and turned my face away from his direction. He was looking at me. I could see him with the corner of my right eyes. He was staring as if he knew me from somewhere.
I took the two girls and walked into the car, then i started the engine and turned the car towards the direction that headed to western avenue.
I believed that Mekus would follow me and he did. I chose to head to the highway because it would be easier for him to overtook me in the streets.
I watched him through the inner mirror as he drove slowly behind me. I believed he was convinced that it was me but didn’t know how to approach me. We got to a junction and i saw him stopped. He talked to another Okada man who predictably joined him in following us. We were already on the highway and i was convinced that they won’t be able to get at me again.
The girls asked where we were going and i told them that i was taking them to the beach in Lagos Island. They relaxed.
All of a sudden, i saw Mekus and his colleague coming after me on a high speed. It was funny as i wondered what they intended to do. I even wondered why bikes were allowed on the highways.
I thought about how to  loose them. It was going to be dangerous for me if we meet a hold up somewhere in front which was possible anytime in Lagos. It was better that i loose them as soon as possible.
Mekus was right behind me now. I shifted my steering wheel to left and made sure that his bike was clearly positioned on the center of my car, then i hit the breaks hard. He hit my back bumper with the bike and jumped onto the back windshield of the car. The bike fell sideways to an oncoming Danfo which hit it hard and jumped over it. The Danfo Driver struggled to control his vehicle but eventually succeeded.
Mekus who had hit my windscreen fell to my left as i released the break. I watched him rolled sideways and ran out of the road to avoid a truck that was following us.

”What just happened” Ifeoma had asked.
I told her that a speeding bike had hit us and that we were not stopping there. She was looking back as we sped off towards Lagos Island. We got to the National Theatre area and decided that we were no longer going to the beach. The girls weren’t happy about how i handled the Okada Accident. They had argued that i should have stooped. As a result, we turned right towards Mobil and headed to Apapa area. We were returning to Surulere through wharf and Mile 2.

” The smallest deed is better than the
greatest intention”

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