175: The pepper treatment vol.2

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Chapter 175

The following day was a Friday. Every body in the house had left to their various business area except me.
I called the agent i was working with at the German Embassy near Walter Carrington in Victoria Island. She asked me to come.
I took a public transport and drove there. She met me at the entrance of the German embassy. After a few minutes of discussion, he took N40,000 from me and promised to call me in the evening. The money was just to get an interview date for me.
There was a phone number pasted at the entrance of the embassy which one can call and get an interview date but i had tried to call that number over 50 times and never succeeded in getting a response from anybody. Sometimes it would be switched off and sometimes it would ring without anybody answering it. I had seen the number on the website of the German embassy in Nigeria. Therefore people had turned to bribing their way to the interview.

It all meant that the large system called Nigeria wasn’t working. Corruption was in every agency. We were practically doomed but didn’t know it yet.

The woman at the embassy was pretty fast. She called before i got home and said that she had booked an interview for me on Thursday 8 February 2007. It was still over ten days but i didn’t care. I was optimistic that they will give me Visa. I had every necessary requirement and even some extra ones.

I got home around 3pm and called Ade. It was time to get ready for the final Justice. He met me at Good day hotel and we went through the plan once more. He would be somewhere at the Ijesha bus stop watching me until i found one of the people i wanted, then i would board his bike while He (Ade) would move far ahead of us to the junction that branched off Sanya street to Balogun Kuku. He would move into the street and hid behind the gate and wait until he heard the cry of the victim.
After going through the plan, we took some beer and waited for the time to reach. We wanted to act around 7pm, that time of the evening when you can’t easily identify anybody you didn’t know previously.

As i waited later in the evening at Ijesha bus stop, i saw the one with a wound in his left eye. He was blind in one eye. I took pity on him and kept waiting for another one. I knew that pepper wasn’t capable of blinding his remaining eye but it would be too risky to try it at all. I wouldn’t forgive myself if he got entirely blinded due to my quest for expensive revenge.
As i waited with a bottle of stout, i saw another one. He was a yellow rat who was hitting my bonnet with his fist. I recalled vividly, how he yelled that i was a ritualist who wanted to use their member to make money. He drove Honda motorcycle. I quickly paid for the stout and walked across the road to where he stood.
Damn! A lady had boarded his bike and they were negotiating the price. It seemed the negotiation wasn’t going well because the lady jumped down from the bike and headed towards another one.
”Sanya street” i said ”N150” he said.
I brought out my wallet and gave him N130. He rejected it. I complained a little and gave him another N20. He took it and started his engine, then we took the service lane of the Oshodi-Apapa highway and headed towards Sanya Bus stop.
Ade had seen us and had moved far ahead of us. I saw him moving ahead as we planned. I occasionaly watched my back to check if we were being followed.

We got to Sanya bus stop and turned left. We drove past the Police post and cornered right towards Balogun Kuku. I brought out the pepper from the pocket of my red shirt. It was open already, therefore it was easy to pour some inside my palm.
”Stop me there at the gate, they don’t allow Okada inside by this time” i said.
He stop before the gate.
The very moment he stopped was the very moment, his face was plastered with the red hot chili.
As expected, he cried out and threw his machine down.
”My God ooh, i don die ooh” he shouted.
”Please don’t kill me ooh, take the machine ooh” he continued shouting.

”I don’t care about your fvcking machine. When you open your eyes, you will see a paper on top of your machine. Take it to the police” i said as i threw the paper down and crossed over the gate into the street.
Ade was not where he was supposed to be.
Danger alert!

I looked around and didn’t see him.
Where was he? Had he decided to sabotage the operation?
I never trusted him. He was weak minded. He had agreed to the first operation because he wanted to get at the other Okada men who had been intimidating him.

I suddenly decided not to go into the street. I knew the area pretty well and it would take me more than 10 minutes to run down to the other end of the street which meant that i could be caught. The best option was to run back to Sanya street which was just 10 meters away.

As i made for the Sanya street, i looked far ahead and saw about 15 Bikes coming down the road from the express. I needed nobody to tell me that Ade had sold me out.

I ran back to the gate and picked up the Honda bike on the ground.  I pushed it towards the gate without starting it.
As soon as i crossed the gate, i closed the gate and locked it.
The fast and furious squad had arrived at the gate and was hitting it with force. I started the Honda and drove it down the street towards the other end of the gate.
Some security men had heard the sounds at the gate and where coming up fast.
”Thieves dey for gate ooh” i shouted as i approached them on a slow speed.
They all dispersed as i drove past them down to the other gate where there were four security men.

”Okada no dey pass here by this time” one of them had said.
”Oga i no know” i said.
They asked me to come down and i did.
They dragged the machine into a small security post and asked me to go and bring N10,000.


I left them with the bike and crossed the gate towards Emmanuel Bus stop which busted out to Adetola street.
As i got to the bus stop, i saw the fast and furious squad coming.

“Love has its place, as does hate
Peace has its place, as does war
Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge”

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