84: Fight In Naples

The following day, we left for Napoli to attend a party. The problem started when i stumbled upon Sunday, my ex boyfriend.
Not that we dated for long or had meaningful relationship but we slept together a few times.
Sunday was also an Igbo man and when i saw him discussing with Zuby, i believed it was just an Igbo to Igbo talk, but it wasn’t.
They knew each other from somewhere because their discussion became prolonged and secretive.

Sunday called me when they finished, he said Zuby told him that we were engaged and when i confirmed the claim, he nearly slapped me. He got upset and said i had no business to agree to marry someone without informing him. I thought he was just drunk until he said Zuby and him came from the same village.
I began to believe him because of the way they laughed and talked.

When i told Sunday that i had the right to chose whoever i wanted to marry, he started shouting at me; then i started shouting at him too. It was a mistake from me because Zuby heard us. We just got engaged the day before and if there was one thing i should have avoided, it was to create bad impressions about myself in the immediate future

Zuby did a great job by ignoring two of us. His intervention would have escalated things beyond control but right inside my mind, i knew i would have to answer some questions.

Before the party ended, i introduced Zuby to every girl who cared to listen. He was just the perfect gentleman through the way he smiled and shook hands and hugs. He seemed to have changed from the radical young man i met in Lagos. Perhaps Amsterdam has humbled him but i had doubts about the sudden change.
The following days would naturally put things in order, i just hoped that i was not in a very long journey to doom. But i also knew that i would have not been who i was if not that i took some risks.
Zuby was a risk i was willing to take and that was it.

Back in Castel Volturno after the party, i waited for Zuby to ask why i fought with Sunday but he didn’t say anything. It got me worried to the extent that i had to ask him why he pretended not to have seen the incidence.

“Baby,” he had said, “I know you must have had boyfriends and might even still have one or two of them. They will come after you as soon as they know that you are getting married to someone they never heard of. I want to allow you to handle the situations that will arise from such people unless you ask for my help.”

After his little speech, i felt better but still i wanted him to be more involved. I wanted him to know that there was no way i could fight alone especially now that we were engaged.

We were still talking about the relationship issues when he changed the topic to a different issue altogether.
He wanted to know how girls were brought to Italy and how much they cost.
According to him, he wanted to invest some money in bringing in more girls to Italy so that we could stop working and rely on the girls to survive.

It sounded like a good idea and i endorsed It. As a result, i began to tell him everything about transporting girls to Italy. I told him the routes from Nigeria to Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. I also told him how much girls cost in Nigeria and Libya depending on how old they were.
He was impressed when i told him how some white people traveled to Tripoli to buy Sub-Saharan African girls for prostitution in Europe. I told him that the business wasn’t limited to only the Africans, the whites participated in the game as well.
I also told him that there were a lot of stranded girls in Libya and Morocco and that we could contribute money and go there to pick up two or three more girls to make our numbers five. With five young girls, we were guaranteed good money weekly and if we were able to save half of what we would be making from the girls, we would be able to build or buy a house in Benin City and also take care of our wedding.

Before i finished, he was very excited and felt like he already knew everything about the girls. The only thing that worried me was that he was supposed to object when i said the house would be bought in Benin City. Since he was from Enugu State, i had hoped that he would suggest Enugu instead of Benin city but he didn’t say anything. I felt that he as a man, believed that it was good to make the money first before discussing where to build the house.

He said he would be returning to Amsterdam to pick up some money which he would use to travel to Africa to buy his own girls.
I also told him that i had some money in the house which i will give him when he was ready to travel. We had somehow agreed that it was better to go to Libya. He put up small resistance on the Libya choice but when i told him that i had contacts who could help us cross the girls from Libya, he agreed that it was better.

Two days after our discussion, we started planning our trip to North Africa. The conclusion was that Zuby would go to Libya. He joked that he would go since he knew how to swim. The idea was to cross the girls through the Mediterranean Sea.

On the evening of the following day, I left the house and went to Napoli. There was a white man who has been disturbing me on the phone for long. He was an old customer who once said he would marry me. I had tried to put him off since i didn’t love him but he refused. It was time to deal with him once and for all before he destroy my beautiful relationship with Zuby.

When i returned home, i told Zuby that we should go out and get his ticket to Amsterdam. The plan was that he would move from Amsterdam to Tripoli. I also showed him the money which he would take along with him to Amsterdam and Tripoli.

On our way back after buying the ticket, i diverted to a friend’s store and told Zuby to go home. I figured that he wont like what we were going to discuss.

I was still with my friend when Mike, an old boyfriend showed up. He said i was a bitch and a prostitute for bringing a man from Amsterdam to marry me in Italy.

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