172: The pepper treatment vol.1

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Chapter 172

It was the day of ‘War against Bikers’. They needed to learn some lessons. These bikers had been terrrorizing vehicle owners and drivers all over Lagos.
As long as you own a good private car, the bikers would regard you as a ritualist or even as an armed robber. Each time there was any incident with them, they would gather in quantum and beat you even if their fellow biker was at fault. The police didn’t help in such matters either.
I wondered what was wrong with those bikers. Why were they so angry against vehicle owners in a society that harbored both rich and poor. Those useless attitude of ‘i dealt with a richman today’ needed to be stopped. I knew that i can’t stop it entirely. It was the work of the government security operatives but since they didn’t do anything to curb such growing useless attitudes, i would help them out. All i needed was just to teach one of them some lessons and allow the news to spread out like wildfire.

At about 4pm on the day of the War Against Bikers (WAB), I cut out a white piece of paper. With a red writing marker pen, i wrote boldly on it; ”Next time you see a car, run as fast as you can. It is a dangerous machine. This is the beginning”.
I made four pieces of them and put them inside my bag, then i picked up the nylon bag containing the pepper and left.
I called Ade to meet me at the good day hotel. He arrived a little before 5 pm.

”I am going to punish that man who slapped me and the two men you will identify to me. They scratched my car but instead of apologizing, they slapped and pushed me around like a toy. The plan is that i will go to Ijesha bus stop and wait. As soon as i enter any of their bikes, i will flash you. When i flash you, rush to the end of Adewuyi street and stay there at the small road that led to the main Ijesha road. Nobody will see you there” i said.
”But that Adewuyi junction is a lonely place” he protested.
”That is why i chose there. I want a lonely place. Don’t worry, every thing will be fine” i said and left.

I had told Ade that each successful operation would fetch him N1500 plus two bottles of beer. I knew it was enough to cover his daily income.

I took a bike and drove to Ijesha bus stop. I wore the same black jean of the previous day and a face cap that covered my face.
I didn’t wait long before i saw him; the slapper. He apparently operated in Ijesha area.
There were other bikes there but i had ignored them and climbed unto the Yamaha mate 80 bike operated by my slapper.
”Take me to Adewuyi Junction” i said.

He started his engine and drove down the road, then he suddenly turned right. I didn’t know the road he wanted to follow to the junction and i figured it could blow the cover of Ade. I tried to protest but he said the route was shorter. I resigned to fate and waited. Then all of a sudden, we busted out on a lonely small road that led straight to Adewuyi street.
I waited patiently behind him. I knew the time to strike

Would soon come.

As we drove towards the Adewuyi junction, i thought about how vulnerable the Bikers were. They carried passengers behind themselves which meant that anyone at their backs could act anything against them, yet some silly ones among them were the biggest trouble makers in town. What kind of Joy did they derive from abusing vehicle owners?

”Stop me there” i suddenly said as i pointed to a small road that led to an undeveloped street. I had seen Ade whom i had flashed twice when we started our Journey. He was standing beside his bike, pretending to be urinating inside the gutter.
I had also brought our the Pepper and opened it. The subdued air inside the pepper came out and entered my nose. It was as hot as i expected. I dipped my entire right hand inside the nylon bag of pepper and brought out a considerable quantity. As soon as he stopped the bike to allow me get down, i plastered his face with the pepper. It entered his two eyes. He fell down from the bike and started shouting for help.
”Chimoo! Anwuo muooo!” he shouted.
”I am not stealing your motorcycle. You slapped me two days ago and this is your own slap. Tell your friends who were pushing me that day, to leave Ijesha or wait for their own attack” i said.
As he rolled on the ground, i left him and ran towards Ade who had heard the cries and started his bike. We drove back towards the road we had come and eventually busted out to another street which led to Good day hotel. We settled down there and drank. Ade asked whether i had poured acid on him but i told him that it was just pepper. He laughed long.

After drinking, i gave Ade his money and another N500 to buy recharge card.
”I want you to call every two hours and tell me the news about the attack. Tell me whatever they are planning and if they say anything about recognizing me” i said and we dispersed.

Chinelo and Andy were home when i returned. My hand was still feeling hot from the pepper which touched my hand. I had bought Omo detergent and washed my hand at the hotel.
We ate that night and slept.

The following morning, i sat on the Parlour to watch the TV. It was AIT station. The news of an Okada man who was attacked by an unknown man was the headline. Chinasa was about to leave when she saw the news too.
The newscaster had described how the attack happened as if she was there. She said the attacker had attempted to steal the bike from the owner who despite the pepper in his eyes, fought the thief off before people arrived. She urged anybody with information that could lead to the arrest of the thief to send it to the Police station.

When the news  finished, Chinelo said that the thief must be very wicked. She asked how he could have put pepper in somebody’s eyes.
”He? What if it was a woman who did it” i asked. She said that the okada man had identified the attacker as a male in his 20s.
Who cared, the okada man got what he deserved. I just wanted him to spread the news to Okada kingdom.

“When someone is mean and wicked to me, I just make him or her, the victim in my next action”

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  1. Lol. We just have to be careful in our dealings with others. If you think you are stubborn. There are others a million times more stubborn than you. So be careful

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    hahaha….okada man do chop him own share oya….who is next??

  3. smoothicon

    hahaha….okada man don chop him own share oya….who is next??

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