42: The Nazi Skin heads

As soon as I got home, I brought down my bag and picked up the gun. I thought of a proper place to hide it. The best I could remember was outside the Berlin center. Everywhere in Berlin Mitte, Pankow, Neukoln and Charlottenburg were tared. There was a hill in Tempelhof area where Anja, a German girl I had dated took me to smoke weed. I remembered that there was an abandoned railway station under the hill. I decided to go there and dispose off the gun.

I boarded the S-Bahn, (another train line that circled berlin, slightly larger than the U-bahn) and headed to the hill with the gun in my pocket.
There were numerous Police officers in every station. They looked into the train at every station.

I got to the hill safely and went straight to the abandoned station.

” Fvcking Nigga, Du ashlock” I heard from my back as soon as I dipped my hand inside my pocket to bring out the gun.

Two skin head Nazi punks came out from an open door that I had just passed.
”What are you doing here” one of them said in German.
I had turned to face them while moving back slowly. They were moving faster than me and it was only a matter of seconds before they reached me. My mind was racing fast.
‘Run run run’ my mind shouted inside my head.

I didn’t know where to run to. The platform ended 15 meters behind me. It was bush from there on. I also remembered that abandoned railways usually had a lot of metals scattered all around it.
They were already four meters from me and closing in fast. I pulled out the gun and removed the safety latch. One of them stopped while the other one was still coming but on a slower pace.
” Ta ta ta” I released three shots in the open air. The advancing punk stopped. He started tracing his steps backwards slowly. I started moving forward towards them again. The smaller one who had stopped coming towards me earlier started running out of The station while the bigger one who was advancing towards me moved ten meters away and stopped. I pointed the gun between his legs and released a shot. He jumped up and joined his friend in the race out of the station. I watched them scrambled out of the station down to the single tared road. I jumped down from the platform and walked fast up the hill. I got to the top of the hill and sat down on the grass monitoring North, West, East and the South at the same time. I heard no other sound. Fear had started to creep inside me. I was scared of the police and the Nazi Punks too. They could regroup and return with more of them. I knew the Nazis hated foreigners especially the blacks.
Throwing the gun away at that point was no more an option. The punks could return and if they did, I would have been defenseless. I decided to hang on to the metal, Afterall the cops said it was an Arabic man who had shot the cop at the Hessenheide park. I walked down to the other side of the hill, holding trees occasionally to prevent me from falling. I Busted out to the motorway but unfortunately there was no close bus stop. It was an isolated area. I couldn’t even determine where the S-Bahn was located.
I started walking up the road to my right. I didn’t know where it led to but it was a better option to going back to the abandoned station. I considered the gun to be just a scare to enable me escape, not to fight. It was an 8-round automatic metal. It had 7 bullets in it when I left the house. I had released four shots at the abandoned station. It remained three and I figured the punks may also know about the number of bullets in such guns. Those white people usually had knowledge of so many things.

A car was coming towards me from the back. As I turned back to look, I saw a green and white car approaching. My heart skipped. It was the police car. They blazed past me and stopped 50 meters ahead. Those bastards hardly let something pass without enquiry. I was torn between running into the nearby bush and walking up to them. I decided to walk up to them.

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