”what.t.t did you ju.j.just say” I stammered.
” I think I am pregnant. I have been vomiting and my mom said I could be pregnant” she said and started crying.

” Don’t cry Efuah, its a good news. The only problem here is that I am far away now but I will come back soon” I said out of the need to say something.

*what was Efuah talking about, I was going to be a father. Wow. The excitement was there but then I was a million miles away from home*

” What do you intend to do now that I am not there” I asked.
” my mom said that I should abort it but I want to keep it” she said. *attagirl*

We spoke on the phone for several minutes. I told her that I would be out of the camp in a week time and get my own phone.
I promised to take care of the baby but she said she can do that. She just wanted me to know what was happening. She hung up and I called my elder brother in Nigeria. He advised me to concentrate in what I was doing in Germany.
Then I called Karolina.
She wanted me to come again that evening and sleep in her apartment but sleeping outside camp could lead to a big problem, so I told her It would be the next day.

When got back to the camp, I went to my room sat on the bed. I thought about Efuah’s pregnancy, my relationship with Awiti which had blossomed to what I couldn’t control.
I thought about Chinwe in Onitsha, the first girl I broke her virginity. I had promised to marry her too. The good news was that I didn’t got her pregnant.

I just envisioned my life in the next one year but couldn’t see anything, so I laid down and slept.

Around 7am, I woke up and headed to the female hostel. Awiti was drying her body with towel when I came in. She had just stepped out of the bathroom.
We hugged and kissed and I assured her that the interview would be over before she even knew it.
She begged me never to leave her even if they sent her to deportation Camp. According to her, she was going to be my good wife when we go out of camp irrespective of where we were posted. It was a thought I had passed through before but with the sudden announcement from Efuah in Ghana, the thought had been halted temporarily.

Whence dressed up, we went outside together holding each other.
We rehearsed the difficult part of her story and I certified her ready.

I scanned the notice board but my name was not there.

I called Karolina who was still sleeping. She asked me to ring the bell when I reached her building.
I changed my mind and went to the mall first. They had just opened. I grabbed a bottle of Cheap apple hotdrink.
I opened the bottle and sipped it from there.

On my way out of the mall, I met a fat German woman.
She smiled and asked why I was drinking alcohol so early. I lied that it was my birthday and she congratulated me. She asked where the party would be and I told her there was no party and that I was going to the park to enjoy the drink. She laughed and went into the mall, then I went to the park.

It was getting to 9am so I went back to the camp to check on Awiti. She had finished her interview and was searching everywhere for me. I waked how the interview went, she said it was easier than she thought.
We went to her room and lay on the single bed. She blamed me for taking alcohol in the morning.
We talked and talked until our bodies became intended.
I slipped a finger into her cunnt and she held my joystick firm. We had been kissing before then. I manipulated her until she started dripping, then I pulled off her cloths and fvcked her.
It was a slow fvck, I just moved in and out in a slow pace until we both climaxed at the same time. We slept there afterwards until the alcohol in my system reduced to a considerable quantity.
I asked her to rest while I go outside to check my email at the library. She agreed.

When I got outside, I went straight to Karolina’s apartment. She opened the door when I pressed the bell.
Some old folks were looking at me suspiciously. Karolina welcomed me and offered me a stick of Marlboro.
We talked while we smoked. After the smoke, she rambled about how she enjoyed our sex yesterday.
It was the best according to her. She asked if we will do it again and I agreed.

We started touching and kissing right away. She was waiting for this since morning when I called her.
Since I had fvcked earlier that morning, I figured out that my Spermss would be hard to come out, so I asked her to bend on all fours while I climbed from behind in a canine style. I had slipped a condom on my Joystick earlier. I pumped from behind for several minutes before I turned her over on her back.
I raised both of her legs and held them with my arms. Then I digged in on the protruding cunnt that had faced me with a smile. I pumped for several minutes before my hot cream came out.
We spent the next one hour chatting about Poland and Germany and Africa.
When it was time to go, she asked me to come again the next day.

*this dumb blonde thought I had come to fvck in Germany*

I agreed to come and left.

I strolled down to the park, smoking a Marlboro menthol I had brought from Karolina’s house.

I saw a lady sitting a hundred meters away and strolled down to Her. When she saw me, she said happy birthday and smiled.

It was the fat lady from the Mall…..

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