17: Return Of The Fear

Chapter 17.

The bus driver helped put the items inside the apartment before he left.

Inside the sitting room, i sat on the Sofa and cried more.
It was true that Melissa was bitter over my success but i didn’t discuss that with her.
Something else could have triggered her behaviour.

I felt that i was supposed to sit her down and talk to her over why she suddenly changed but there was always a little apprehension when dealing with someone older than us.

Melissa was older than i was. I respected her for that but the truth was that i had become scared of her.

If she had succeeded in getting her permit, i was sure she would not have changed negatively.
But under her nose, i had managed to pay for my freedom.
Under her nose again, i had managed to become a recognized human being in Italy and the entire Europe, which was even better than the freedom i got from Madam Philo.

I believed that the two good news were big for her to handle.
I also believed that i could have done the same thing she did if i were in her shoes.

Sometimes in life, we compare ourselves with others. Human beings had always wished all the good things for themselves and all the bad things for their perceived enemies.

I was sure that Melissa wished she was me. She wished that her life had become mine.
And as long as she didn’t say it loud to my hearing, i figured that it was dangerous living under the same roof with her.

As i sat there alone and cried, i believed that it was really time to separate.
The only thing that really pained me in the whole issue was that i didn’t know how Melissa was going to live afterwards.

I knew how much money she made from the streets. I knew how she even struggled to pay for the one room i gave her in the apartment.
I knew how may times i had to even pay for her by myself.

I was making far more money than she was and as a result, i was responsible for every food we ate in the house.
I bought the bag of rice and beans in the house.
I bought the Grease Meal and Garri we ate.
I also bought the soft drinks we had in the fridge until she started getting angry with me out of the blues.

The moment she started her anger and aggression, i stopped buying the soft drinks. I also waited for the food stuffs to finish before i made her know that i won’t buy more.
But before we ran out of food stuff, the evacuation happened.

There in my new sitting room, I was very angry with myself. Not because i left Melissa but because i even carried the raw foodstuffs we had in the house simply because i bought them by myself.
I felt like sending the foodstuffs back to Melissa.
She had seen me carrying them to the Mitsubishi bus when she returned.
I had thought that she was going to start asking me why i was carrying them. I had planned to ask her if it was her or me who bought them but she didn’t say anything. She just stood near the door and shed tears while i did what i was doing.

Moving alone to a new apartment wasn’t easy. It took me hours to arrange My things.

Connecting the television was another trouble. I had no option than to go out and look for help.

Out in the street, i waited for a man to walk by.
I wore skimpy short skirt and transparent top to attract the eyes of men even though i just wanted them to do something for me.

I didn’t ask his name. I just waved my hand at him while he walked across the road.

“Please i need your help” I said after greeting him.

He asked what it was and i told him i needed him to help connect my Television.

While he did his work, He asked if i moved to the neighbourhood newly.

“Yes, i came here today” I answered.

He was also a black man but not Nigerian. His intonation suggested that he was Ghanaian but i didn’t ask.
I wanted nothing to do with black men in Castel Volturno. They all had loud mouths and would discuss you in their midst if they ever as much as saw you underpants.

Since i also carried the cooking pots from the old apartment, i cooked Macaroni while he worked.

When he was done fixing the TV, he also arranged other things before he ate the food i gave him.

He didn’t ask for money, he just asked for my phone number.
I felt it was bad to reject his phone number request and as a result i gave him the phone number. But at the back of my head, i knew that we were not going to have any relationship.
If he tried as much as forcing himself on me like Jacob did, he would definitely meet the same fate as Jacob.

With each difficult action i took, i became more hardened.

When He left, i sat and watched TV alone until late in the evening when i locked my apartment and went to Work at Uncle’s place.

At the work place, i received a call form an unknowin girl.
She asked what happened between Melissa and I. She said it was Melissa who gave her my phone number.

When I asked who she was, she ignored it and abused me. She said i was wicked and heartless and a thief.

Every attempt i made to ask who she was fell to the deaf ears.
I was determined to punish whoever it was if i found out but since she wasn’t telling me what i wanted to hear, i cut the call.

It didn’t take long before i received another call from a man who introduced himself as Pedro.
He said he got my phone number from a girlfriend of mine and asked that we met at the center of the city.

He could have been a genuine customer but he called at a very bad time. Half of my mind told me that he could have gotten my phone number from Melissa.
I was scared that i was being set up because of what i did.
That was a kind of fear i didn’t want at that time. I had managed to overcome the fear of being caught by Ano and his gang from Milan.

“I am coming” I said to Pedro and cut my call.

I didn’t go anywhere, i remained in Uncle’s place and waited until Bastian called and asked if i had time for him.

“Yes, i am free” I had told him.

Going to Bastian was a good get away from the entire stress.
Though temporal but i needed a breathing space urgently.

I took a cab to Bastian.

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