169: Sacking Duru from Police

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Chapter 169.

Late in the night while we were chating in the parlour , i got a call from an unknown number. I had expected that Corporal Duru would call me that night and i was right. It was him.

I switched the phone to speakout and Recording.

”You are not afraid to touch a Nigerian Police officer, you are finished in this Country” he shouted.
Chinelo and Andy were Shocked to hear that statement.

”Who is this”? I said, pretending not to know who he was.

”You dey ask me question abi, i will show you that we own this Lagos” he said again.
”I don’t know who you are and what you are talking about. If you can’t identify yourself, then go to hell” i said.
”Oh you don’t know Corporal Duru again” he said.

”Corporal Duru, my Brother how are you Sir, i was hoping to call you this weekend so that we can have a drink” i said.
”Stupid boy, just wait and see” he said and cut off the call.
As i played the recorded phone call, Chinelo kept her gaze on me. She knew what i had done. She had seen and heard that evil phone performed during police cases.

I told them that Corporal Duru slapped me and that he was going to answer questions for that.

I left the house as Early as 6:30am and drove to Idumota. Before i left the compound, i had asked Andy to walk around the area to check if there was any police presence.

We got to Idumota where i dropped Andy and drove to the ‘bookshop house’ somewhere near the Broad street where my Lawyer had his office.

He wasn’t there yet as i expected, therefore, i brought down my seat and lay on it where i parked my car.

It was a little past 8am when he arrived and called me. I went up to his office and told him why i came. I told him that Corporal Duru had threatened me on the phone and since he was a Policeman with a fire arm, he could shoot me. I played the recorded phone conversation to him.

”This time, we are going to court and i don’t want you to interfere” he said.

Going to court wasn’t the problem, i liked court cases and procedures. However it required a lot of money to pay the lawyers when it came to court issues.

Right there, Barr. Eze called the DPO at the Area D Ijesha and told him that we were coming to his office.
He ordered his secretary who typed  a law suit against Corporal Basil Duru and demanded that he be dismissed from the Nigerian Police force within one week or that he would charge the entire Area D Ijesha to court.

We got to the Police station and packed our vehicles outside.

The DPO was at the office when we came. After serving him with the lawsuit, he called a policeman and demanded that Corporal Duru be returned to the station from the field. We waited patiently until Duru came back 30 minutes later. He was shocked to see me with a man in Black suit at the DPO’s office.

”This man here said that you threatened him and that he has an evidence that implicated you” the DPO said to Duru.
The silly police man denied ever threatening me. Duru said that he only called me to ask If i was among the people who fought with him at a bar.

”Oh, you fought at a bar too” DPO said.

”Sir, somebody pushed my drink down and i…”

”And you what”? The DPO interrupted.

”I am suspending you from duty until further notice” the DPO said.

”Not enough. My client is afraid that Mr Duru could attack him. Listen to this recorded message first” Barr. Eze said as i played the message to the hearing of everybody.

”I will show you that we own this Lagos” boomed from the phone in a clear voice of Corporal Duru.

”How di..di.. you..you… Sir this is..is.” Duru was stammering.

”This is what Corporal Duru? tell me you didn’t say that. Go ahead and deny. So you own this Lagos. Is this how you behave to the general pubic? Disgracing the Police force in public. Go to the locker room and change. I am suspending you until further notice” DPO had said.

I had kept a straight face through out the conversation at the DPO’s office.
The devilish Motorola Razor had done it again. It never disappointed. Corporal Basil Duru had stood in the way of Hurricane Ozoigbondu and had been swept away.
I was angry in Nigeria. I had been delayed from traveling back to Europe due to a small mistake. I was doing nothing except eat and sleep. If i were working, i may not have had the time to plot for revenge but just like the saying goes ” an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

As we stepped out of the station, we saw Mr Basil Duru standing outside the gate. He was confused, it was written all over his face. Chinasa and his father had pulled him down and they could not even help him. He should not have slapped me. I hated slaps. Men punch each other, it was women who slapped each other.
The Police force must not intimidate people. It happened all the time in Nigeria and the other black nations. They used the power of weapon and authority to slap people. Even the president of a nation had no right to slap anybody. There was always a due process.

We walked past Duru to our various vehicles and started the engine. I didn’t want to look at his face. I had given the DPO an envelop containing N5000 and another N5000 to the lawyer.
The slap had cost me money to avenge but who cared, something else was going to take the money anyway.

I separated with the Barrister and drove to Chinelo’s place of work. As usual, she was working hard and her madam had taken to like her. She didn’t hide the admiration for Chinelo and thanked me for bringing her to the shop. As usual, i bought them drinks and drove to a quiet bar opposite Emmanuel bus stop. I didn’t want to go home yet, the angry Police man could try out his last revenge and it could be disastrous.

I called Ifeoma from there and she came. She wanted us to go to my place since she preferred there but i refused. I didn’t want to tell her that our lives could be in danger.
I called Chinasa and told her that her father’s police friend who slapped me had been sacked. She hung the call after hearing that.

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