50: Michael, My Stranded Boyfriend

50. Meet Michael.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

He said he was Michael.

“Why are your friends coming after us?” I asked.

He looked back and said that they wanted to come and help him beg me for his behaviour earlier.

I stood in one place and waited until they came up to me.

“Sister no vex. We want to hang out with you small. You look smart” One of them said.

I smiled and asked them to find a bar where i could buy them beer.

They said beer was not sold in the open unless inside the hotels.
For that reason, we all returned to the King Fahd hotel and sat at the bar.

A bottle of Hennessy was presented to us after negotiating the price down to 40 Euros.
They all looked as i counted the money and paid.

We poured our drinks and drank together.
They wanted to know what Europe looked like and how they could make it to that continent.

They all affirmed that their money finished while attempting to cross over to Italy through the sea.
They also asked if i could help them.

Michael said he only needed two hundred Dollars.
One of his friends needed as much as 500 Dollars to complete the amount he was told to pay while the remaining one said he newly arrived and required as much as 1500 dollars.

I wasn’t going to give them any money, therefore i told them to give me their phone numbers and wait for my call from Italy.

After getting ourselves high with alcohol, the other two left while Michael and I staggered to the third floor where my room was.

“Go and take your bath” I said to him.

He nodded and slowly walked to the bathroom.
As soon as he left, i removed my clothes and walked into the bathroom too.

He looked at me suspiciously and smiled as i grabbed his dick and started rubbing it. Since there was condom in the hotel room, we had quick sex in the bathroom and completed another round when we got to the bed.

As i thought, Michael was good in bed but i suspected he felt intimidated that a woman was calling the shots. Nigerian men naturally wanted to always be in control of things when it concerned women.

While we rested on the bed totally naked, i played with the hairs on his chest.
I asked if he already had contacts that would ferry him to Europe.
As expected, he told me that the contacts were not the problems but the money.

“If i send you money from Italy, how long would it take you to process your travel to Italy?” I asked.

He said it wont take more than one week for him to arrive in Italy.
The journey wasn’t the problem, getting a genuine crosser was the big deal.
A lot of people were defrauded in the past.
It was simply easy to lose money in Libya while trying to cross over to Italy.
The self acclaimed agents asked for advance payments first.
If one was unlucky, the agents would disappear with the money.
They had no offices or known addresses. What they did was illegal and as such, it was risky giving them money but somehow, it was a risk worth taking.

Michael slept with me in the hotel room that night.
On the morning of The following day, i asked him to take me to where i changed money to the local Currency.
After that, he followed me to the street where Madam Edna lived.

Angela and Mary were ready before i arrived.
We all left immediately to the mall where i bought clothes for them.
We also visited the local hair saloon to fix them up.

Later in the day, i asked Madam Edna to go and buy their tickets.
She insisted that i go with her.

Michael followed us to the travel agency. He seemed to have believed that help would come from me.
I didn’t blame him because i gave him hope.
I only allowed him because i liked Igbo boys.
I was simply going to give him 50 Euros for his services.
That was a lot of money in Libya.

At the travel agency, we couldn’t find tickets to Napoli but there were tickets to Roma Fumichino airport.

We paid for three tickets since i had to go with the girls. That simply made my return ticket useless.
I had called Aunty Philo and told her about the development and she approved it.

We were to leave for Rome in two days. It gave me one more day to explore Tripoli.
Michael was in hand to take me around for the rest of the day.

By the evening, we returned to the hotel room. His friends called several times to ask if everything was OK with him. They were worried that he was not yet back.

We made love once more that evening after taking some alcohol at the hotel Bar.

Michael asked that i give him my Italian phone number but i told him that it was dangerous for me to receive calls from Africa. I told him to give me his instead.

The following morning, i invited Angela and Mary to the hotel room. I was instructed by Madam Philo to educate them on what to expect.
They listened as i took them through what to expect at the airport.
I told them that they could be searched for drugs and that the immigration may scare them with saying that the documents wasn’t theirs.

Aunty philo already told me that such things happened in Libya. It wasn’t her first time of bringing girls from Libya, she has been in the business for long but most of the time, the girls she brought to Italy belonged to other people; she only got paid for her jobs.
I even doubted if Mary and Angela were hers.

After preparing them on the task ahead, i asked questions to make sure they understood me.
Despite their little mistakes, i was impressed by their answers.
I also reminded them that the atmosphere at the airport could be intimidating to them since it was their first time.

Michael also listened as i told the girls what to expect at the airport.
He was surprised when i narrated what i went through at the Oslo Airport in Norway.
When the girls left, he asked how i was able to travel to all the places i mentioned.

We spent the rest of the day looking around the city. I bought him boxers and singlets.
I wanted him to miss me and remember me everyday when i return to Italy and i had no doubt it was going to happen that way.

The next day, I woke up early and started getting ready.

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