162: The sacred coconut tree

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Chapter 162.

Early in the morning of the next day, Chinasa woke me up. She said she had thought over what she said and had cried over it.
I never liked tears. Tears never solved anything. The only time i cried out tears was when John the bighead impregnated Agnes back in Germany while i was busy looking for money. Ever since then, i had vowed never to cry again. Tears were meant for the weak minded people.

What was Chinasa talking about? What did she mean by saying that she cried after calling me a ‘stupid illiterate’?.
I had a very funny mind and mentality all my life. I believed in corrections. If i had made any mistake in English or any other language, she could have just corrected me.
I had tried to recall everything i had said to her. I wanted to know if i had made a mistake but i couldn’t remember. I had also recalled back in Brandenburg Germany when Ndifor from Nnewi had tried to make every other person look silly because he Attended IMT or Esut Enugu. I had punished him by refusing to give him drugs. He had apologized on his knees before i gave him anything.

How on Earth could a girl that slept with me chose to insult me because i said i wasn’t going to send another woman to the street.

The anger emanating from my thoughts had pushed me up from bed to the fridge where i had opened a bottle of whiskey and drank directly from the bottle.
After the drink, i showered, wore a dark pair of Levis Strauss Jean and a dark T shirt. The day was going to be bad and sorrowful.

Chinelo had woken up and prepared Pap. I hated pap all my life, therefore i declined. She thought i was angry for something.
”Something is worrying you since yesterday. Your mouth is already smelling alcohol this early morning” she had said.

”Go to work and leave me alone” i said.
I had sat on the sofa and drank until about 10am, then i called Chinasa and told her to come to the house. I told her that i should have come to pick her up but that there was no need crossing over the Oshodi-Apapa expressway.

She came and we drove to Lekki Beach. I wanted to stop at bar beach but I wanted to end it under that tree where it started, i also wanted to be further away from town.

We got to the Lekki beach and packed our car along the road. I deliberately left my phone inside the car. She had left her small hand bag inside the car as well. The handbag contained her phone and some small money.

We walked hand in hand down to the beach. I was holding a half bottle of whisky with the other hand. We got to the edge of the sea and stopped. We talked. She apologized for calling me a bad name and said it won’t ever happen again.
”Of course it won’t ever happen again Baby girl. I thought you were different. I fought against a rich kid for you just to make you have a say in your own relationship. I did everything for you. I chased away all the girls i knew because of you. Now i don’t have a girlfriend.” i said.

”baby but you still have me” she interrupted.

”It was there at that tree over there that our journey started” i said as i pointed to the coconut tree.
”Lets go there” i said.

”I still remember vividly, how Clement felt when you got up and walked away. He had wanted to get up and follow you but my thugs were there too. He couldn’t do it. He was a defeated man. Thugs, yes i became friends with thugs just to scare him away. I thought you could have made such a wonderful companion. Not the wife who would curse the husband if he disagrees to do something that she asked” i said as we walked towards the tree.

We got there and sat down.
”Let me see one of your shoes. I like it” i said.

”You know the shoes, you bought them” she said.
”Yes but i wanna look at it again” i said.

”Baby please stop drinking that thing, remember we are still going to drive home” she said as she handed me one of the shoes.

It was already mid afternoon. The beach sands were already hot. I took the shoes and stood up.

”I am going home now. You are going to beg for transport money back home,  you are also going to wear just one shoe back home. You will come to Surulere tomorrow and pick up your shoe and your handbag with the phone.” i said as i started to walk away.

She stared at me as if i didn’t mean what i was saying.

”Baby please come back here, i hope you are not serious” she said.

I was already 50 meters away. She suddenly got up and started coming towards me.
The hot sands were hurting her leg.
I quickened my pace and ran across the sand to the gate, then i ran to the car, started the engine and drove away.

Right there at the beach, Chinasa was without one leg of her shoes, phone and money. She was just with her flowing gown which i had bought for her, it wouldn’t allow her to run.

As i drove back to Surulere, i considered what i had done. It was such a bad thing but the punishment fitted the crime.

In the Nigeria system, bad mouthing wasn’t considered an offence but an individual was a nation of his or her own.

I drove straight to the Police station near the stadium along Western avenue.

Inside the office, I reported to the police officer that i had gone to the beach with my girlfriend but she had refused to follow me back. I told him that she had also refused to carry her bag from my car.
The officer had asked where the bag was and i told him that it was in the car.
When i finished making my statements, he said that i should bring N1000 for the file and some other documents. I gave him N3000 with Chinasa’s bag and left.
Along Masha road, i threw away the shoe and drove towards Aguda.

I stopped at the beauty shop and saw Chinelo washing somebody’s hair. She didn’t see when i came. I had stood there and watched her for almost two minutes before she was told to look back. She had smiled at me but when i didn’t smile back, she knew that i had done something nasty. She had seen that look on my face back in Ghana. She  excused herself and hugged me.
”What have you done this time Zuby” she asked.

” Every moment and every event of
every man’s life on earth plants
something in his soul.”

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  2. Enudi Emeke

    Zuby. Jack bauer obviously has a long way to go

  3. Vondo Mandella

    You are so so evil. Woman are naturally jealos and protective of their domain. it shouldnt be a big deal. Everyone who crossed your path sings songs of regret. I hope you live a new life now otherwise, the type of misery you dish out will follow you all life long.

  4. Goodbye to bad rubbish good for her.

  5. Azubuike!
    Y r u dis mean?

  6. smoothicon

    zubby it pains me to read how uve hurt a woman who is only trying to protect ur relationship with her… u cant even forgive….well my only consolation is the fact that all these shit is in the past…hope uve changed???

  7. That was really cruel

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  13. Zubby don’t you think you went too far in what you did to her??

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    Nna u wicked oooo, hope say u don turn a new live? Bcoz an eye for an eye is not good.

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  18. solomon sly

    Truly it really shows that u an illiterate how on earth will u have to treat a lady like that.I don’t believe in all this bullshit story if truly what u are saying is real,how will u feel if a guy did the same thing to ur sister or ur daughter? To me not everything that happen to us we must to revenge. actually am not educated but for the fact that I pass through school make me to think wisely and behave normal. I regret the day I started reading about ur so call lie story.u now turn to super star any where u go to,u can fool others but u can’t fool me. The only advise I can give u is to go back to school and for those that are wasting there time to read about ur so call story u better find something important to do and stop wasting ur time. If part of what u are saying is truth just wait for the nemesis it will surely cash up with u one day.

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