161: The angry bird

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Chapter 161.

”Baby where are you” the voice said from the other end of the phone call, it was Chinasa.
”I am at home” i said and kept quiet.
”What! You left me here and went home” she said.
”I told you that i can’t drive” i said.

She cut off the line. I called back but she didn’t answer. As i expected, she was angry. Anger was necessary to right the wrongs between us.
I had hoped that she could exploit the two options available to her; one was to go home to her place and the other was to return to my place.
She went home to her place. That could be the end or may be not.

I lay on the sofa and slept until the Power returned, then i watched a movie. Chinelo returned a little past 5pm.
She had called to find out if i was at home due to the keys. When she came in, she said she had heard everything Chinasa said in the morning. She also apologized for putting me in such a difficult situation.
”Don’t worry, she is gone” i said.
The news shocked her. I had just said that my girlfriend was gone and she knew it was because of her. She had slipped into that mental state where one felt as if he or she was a disturbance to the people around him or her.
”You don’t have to worry about Chinasa, you didn’t cause anything. You only exposed the kind of person she was. The women of nowadays want a ready made everything including men. Go to the kitchen and cook if you have strength” i said.
She left for the kitchen while i started drinking from the whiskey bottle sitting on the center table.

I got tipsy and called Chinasa again. She didn’t answer. A few minutes later, she sent a text message asking me never to call her again. According to her, she said that she had left her boyfriend because of me and i had betrayed her.
I thought about what she wrote. I didn’t betray Chinasa. She was the person who betrayed her emotions. She wanted a fellow woman to be thrown off to the street because she thought she owned me and the house. She could think or say whatever she wanted, it was her life.

After reading the message, i got angry and replied her.
”Is this how you want to end the relationship” i had sent to her.
She didn’t reply immediately. She waited until about 8pm before sending a new message.

”Yes, that is how i want to end it. You can go to hell for all i care. Stupid illiterate. Live with her if you like” she wrote.

She was obviously angry. Her anger had pushed her to insult me and call me bad names.
As i sat there on the parlour, i was boiling inside. I never knew Chinasa could say nasty things to me.
All of a sudden, i smiled. An idea had formed in my head.
Chinelo who had come to drop food for me on the table asked why i was smiling.
”Nothing baby, just nothing” i said.
That was the first time i had called her baby since we returned from Ghana. She was surprised and it had made her relax a bit from the tension created by Chinasa. My cousin was sitting on my right hand side too. He was already eating his food.
I took a spoon and Started eating the beans porridge she had cooked.

After eating half of the plate, i wrote a message and sent it to Chinasa. It read:
”I am sorry for what happened. It was the handiwork of the devil. I will send the girl away. Remember you promised to stay with me. I won’t hurt you again”.
A few minutes after sending the message, she called.
”Baby i am sorry too for calling you stupid. It was the devil” she said.

Yes, lets blame the devil. The devil was the cause of every damn bad thing that happened to us here on earth.
My next plan was to draw her close again and give her a punishment that was directly proportional to the insult she gave me.
The first thing that came to my mind was to invite her somewhere and show up with a different girl but after careful thoughts, i concluded that it wasn’t enough for the insult.

”Please don’t call me bad names again, i don’t deserve that after everything we have been through” i said. The phone was on speakout. Chinelo and her new boyfriend were there. They had heard everything.
When the phone conversation was over, i started laughing.
Chinelo was alerted.

”No no no, this is not good. Don’t harm her please, i know what you can do. She is just a woman” Chinelo said.
She had already found out that the plea bargain was just to draw Chinasa close to me again.
She had witnessed that first hand in Ghana when i had tricked her into believing that i had forgiven the money she stole from me. She had totally trusted me until the final minute when i took her phone and shoes.

”Don’t worry Nelo girl, i don’t wrong people, i only revenge. The silly girl sent me a message calling me a stupid illiterate, simply because i refused to chase you out of the house. She will pay for that insult” i said and frowned my face.

My cousin who had been keeping quiet asked what was going on. I told him that my girl didn’t like his girl. He laughed when i called Chinelo ‘his girl’. It was what he wanted to hear.

”Baby i want to come to your house tomorrow” Chinasa said. She had called me again while i was on my bed. I told her that it was Ok to come. She said her parents had returned.
”We will go to the beach to reconcile properly tomorrow” i had said before sleeping.

That night, i had a dream. I was being chased by a demon. I ran to the entrance of the Synagogue Church of all Nations but the gate was closed. I had turned and faced the demon. We had fought for long before i suddenly woke up. I had tried to make a meaning out of the dream but i didn’t believe in anything beyond my comprehension.
Dream or no dream, i was going to the beach to finally put an end to the relationship between me and Chinasa. I still remembered that very coconut tree where Chinasa had left Clement, that was where i was going to leave her as well. I believed she would never forget what was going to happen to her the following day. She started it anyway. I was just a finisher.

”All things wicked truly start from innocence”

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