41: Congrats to peter

Peter called an hour after he left. He had safely transported 50grams of weed from Berlin to Brandenburg, a journey of 35 to 40 minutes. He wanted praises from me.

” Look Peter, don’t call my phone again until you finish selling the goods” I said and hung up.

I had left the ”hospital” and went to Akunne’s Afro shop. It was in the afternoon. Chichi was there as I expected. Her Romeo who was carrying her on his laps the other time was not around. Akunne was not around too. Everybody had left for work except Ozoigbondu.
” Why don’t you go to work like others” Chichi asked.
”I was sacked from my place of work, do you have another one for me” I joked. She took it serious. She said there was a Restaurant that wanted two workers to work as dish washers. The pay was going to be €210 every week. She said she would do me a favour and call the manager to find out if the job was still available. I thanked her and asked for a bottle of Jack Daniel.

I was half way through my first glass when four Police officers busted into the Afro shop.
”Ausweis bitte (Passport Please)” the only lady among them asked. I kept quiet and pretended not to have understood German.
I spoke Igbo to Chichi and told her never to tell them that she knew me.

The lady Police came a bit forward and repeated what she said earlier. She was also drawing passport on the air with her two hands.
” O que e isso ( what is it)” I asked her in Portuguese. I gambled with the fact that they may not know how to speak Portuguese and it worked. I didn’t even know Portuguese. I only knew a few commonly used sentences and words such as ” Thank you, how are you, what is it”

The smart lady Police asked me what language it was, the problem was that she spoke German again.
I demonstrated with my hand, that I didn’t understood her too. It was amusing but I kept my straight face.

” Do you speak English” She asked.
I nodded in affirmative.

” Your passport, give me your passport please” she said with a suspicious smile on her face.

” Oh, my passport” I said with a smile as I dipped my hand inside my pocket and brought out my Green Nigerian Passport. I removed my resident permit card and handed it over to her.

She flipped through the pages and found no visa.
” Visum, visa” she said.

I handed her the Resident permit and kept my gaze on her face.

” When did you come to Germany” she asked.

” Today” I said.

”Do you have your travel ticket with you” she asked.

” No, I threw it away, they told me that I can’t use it again” I said, changing into the dumb novice mode.

She had HANDED my permit to another police officer with large stomach who was scrutinizing it with a kind of detective lens.

” How did you come to Berlin” She asked.
” Flight, I came with Berlin Air” I said.
” Air Berlin” she corrected me.

I knew it was air Berlin but in my attempt to play the dumb guy, I had decided to twist everything.

Two minutes later, the fat police spoke to the lady officer. He told her that he couldn’t detect any fault on the permit. The lady also said that she thought my passport was genuine. They spoke in German.

They handed my Passport and permit over to me and left.

Chichi was scared. She thought the police were going to take me away. I asked her why she thought so, she said that Akunne had told her that I ran away from Germany before.
Ten minutes later, another set of two Police officers showed up in the shop. They came with a picture of a policeman. They told Us that the policeman had been shot in Hessenheide park by two Arab men. They asked us to call the police if we heard anything. Then they left after promising €10000 for any information leading to the arrest of the shooter
Those stingy German police were ready to pay only €10000. The Americans would have paid a million dollars.

As soon as they left, I remembered that I had a gun. I thought that the Police would begin to search all the places they had been seeing foreigners. I left the Afro shop and went home. It was time to dispose off the gun.

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