16: Wanted By All Means

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Zuby and I eventually made up. He warned me not to suspect him over girls. First of all, he made me understand that he wasn’t my husband yet and that he reserved the right to go after any woman he chose.
It was something i didn’t like to hear but i had to nod time after time just to tell him that i wont misbehave again.

I was in the bathroom taking my bathe when Aunty Joy called again. When i came out and called her back, she said she would be coming to Sweden with the two girls.
That got me confused because i never planned for such but then the man sitting beside me seemed to have thought of something like that because since he asked me to put the phone on speak out, he knew that I could say something that was capable of jeopardizing the entire operation.

When he nodded at me, i told Aunty Joy that it was the best idea to come with the girls. I also sounded excited to make her believe it was something i wanted in the first place.

When the phone call ended, Zuby said he was going to leave the apartment for me when Aunty Joy arrives. He also said we may likely abandon the apartment as soon as Joy left Sweden.
It was going to be a sad development because i was already getting used to the apartment.

Late in the evening of that day, we went into the Stockholm City. Zuby said we needed to locate where street girls worked so as to be able to convince Aunty Joy if she became too inquisitive.
We got to the popular prostitution area and it was half deserted. We could only see a few white girls who smoked and walked around.
When we approached one of them and told her that we were looking for a missing black girl whom we believed was a prostitute in Sweden, she directed us to the area where black girls worked.
We took a cab to the place and sure enough, we saw some black girls loitering up and down.
We approached one of them and told her that we had a girl we wanted to introduce into the prostitution business. She was excited about it since she was from Edo State like me. She gave us some advice and asked us to contact her for help whenever we were ready to bring our girl to the street. Her name was Rose and when we left her and returned to our apartment, I jumped all over my boyfriend.

“Baby, tonight is meditation night” He said.

“Meditation for what?” I asked him.

“I want to meditate for Rose, the new girl we saw today” he replied.

Meditation has become his new excuse whenever i made the move for sex.

As an ex prostitute, i used to have sex daily but since i quit the game, it became whenever i had the opportunity.
It wasn’t an easy transition but i managed to cope very well.

We slept together that night like we have been doing since i arrived.
For some reasons, we started making love without condom. It seemed i was ready to get pregnant for him. I believed that with a child between us, he wont be leaving me anytime soon. It was a risk worth taking but then pregnancy was never something we get whenever we wanted.
The following morning after breakfast, we prepared and waited for the invasion of the Venice contingents.
The moment Aunty Joy called and said they were on their way to the Airport, Zuby said he was leaving the apartment with his bag.

I initially thought about how i was going to handle the issue of Joy meeting Zuby in the apartment. She was definitely going to ask who he was and the moment she finds out that Zuby lived in the same apartment with me, it could complicate things.
Secondly, there were chances that Zuby could eventually meet with Aunty Joy during the course of getting money from her. As a matter of fact, It was very important that two of them didn’t meet in Sweden.

What got me scared was Zuby leaving with his bag. His logic was that Aunty Joy would sleep in our room since the two new girls would occupy the second room. He said Aunty Joy didn’t need to see his bag or his shoes. In fact, he said Aunty Joy didn’t need to see any male presence in the apartment.
However, for him to leave with all of his things, it was scary.
He could simply disappear and never return. If that happened, i would be the most stranded immigrant in Sweden. I didn’t have enough money to do anything yet.

“Must you leave with your bag? We could hide it where she could not see it” I managed to say.

“Listen baby, i know your fears. I know you think i could disappear and not return. I want you to know something, if i chose to disappear, you can’t stop me. You are not holding me here, i am as free as i have always been. You don’t need to be scared of me leaving you. It was me who planned your coming to Sweden and that was because i like you so much. Just concentrate on the operations at hand for now. I am going to locate a hotel somewhere outside town and hang there until she leaves Sweden. The moment she is gone, call me and i will return. Meanwhile, as soon as she is here, don’t call me. If you must call me, make sure it isn’t in her presence. Delete your call logs as soon as we finish talking. I will not call you at all. Here is some money for the foods and drinks. This will sustain all of you until i return” He said as he handed some local currency to me.

After his little talk, there was nothing i could do. I instantly learnt that i couldnt even stop him if he wanted to leave me for good. Just like he said, there was nothing i could do if he wished to leave.

“Why don’t you wait until they arrive. We will follow together on my way to welcome them and then, you can go wherever you wish to stay. I just don’t want to be here alone” I said.

He seemed to have bought the idea because he dropped his bag and sat on the long sofa.

“Bring my Jack Daniel” He said to me.

Jack Daniel was his favourite hot drink which he seemed to drink each time he wanted to think for a solution to something.

I brought the drink and sat near him as he opened it and started drinking from the bottle.
Those were the kind of things i asked him to stop doing.

I didn’t like it at all.

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