16: Goodbye Melissa

Chapter 16.

“I want a new apartment” I said to the man behind the desk at the house agency.

He knew who i was because i had been going to pay for the apartment monthly.

“Miss, what happened to your apartment?” He asked.

I told him that i want a change of environment.
Every effort he made to convince me to stay fell to deaf ears.

Eventually, he told me that there was a vacant apartment somewhere.
The new apartment was about 2 Kilometers from the first one and in another region of Castel Volturno entirely.
The area where it was situated was more expensive that the old one.

The only disadvantage was that it was a little far from the Uncle’s resturant where i still worked part time.
It wasn’t going to affect me too much because i had the phone numbers of most of my Customers.

I was determined to live alone this time.

The new apartment was much like the old one in size, just two bedrooms and one sitting room.
Since the agency owed me one month in advance fees, i just paid for one month and told the agent that i would be out of the old one before the end of the few days that remained in the calendar month.

After the payment, he told one of his workers to take me to the place.
We both took the cab and went to the new house.
Just like the old one and many of the apartments managed by that agency, the apartment had one bed in each room and two sofa in the sitting room. There were also fridge and Electric Gas cooker.
All i needed to do was just to move in with my personal belongings, the same way i did when i moved in to the old one.

When i got home, i didn’t tell Melissa what happened. I needed to take my things out of the house first before breaking the news to her. Since she believed that being angry with me due to my success in getting resident permit, was the best thing to do, i was ready to teach her some bitter lessons.
It seemed she forgot how she got to the apartment in the first place.

The following day, i waited until she left for work, then i went out and hired a mini bus owned by a Ghanaian.

The bus driver helped me parked my things into the bus.
Among the things i took from the apartment were the Television which i bought by myself, the DVD, some Nigerian movies, the CD Rack, my shoes, my bags and some house cleaning items i bought on my own.

I made sure i didn’t touch anything that belonged to her.

I didn’t know how she got the information that i was moving but Melissa suddenly returned home and saw what i was doing.

She stood near the door and watched as i took one last look inside the apartment to see if any of my things remained there.

While walking past her to the bus for the last time, i saw tears running down her cheek.
She didn’t say anything, she just stood there and cried.
There was no need asking why she was crying, i already made up my mind that i was leaving.
Her tears meant nothing to me, my safety was more important.

The way she was behaving, it was a matter of time before she did something bad To me.
She could go as far as poisoning me.

The fun we used to have in the house was gone.
We no longer talked or eat together.
We had become two enemies in the same apartment.

It was very difficult to know why she started what she was doing but i knew that it all started a few days after i received my resident permit.
If we were men, we would have easily settled our differences and moved on but it was always difficult for two girls to come back to normal after breaking up.

I had learnt to move on with my life in several occasions. I had left Ano, Jacob, Max and some other people who came along.
I had left Aunty Philo, Lilian and others.
Melissa was going to be one of them. It was time to move on.

I took one last look at her as i opened the front passenger door of the Mitsubishi bus and entered.

“Lets go” I said to the driver.

“Your friend is crying” the driver complained.

“Move this bus please I almost shouted.

The driver engaged his transmission and the Bus surged forward out of the house and out of Melissa’s life.

As we drove to the new apartment, i began to flash back on everything i had gone through with Melissa.

The poor girl had helped me a lot when i newly came to Castel Volturno. She had fought for me on several occasions.
She was my bed mate during the Domitiana way Bush prostitution era.
She was there for me during the Dr. Mark Saga and she she was there when i returned with money from Milan.
She was my best friend both in Italy and everywhere else.
I knew no one else the way i knew her.

I never believed what happened to us was possible. I had always believed that nothing was capable of separating us until the two major success came into my life.

I wasn’t the Italian authorities. If i had the power, i would have given Melissa her own permit.
If i had the power, i would have also paid her Madam for her freedom.

The two things came to me on their own. It didn’t happen because of my prayers because i didn’t pray.
It was just luck and the Grace of God.

Yes, it was the Grace of God that i stole Ano’s money and disappeared.
If God wasn’t in support, i would have been caught long ago. If God wasn’t in support, Ano would not have been arrested in the first place.
God knew everything before they happened.
He was the Omnipotent and Omniscient.
He was the author and Finisher of our Faith.

Melissa and I had different destinies.
We were never going to witness the same things in this World.
I had seen Identical Twins got Married to different men in different times, yet they lived.

I wasn’t going to allow Melissa or anybody to destroy the happiness i was getting from the resident permit.

I had only one life to live and as a result, i felt that it was better to go.

As the past events flashed through my mind, tears flowed down my cheeks without my notice.

It was only when the driver asked why i was crying, that i knew that i was crying.

“Turn right and Park there, that’s where we are going” I said to the driver.

Forget the tears.

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  1. meexteeriox

    This is emotional truly. Life must go on, you can’t live your lifeand someone else life for them, impossicant.
    Bye bye Mellissa

  2. meexteeriox

    This is emotional truly. Life must go on, you can’t live your life and someone else life for them, impossicant.
    Bye bye Mellissa

  3. We are moving forward……

  4. obinoral

    We have to move up even if it is hard.

  5. It is obvious that Mellisa is jealous of your progress. The best option is shoving her aside which is what you did because she will not think twice before selling you out to Ano if the opportunity presents itself. she sold you out to Mrs Mark remember.

  6. Twenty children can not play for twenty years
    Good bye Mellissa

  7. Eya, quite emotional , but life have to go on, some sweetest things are not meant to be……..

  8. Anonymous

    This are one of the experiance in life

  9. miss salome

    Bye melissa

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