16: Liz

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”Hi Andy” Liz said as soon as she picked my call.
”How was your night?” I asked trying to be as caring as possible.
”It was fine, how about you” she asked.
”My night would have been better if it was you who came here” I joked.

She kept quiet.
”We didn’t see any taxi last night, so Ella decided to sleep in my room but I am angry” I said.

”Angry for what?” she queried.
”She occupied my bed and made me sleep on the sofa. My whole body is paining me now” I said again.
”Eyaa sorry dear” she said.

She asked where Ella was and I told her she left very early.
”she must have been back by now or maybe she went to another place” I told her.

”Maybe she went straight to the class, she has lecture this morning” Liz said.

Yea! Was that why she has sprayed my Kelvin Klein Eau de Toilet perfume? She wanted to go straight to class. It made some sense.

”Have you started coming” I asked.
She said she would start coming as soon as she dropped the call.

The Hotel rules all over the world stated that ‘a hotel day ends at 12 pm’. The time was still a few minutes past 8 am. If Liz made it before 9 am, we should have enough time. I wasn’t going to pay another N7000 for the room. I wanted to go out of Aba that day anyway.

Liz came to Hotel Cape Ville before 8: 40 am. She was on a red skimpy skirt over a blue tight body fitting trouser and blue top.
It seemed the tight trousers were trending then. It was called ‘leggins’.

I had gone down to the car to get my condom and some more money when she came. She had seen me and walked to the car as I was closing the boot.

”Hello sweet” I had greeted her when she approached me.

Liz was a beautiful girl, it was as simple as that. She was slim with long legs. Taller that I was too.
She had packed her hair into a pony tail and had tied a red ribbon on it to match with her skirt.
Maybe she was wearing her best cloth to impress me or maybe not, but my natural problem was that I think about every possibilities.

We walked together to the reception and asked if they cooked breakfast for lodgers.
”We cook breakfast but its for sale” the female receptionist had said. She had been witnessing all the drama since last night and would cast a suspicious eye on me each time I passed her. I already knew what I was going to do for her when I would leave the hotel.

”You look like you are from Oversea” Liz said as soon as we entered the room.
I had tacticaly avoided saying anything that would point me to Europe since the night before but since she had asked, I would admit it.
It wasn’t good to be a liar and denying that I wasn’t from oversea would mean that I lied.

”How did you know that” I said, applying the Nigerian mentality of answering questions with questions.

”Your looks, hairstyle, cloths, car, shoes and perfumes” she said.

”People who live Nigeria can also have those things Liz” I said.
”I know, but… Forget it” she said while smiling
I had a feeling that admitting that I had returned from Europe would convince her to remove her cloths faster than if I had said that I lived in Aba or Onitsha. As a result, I admitted.

”I returned from Germany last week” I said as I brought out my condoms and the minted bundle of N12000 and threw it on the small table in the room. I wanted her to see the condoms and begin to prepare for what she had come to do.

” what are the condoms for” She said as she looked at them on the table.

”Liz my beautiful beauty, I wouldn’t want to get you pregnant before our wedding, unless you want it that way” I said hoping she would get the sarcasm.

She laughed out and said ”who said we were going to do anything Andy?”

”Nobody but if you don’t want, I won’t force you because I am begining to fall in love with you” I said as I placed my eyes on her eyeballs.
She shook her head in doubt and said nothing.

I walked into the bathroom to ease myself.
Damn! A used condom was floating inside the toilet. I pushed the flusher down with enough power to break a metal. The condom bubbled with the water and finally sank into the pipe. Great!

I eased myself and returned to the room. Liz was sitting on the sofa crossing her legs. I sat near her and crossed my right hand over her shoulder.

”I understand I was arrogant but I am sorry” I said as my mouth moved to hers before she protested again. She dropped her handbag on the floor and circled my neck with her hands.
She said it was no problem, lecturing me about how people who lived in Abroad had a funny way of behaving.

We kissed for minutes, savouring each other’s lips.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I brought it out and looked on the screen, It was Ella. She wanted to know if I had left the hotel.
”I will leave in a few minutes” I had told her. She advised me not to over-speed, according to her, ‘speed kills’. I wondered how I didn’t know that before.
I hung the phone and switched it off entirely.
I knew speed kills, especially on Nigerian roads but not the speed of sexx. It was time for driving Liz and not a car.

The kissing had manifested into squeezing of bosoms.
Liz was a shy girl or maybe she acted it.

One thing about life was that ‘all of us are actors, even the children. We just had different scripts from Nature’

She didn’t go anywhere near my dicck. Each time I placed her hand on the bulge, she would remove it.

”Have you had sex before” I asked.
She nodded in agreement.
My left hand had started brushing on her lower thighs. I gradually worked it up to the upper, expecting her to remove my hand. But when she didn’t remove my hand, I brushed it on top of her Vagynna. She squinted a little and continued what she was doing.
I translated the whole events into a ‘you can do it’ and pulled her up from the sofa.

It was time to act.

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