159: Finding Work

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Chapter 159.

One thing had baffled Chinelo since we returned. I had not asked to sleep with her. She had been sleeping alone since we returned. I had told her that she had had enough sex for the next two years and that she needed to start a different kind of life. I also told her that she was free to find a boyfriend since i was still with Chinasa whom i believed would kick against Chinelo living in the same apartment with me. But i was a master at controlling difficult situations. I knew i would manage them when it came to that.

We had gone to the beauty salon the next day and made a paper agreement. The agreement read that Chinasa would learn the business for six months and would work for the woman for another six months or she would pay N30,000. It also said that she would buy a carton of malt, a carton of cabin biscuit and a bottle of wine for the lady.
We had agreed and signed the agreement before we left. When we got home, we analyzed the options and agreed that Chinelo would work for the woman for six months after her initial six months. I had convinced her to take that option since it would help her make more customers of her own from the madam’s shop and would also make her perfect the styling and other things that was attached to the hair dressing business. She had agreed. She was going to start work in two days time since the following day was a Sunday.

That Saturday evening, i deliberately took her to the ‘good day’ hotel in Adewuyi street Ijesha. The hotel was like the hotel in Ghana where sex workers lived and worked.
We had sat down and bought drinks. She had refused to drink alcohol but took malt. We had watched as men took women to the chalets, slept with them and paid them. She didn’t say anything.
I wanted her to see the good and bad sides of life in Lagos, then make her choice by herself.

When we got home, she asked why i had taken her to that place.
”Chinelo, you are above 20 years. You are old enough to make choices. I really want to know how much you have changed but its only time that will tell” i had said to her.

We ate garri and vegetable soup she had cooked. She was a good cook. I had all of a sudden, stopped eating outside. I had figured that the N1000 i spent eating out daily could cook for two people and i was right. My cash was running down and i wasn’t interested in asking people for money.

My diamond bank account had a little over N1.5 million naira in it, though i could still source money if the need came. I was supposed to return to German embassy again at the end of January.

On the Sunday January 7, my cousin returned from the village. Chinasa returned too.
She came to my house as soon as she returned. We had all sat in the parlour. Chinelo watched as Chinasa climbed all over me, telling me how much she had missed me. Chinasa didn’t ask who she was. She must have thought that She was with my cousin since Chinelo didn’t care about how Chinasa was climbing all over me.
Chinasa said that her People had not returned from the village. She had been sent to clean the house first. She said she would sleep in my place that night. Chinelo had heard her. I wasn’t looking at Chinelo’s face, therefore i couldn’t figure out how she felt when Chinasa said she would sleep over, but i was sure it must have been hard for her to swallow.
However, my cousin who was a shy person had been trying to make some advances on Chinelo. He had asked me who she was and i had told her that she was a friend of mine who had returned with me from Ghana. He had asked if she was my girlfriend which i had tactical avoided to give a direct answer to. But when he saw how Chinasa was trying to swallow me, he felt it was an opportunity to go for Chinelo. He had started talking with her and when it was time for bed, i had gone into the room with Chinasa while both of them were still at the parlour. My cousin who was known for sleeping early had all of a sudden, stayed awake until 11pm.

As early as 5am the following Monday, i had heard some people talking in the parlour and when i opened my door, it was them.
Chinelo and My cousin were going for a morning mass at the Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Church Aguda. I had just looked at them and smiled inside. I was actually enjoying how their relationship was developing. I was in a dilemma over how i was supposed to introduce Chinelo to my cousin. Despite the fact that i almost single handedly paid for the apartment, i believed that i didn’t have the right to just bring someone into the house without discussing it with my cousin.
They had greeted me and walked downstairs to the Church. While walking back to my room, i had wondered how my cousin would react if i told him what Chinelo was doing in Ghana. I also wondered if Chinelo would be bold enough to tell him. It wasn’t my business. I believed that everybody deserved a second chance. It was the second chance that brought Chinelo down to my house in the first place. Everything she did in Ghana was in the past and must be left there if only she could continue the new life she had found.

”Baby where did you go” Chinasa asked as soon as i crawled inside the bed beside her.
”Bathroom baby, i went to the bathroom to ease myself” i lied. Some lies were necessary to end unwanted conversations.
”But there is a toilet inside the room” she said. She was half asleep but yet managed to ask dangerous questions. I didn’t know what she was thinking but it could be that she was monitoring my movements with Chinelo.
”I didn’t want to wake you up, that was why i went outside to the general one” i lied again. She seemed to have resigned as she turned her back on me and covered herself with the blanket again.
”I love you baby and i don’t ever want to loose you” she said from under the blanket.
”I love you too sweetheart” i said.
I had to say something too, whether i meant it or not. It was time to sleep again.
”It is in our moments of decisions that our destinies are shaped”

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