158: Welcome home Chinelo

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Chapter 158

Early in the morning of the following day, i woke up to see Chinelo kneeling down at the edge of the bed. She was praying with her head covered. When she finished, i asked her if she had been doing that or if she had just started, she didn’t answer me. She just smiled and crawled back to the bed.
At about 8am, we checked out together and drove to her house, the same place i had taken her shoes the first time i visited Ghana. She still lived there with a friend. The friend was there when we came. She watched as we stuffed Chinelo’s things into a bag one after the other.

”Where you dey go, Jessica” she had asked.
She didn’t tell her. It was I, who told her that Chinelo was going back to Nigeria. She had mixed feelings about the whole matter.

After packing her belongings, we drove to Tudu, changed some money to Dollars and boarded a Young Shall Grow luxurious bus going to Lagos. She cried as the bus headed east towards Lome.

It was already night when we got to Lagos. We stopped at Maza Maza and took a cab to Surulere. We paid off the cab and walked up to my apartment. My cousin had not returned from the village. I had called him when we stopped at Maza Maza.

I took Chinelo to the guest room and told her that she will live there until we secured a one room apartment for her. She had asked who owned the place and i had told her that it belonged to my cousin. I didn’t want her to start forming funny ideas in her head.

After taking our baths, i showed her the kitchen. We had brought some noodles from Ghana.
She cooked and we ate. We sat in the parlour and chatted until it was time to go to bed, then we went to bed.

The following morning, i called Chinasa and told her that i had returned. Chinelo was there with me when i called. She had asked if it was my girlfriend that i called and i had nodded in affirmative. Chinasa had said she would return to Lagos in one week time, according to her, the transport fare back to Lagos was still high.

Life had started to return in Lagos. Some of the people who had gone down to East had returned from Christmas holiday. Some shops had started to open, especially those who sold cloths.

I told Chinelo to get ready, we were going to idumota. When we got down, she stood and watched as i pulled of the taupolin over the BMW.
”Is it your car” she had asked. I nodded and continued what i was doing.
After dusting it, i went to the boot and connected the battery socket. I entered the car and started the engine. Since Jennifer was claiming to have changed, i selected a Christian Gospel song from Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka and started playing it.
She sang along with the speakers, as we drove out of the compound and headed towards Idumota.

I took her to a ladies shop and bought her decent cloths. All the cloths she came back with were body tights that fitted the business she was doing in Accra. I had changed about $300 that returned with me from Accra and used the entire money for her and her things. I had also taken the $200 i had given her in Ghana and used it to buy a bag of rice and some other food items for the house.
While i lived with my cousin alone,, i didn’t care much about food items, i ate outside most of the time. My cousin was a business man who sold ladies shoes and he was doing fine, he could take care of himself. But since a woman had come to live with us, it was better that we had foodstuffs in the house.

All the way back from Idumota to Surulere, Chinelo cried inside the car, she didn’t listen to me when i told her to stop. She didn’t tell me why she was crying either but i knew that she was going through emotional period in her life. She needed the tears to cleanse her heart.
When we got home, we carried everything upstairs by ourselves. I had carried a 50kg bag of rice alone and had felt some pains on my body. After settling down, she took the mop and cleaned the whole house except my cousin’s room which was locked.

There was an Igbo woman who had a beauty shop in Adetola street. It was located near a bar joint where live musics where played sometimes.
The woman didn’t go home for Christmas, we had driven past her on our way back from Idumota.

After cleaning the house and cooking rice, we ate and went to the beauty shop. I wanted Chinelo to learn the beauty business very close to the house where she could be walking to from the house. I wasn’t going to be giving her transport money to anywhere on daily basis. I knew she had returned from Ghana with some money. I didn’t know how much and i didn’t care. Asking women for money was like asking a kid to give you his or her biscuit.

”Madam, please i want this my sister to learn the hair dressing business from you” i said to the woman.
There were two other ladies making their hair at the shop. They all looked at me as if i had said something that was out of the world.

”Oga where are you from” the woman asked. I haven’t covered that part yet. Chinelo and i came from different states.
”I am from Enugu state” i said, trying to keep the answers short.
”Oga, there is no problem but we will write an agreement” she said.
I told her that it was fine with us. She asked us to return the next day.

When we got home, Chinelo started to cry again. I got upset.
”What is the crying again for? You have bee crying since we left Accra. Don’t you ever get tired of tears huh”? I shouted at her. She continued her crying without even looking at me.

When she calmed down, she said she still didn’t believe that i had a heart to do what i was doing. She said she thought i was a devil and that she had been praying to God to punish me ever since i took her phone and her shoes in Ghana. She said she was just too ashamed to accept everything i was doing for her.

I told her to calm down. There was always a reason for every person we meet in our lives.

”Love is our true destiny. We do not find the true meaning of our life by ourselves alone, we find it with another person”

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