154: Visit the King

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Chapter 154

”We are taking you to court for attempted murder, attempted stealing by trick and other offences. You are also going to spend ninety days here for telling me lies”  the captain said.
Another officer had started slamming cuffs on Sule again.
”I will reduce your stay here if you give us information that would lead to the arrest of your gang members” he also said to Sule as the other two men grabbed both of his hands and took him away.
”You can go and enjoy your vacation. We have thousands of these scammers in this Country, unfortunately they were mostly from Nigeria. We have some of them in prisons and we are trying our best to stop them” The captain said.
I stood up, shook his hand and walked outside slowly.

At the entrance of the station, i took a cab back to my hotel.

New year was fast approaching. My hotel rent had expired and i had deposited money for extra four days. I didn’t want to stay beyond January 2.

As i sat in the hotel bar, i thought about the dangers out there. The thugs knew that Sule was arrested. They also knew my face. They could be out there hoping to get me. I would have loved to have a police or two followed me at all times but that was a demand i couldn’t make.

As a result, i called the area boy who had taken me to the night club. We met at Cocody district and discussed about a possible attack by the thugs. He assured me that nothing was going to happen as if he could see the future. I didn’t believe such things. He said he lived in Zone 4 and asked me to move to that area if i was scared of staying at the hotel. I thought about it but since i only had about four days to stay in Abdijan, i decided to stay where i was.

After our meeting, i called Isabella. She came to me with a cab and we took public bus down to Bassam, i needed to be far from the city center where i could be detected by the scam mobs. There was a local football match going on in Bassam when we arrived. Many girls in short skirts and bumshorts were seen all over the place and i wondered why i came with Isabella. She was all over me, telling anybody who cared to listen, that i was an actor from Nigeria. I had done a good job by covering my eyes with dark sun glasses.
I would wave to people who stared at me and i almost asked them to come for autograph. When the match finished, we went to a restaurant and ate fish. Fish seemed to be pretty cheap in Bassam, i believed it was due to its proximity to the sea.
We also walked around the Bassam city to look around and feed our eyes with the historic structures of that west African old kingdom. We eventually ended up at a palace of one King.

I had seen the magnificent palace and decided to go inside. I figured that it wasn’t such a good idea to visit a king empty handed, therefore, i bought a bottle of drink and took it along with us. We were welcomed and given seats. The king had asked why we came. I told him that i was a Nigerian tourist who had found a wife in his country and 
Needed his blessings. He gave us coconut to eat and blessed us before we left. He said he had been to Nigeria after the Nigeria-Biafra civil war and that his people were in support of Biafra during the war. His father was the king during the war. They had tried to supply foods to Biafra but was stopped in Badagry by the Nigerian Soldiers and their items were stolen from them. He blamed Ojukwu for not having proper plan before starting the war while he said that Awolowo should not really be blamed for what happened to the Igbo since he was taking orders from the head of state.

I enjoyed his history lessons. We bid him farewell and left back to my hotel.
Isabella slept over with me but didn’t get a dime for her services. I had told her that she would come to Nigeria as soon as i got to Lagos myself. She had asked to follow me but i told her that i was going to Bamako first before going back. She believed the lie.

The following day was new year. Bangs had started hitting the sky. It seemed that bang culture was worldwide. I had witnessed it in Nigeria, Germany, Portugal and now Ivory coast.

Chinasa had been flashing my number from Nigeria regularly. She wanted to know when i would return to Lagos. I had changed my phone number back in Lagos and that single act had blacked me out from the lives of many people, especially the women i had dated one time or the Other. It had been long since i talked to Jennifer, Rose, Liz, Daisy, call girl, Zainab and numerous others. I had only given the new number to Maria, Chinasa and Elizabeth in Jakande estate; Maria for Napoli connection, i figure i was going to need them, Elizabeth for quick sexx and Chinasa for love experience, ice cream joints, beaches etc. Everyone of them had her own role to play in the Chapters of my life.

We were already in December 31st 2006. The atmosphere was festive. I had missed my village because all the Christmas that i had spent in Nigeria was in my village. During the Christmas, people returned home enmasse. Girls wo had been born in different cities and towns through out the country would return. It was the time i put my girl-chasing skills at work. I recalled one December i was able to woo four different girls. I was the champion among my peers. They envied me.
But on that very December of 2006, i wasn’t able to return to the village simply because many of them believed that i had returned back to Europe. It was such a childish act because i shouldn’t have cared, it was my life but we grow mentally with age.

Isabella took me to a different night club where live mapouka was performed. It was at a large hall. The lights were dimmed. As the mapouka dancers performed on stage, people fvcked inside the hall at every available corner. Nobody cared.
Isabella had insisted that we fvcked too since we looked awkward among others and right there inside the hall with over 100 people, we found a semi dark corner and fvcked like rabbits. It was fun, pretty fun.

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