40: Many Were scared

Peter came to Berlin a day after I visited Brandenburg. He had never been to that large city prior to that day. I picked him up at the AlexanderPlatz train station and took him to a restaurant. We ate a decent Chinese meal and went to my hospital. I had given my old apartment a new name, ” The hospital” since that was where I packed all my drugs. when we entered the apartment, I brought down a bag and opened it. Peter was shocked at the quantity of marijuana and Hashes he saw.
He wanted to jump and run at the sight of my gun too. I told him to relax. He wanted drugs and he had seen it.
” Do you have enough mind to take charge of Brandenburg drug supply” I asked him. He shook his head indicating ‘No’.
” why were you claiming hardman when I visited there yesterday” I asked again.
He kept quiet. His eyes were fixed on the silver loaded gun.
” don’t be afraid, drug business is never done by muscles. It is done by truthfulness and strength of mind. I am going to give you 50grams of weeds to sell because I know you don’t have money yet” I said.
His concentration was still at the gun. I picked up the gun and removed the safety latch. He eyes bulged. He was sitting on the sofa opposite me. My center table separated us. If he had wanted to jump at me,, the table would have been a huge obstacle.

” Like I said, I will give you 50grams now. You will sell them, bring the money back to me and take more. You will continue that way until you have enough money to start on your own” I said pointing the the gun on the floor.

He thanked me but said the police would catch him in the train with the drugs. He asked if I could bring the drugs down to him in Brandenburg. I laughed.
I needed him to be very strong. There was no way I could achieve that if I baby-seated him.
” Pay attention Peter, you will take this drug, hide it in your pants and go back to Brandenburg. That is what others are doing. Police cannot catch you because they don’t know what you have with you” I said.
”You don’t really have much options. I was in Brandenburg from 2002 to October 2005. I was the leader there. I made money there too. I am the person who Sent Fadi to Prison, I am also the person who beat Jimmy and chased the Arabs away. I did all those things because I wanted the HEIM to go back to the hands of Nigerians. I don’t live in Brandenburg again. That is why I want you to take charge of the HEIM for me. You are going to become rich in just one year if you follow my instructions but if you don’t follow my instructions, you better run away from Brandenburg like the Arabs did” I said to him while I watched his reactions. He was totaly devastated. He could have made for the door if not that I was holding a gun in my right hand.

After over 30 minutes of trying to convince him, he agreed to take the drugs, but wanted me to follow him to the last train down to Brandenburg.
I took him to the station and showed him how and where the Brandenburg trains loaded up. I left him there and hoped that he didn’t throw the stuff away on the road.

As soon as I got home, Jennifer called. She was having her interview the next day and wanted me to pray for her. I told her to stop calling me. I cut off the line before she started her latest trademark of crying.

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