15: Programmed By The Gods

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The following day, we took Precious to Rev. Father Onuigbo. After praying for her, he advised her to accept Jesus Christ and stop violating her body. He advice Precious to go to camp to acquire legal status first before looking for work to be doing or possibly enrolling into a language school for a start.

When we returned from the Reverend Father’s residence, we waited for the evening to come.
Zuby said Precious was going to a camp in Upsalla and that he was going to take her there by himself. I wanted to go with them but he refused.
I was alerted because i didn’t trust the girl. She could make a move on my man and that could cause me problems.

They eventually left for the camp without me.
As i sat alone in the sitting room thinking of what i would do if Zuby diverted to Precious, i wrote a text message and send it to him.
I told him not to go near the girl.
It was more like a joke because i just wanted him to know that i didn’t want to lose him again.
But somehow, i knew he would pick offence but i didn’t care much, i just wanted him back.
He was a mysterious person and could disappear from Upsalla without trace. All i had to do was just to pray he comes back because if he didn’t, i would be stranded in Sweden.

My belongings arrived from Italy. When the courier firm called and asked if i was at home, i told them the new address and asked them to bring the items there. It seemed i was gradually settling down in Sweden and abandoning Italy.
Zuby had warned me earlier to make sure i only carried items i could run with if the needed arose.
He said we could leave Sweden anytime.
His words still echoed in my head, “Make sure you don’t ask your friend to send heavy items to you from Italy. We could leave here anytime without preparation”

It was clear that we were going to be on the run on regular basis. It was actually something i was looking forward to. I was going to witness his evading tactics first hand since it was clear that some if not all the Italian Mamas we hit were going to come looking for us in Italy.

Before Zuby returned to our apartment, Aunty Joy has called from Venice Italy. She said two of her girls would be coming to Sweden in a few days.
It was a piece of news i believed Zuby would love so much. Precious was already out of the way.

Aunty Joy was supposed to be my mentor back in Venice but i disappeared after my asylum. I didn’t know how she eventually started importing girls from Africa but i wasn’t surprised. Every well-to-do Edo Woman eventually ended up doing the same.
We had remained in contact ever since because she seemed to like me a lot.

When I told Zuby about the new development. He said we were ready to welcome them.
He also warned me to be ready because we were likely going to start a war with two Madams.
I was supposed to be out of the picture but yet i had roles to play.
I was the one who was in direct contact with Aunty Adesuwa and Joy. They didn’t know anything about Zuby.
I was Partially afraid that sooner or later, they were going to find out that i was involved in the game. They would spread my name all over Italy and France and Edo State. It would be difficult for me to be welcomed back in their society again. They would hate and detest me, they would even kill me if care was not taken.
Two things were my strength.
One was that the people in Napoli and Castel Volturno didn’t know much about the people in Venice and vice versa.
Venice was more like another country inside Italy; totally situated inside water with lifestyle that differed so much due to its high attraction of tourists from all over the World.
The second reason was that i was with Zuby. If anyone knew how to evade his pursuers, he was an expert at it. He seemed to know every European borders and how to cross them.
He seemed to also know how to get Police involved and when to do that.
Franca from Paris testified that she never saw anything like Zuby. She narrated how she and his boys pursued him all over Paris and how he ended up directing them somewhere else while he went into one of them’s apartment and took his laptop and other items.

There was also the chase in Milan when Kingsley thought he captured Zuby. Then all of a sudden, it was Kingsley on the losing side.
We the Edo girls were mentally configured to believe that every extra ordinary event were as a result of using one spiritual charm or the other. For that reason, i was supposed to believe that Zuby was using powers of Charm to confuse his enemies.
It was when i got closer to him that i began to understand how he reasoned and planned.

Zuby would first of all, come up with the idea of what to do. Then he would start finding out every possible scenario that could come up as a result of the actions he would take. After identifying the possible scenarios, he would begin to find solutions one after the other.
By the time he finished preparations, even an outsider would know that it would be extremely difficult for him to fail.
Forinstance, during the time he was running to France with Ngozi, he anticipated that i would send thugs after him.
He told me two days after i arrived in Sweden, that he knew that the only places where my thugs could be waiting for him were at the major Train Stations. He simply identified the major train stations along the way and prepared for my thugs. He said he knew that there were Police presence in all major Italian Train stations and he was right.
It was after he told me how he evaded my thugs that i began to believe that he didn’t use any charm. He was just good at planning his exits and that was possible because he always knew where he was going and how to get there; that was the secret.

Right inside our sitting room, he had just finished shouting at me over the text message i sent to him and as a result, he had disappeared into our room where he lay on the bed and said nothing to me for hours.

I had to beg and cry because of that text message.

It was that bad.

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