As soon as my rising joystick jumped out of the boxers, Karolina grabbed it and started turning it around in her palm. She was so casual about it that I wondered if anything beyond that was going to happen.
The more she turned it, the more harder it became. I just sat there and stared on the joystick too as if it were not part of my body.
All of a sudden, everything changed. Karolina started touching her bosoms with one hand while still holding my joystick with the other hand.
I did a quick interpretation job and decided that it was an act of invitation to touch her bosoms.
I was still wary of the age limitations since I didn’t want to go to prison.

” how old did you say you are” I asked while stretching my left hand to squeeze her bosoms.
She smiled and said 18 jahre alt. (18 years old).
My hand was already squeezing her soft bosoms while she had started squeezing my JT hard.
The heat was already on and there was no stopping me from then.

I pulled down my jean and removed it entirely. She also did the same on her own jean trousers. She was then left with a kind of underwear pant that exposed both sides of her cuunt. The front part of the under that was supposed to cover her cunnt was a kind of a string that did a very poor job of covering it.

* I learnt it was called a G-string pant later*

I started rubbing the top of her cunnt while the string was still on it. I occasionally touched the bare sides of her cunnt. She removed her pullover and started kissing my JT, then sucked it.
I moaned like an amateur just to compliment the poor job she was doing on my JT.
* I had already made up my mind not to lick her kitty, so I kept rubbing it until she started getting excited, then I shifted the string of underwear to one side and dipped a finger into her cunnt.
She helplessly stopped the poor job she was doing on me and released herself to the pleasure I was giving her.
I got up and asked her to lie flat on her back which she did while I dipped a finger inside her again. She wiggled like a worm.
Her cunnt was shaven recently, I guessed it was that very morning or the previous night in anticipation of that very moment. She had invited me yesterday and she had prepared for what was going to happen.
*The obvious excitement of fvcking a white girl was having its toll on my head*.

When things got to a stage where she wanted me inside of her, I removed her pullover and sucked her yellow bosoms. there were very soft unlike the African ones and there was no pleasure coming out of them, so I left them where they were and concentrated on the semi-open vegeena.

I pulled my boxers down and wore a condom I brought along with me.
I parted her tiny underwear to one side, then in one swift sweet speed, I entered her.
*There was no need removing the underwear, I couldn’t see how it can disrupt anything*

I pumped in and out. It was a sweet sensation all through. Her cunnt was not so open like the ones I was used to. It was filled with flesh and when putting my JT, I felt like it was touching some flesh which melted like a butter as soon as the tip of my JT touched them.

She was holding my back tightly as if I was going to suddenly jump up and ran away.
We fvcked for several minutes.

I had switched my mind from that moment to some ugly incidents. It helped the Spermss not to come out on time.

*On that particular moment, I was thinking about the day I got so drunk and went to my girlfriend’s house in Onitsha. Her mother had come out and poured water on me. She had pursued me downstairs and yelled after me while I ran in the street*

Karolina had climaxed twice and it was time for me to release, so I switched my mind from the woman who poured water on me to Awiti,s whose cunnt I had been enjoying since she came.
Then I climaxed. I lay on top of her, breathing heavily for a minute before pulling out.
I got up and pulled out the condom and headed to the bathroom to flush it out.
She was still lying on the sofa smiling when I returned. She obviously wanted more but I wanted to go back to the Camp..
Awiti’s interview was one day away and she must have been searching for me everywhere.

I ignored Karolina and put on my clothes. I managed to spent another ten minutes with her before I left.
She asked me to come whenever I want, an invitation I took with a smile.
She also gave me her phone number.

I left her house and walked like a drunk sailor to the Camp.
My little sweetheart Awiti was in front of the men’s hostel when I returned.

*I had prepared an errorproof lie for her, she had to take it or leave it anyway*

”i have been looking for you” she said as I approached her.
”sorry sweetheart” I stopped there without rambling on where I had been and why.

To my surprise, she didn’t ask where I had been, she just took my hand and proceeded to the ladies hostel.
When we got there, I ate the rice she had kept for me.

We started all over again on her story for tomorrow’s interview.

”Tell me your story as if I am your interviewer ” I said as I sat back and listened to her.

She began;

” My name is Awiti Mulonga, I was born…………….

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