15: Ella won

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”Your friends will be looking for you” I murmured.
”I don’t care, I am a big girl” she said.

Why did I even want her to leave? Probably to make space for Liz who would be coming in the morning. It was the same sexx I would get from Liz, therefore I decided not to pursue the issue of Ella going that night.

”Since you are no longer leaving now, lets go and take a bath” I said as I dragged her up from the seat.

The hotel management had hot and cold water system like was obtained in Europe but the hot water wasn’t as hot as that of Europe. It was a good development judging by the fact that electricity in Nigeria wasn’t like that of Europe.

Ella followed me to the bathroom where we blocked the water escape route of the large bathtub and filled it with the mixture of hot and cold water.

She had removed her pants and sat with her back on my chest.
She occasionally threw water at my face like she must have seen in a Nigerian movie probably featuring Ramsey Noah or Emeka Ike with Genevive Nnaji.

Ella was in Love with Andrew, one of the Apostles of Jesus.

After some ten minutes in the tub, I slipped my middle finger into her cunnt. My dicck had started getting up once more as I manipulated slowly and increased the tempo with time.
She was moaning and had slightly turned around to kiss me every now and then.

”I love you” she said.
What! So fast? We will see about that Ella.

”I love you too baby” I said in response. What else was there to say anyway.

I manipulated her for several minutes adding another finger and another until three of my fingers were inside her cunnt.
The act of manipulation had weakened her totally and she was just leaning on me as if her life totally depended on me.

I had wanted to Fvck her inside the tub full of water but I was afraid of doing it without condom, therefore I stood up and pulled her slowly out of the tub. I dried my body with the only towel in the room and did the same to her.

Her Unclad figure was good. She looked slim but her buttocks protruded and gave her a figure 8.

After drying her wet body, I released the water in the tub and took Ella to the bedroom. She had started feeling cold as I laid her flat on the bed and picked up my wallet on the ground.
The Condom in it remained only one. I wondered what I was going to do if Liz showed up in the morning.

Yep! I remembered. There were more condoms in the small bag I left in the car.

I opened the Condom and slipped it on my dicck as Ella watched from the bed. I finished and looked up at her.
She was smiling and beckoning me to come and have her. As I walked slowly towards the bed, she turned around fully on her back and presented me with that popular missionary style. The mound of her neatly shaven cunnt protruded slightly with its two lips slightly ajar.
I slowly climbed on top of her and kissed her as I inserted my dicck into the now opened cunnt.
She raised her legs and circled my legs with it.
The whole length of my dicck had been swallowed by the cunnt as I slowly raised my waist up and down.
She was smiling as I looked her in the face. I joined the smiling too while my dicck was totally busy downstairs.

”You are sweet” she whispered.
”You too” I said as her moaning increased, indicating that she was about to come.
I increased the tempo slightly to help her climax easily.

I climaxed three minutes after her and stayed on top of her for another two minutes before rolling off to one side of the large bed.
”Thank you very much” she said as I stood up to dispose the used rubber.

I returned back into the room after trying three times to flush down the condom in the toilet without success. It seemed the water in the tanks were finishing.
I had decided to leave the stubborn rubber there until the morning when water must have been pumped up into the tanks.

I wore my boxers and slipped beside Ella on the bed. She was still totally Unclad and she behaved as if she didn’t know or care.

We slept until the early hours of the morning.
”I have a lecture by 8 am and I should be going” she announced at some minutes past 7 am.

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted to hear that morning.

I watched her wore her cloths and shoes.

”When are you coming back to Aba” she asked.
”I will be here next weekend because of you but if I can’t make it, I will invite you to Enugu” I lied.

She nodded and announced that she had finished dressing up.
I asked her to give me my wallet. She did.
I counted N4000 and handed it to her.

”Try to save N1000 for transport to Enugu if I ask you to come” I said as she smiled and closed the door behind her.

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