148: Hunting the hunter

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Chapter 148

I called Sule from my room late that evening.
”I have talked to the Oyibo but she said that they were many of them who had come from Europe on a chattered flight. She said she have the money but that it was in Dakar Senegal where they landed first last week. She also said that they came to Abdijan with a chattered bus and that nobody can leave until their seven days stay in Abdijan is over. However she said she can go to Dakar and get the money if she can get flight ticket” I had told Sule.

I didn’t want to tell him that Audrey needed money for transport to Dakar, i told him she needed flight ticket. I was careful not to mention money.
He promised to call me back.

When Sule called me back, she said she would like to speak with Audrey. I told him she was sleeping but that i will tell her as soon as she woke up.

When i returned to Audrey’s room, i told him that the guy she saw with me at the beach was a Scammer. I narrated to her everything i had told Sule.

”We are going to try to get the ticket money from him” i said.

Audrey wanted me to head straight to the Police and report Sule. She didn’t know how Africa worked.
I told her that there was no need and that we had no evidence except our words against his. When i succeeded in convincing her, i flashed Sule. I wasn’t going to be wasting my airtime on a deal i didn’t believe in.

When Sule called back, i told him that Audrey had woken up. I handed the Phone to Audrey who, like i  had told her, said she would need a flight ticket to Dakar where she had left her bag and bank cards. She told Sule that she needed to rush to Dakar the following morning and return in the evening.
The amount for the ticket were discussed. None of us knew but Audrey said she would go down to a travel agent to check out the price immediately. She also asked Sule if her own share could be increased since she was sponsoring the deal, Sule agreed.

When the phone conversation was over, i took her down to a cyber cafe to check the price of ticket. It was a Sunday and as a result, we couldn’t find any travel agency. But at the cybercafe, we found out that Abdijan to Dakar stood at $499.99.
We called Sule back and told him. He promised to get the Money the following morning.

The Sule business had interrupted my original plan of sleeping with the Blonde French girl. I had planned how to make my move as soon as we returned from the beach. I was going to freshen up and go to her room with a bottle of wine and a romantic candle. I was going to pretend that i had fallen in love with her.
She was surely going back to France after her vacation which meant that it was going to be a very short term love affair; the kind i liked then.
But the Sule business had surfaced and altered my plan. Sule was going to pay for that anyway.

When we returned to Ben Residence hotel where we lodged, i followed her to her room without the wine or candle. We sat on her bed and talked about useless things until i got the courage
to make a move on her. I had tactically crossed my left hand on her Shoulder and slightly pulled her on my laps. She had fallen easily and stayed there while i caressed her blonde soft hair. My hand had moved slowly from her hair down to her skinny back and all the way to her buttocks where it stopped and squeezed it severally. She was enjoying the squeezing.

Ironically, Audrey had cost me two days in Abdijan. I was sure that i could have hooked one local girl up since the Friday i arrived if not that she was on the way.

The arse squeezing had motivated me to turn her around and initiated a kiss. Her lips were soft and sweet. She responded fully and eventually took over the kisses. Then all of a sudden, she opened my zipper and brought out my already hard dickk. One quick look on my face and she bent down and started sucking it. The experience was different, probably because it was at a different environment with a different person too. While  she sucked, i opened the single button on my jean and pulled it out of me. I also pulled out my T shirt and left just the singlet. I had removed my boxers when we returned from the beach in a clear anticipation of what we were doing.

When she got tired of sucking, i pulled her up and removed her dress. I pulled out my wallet from the trouser and picked up a condom.

”Oh my gawd” she kept moaning out while i fvckked her from behind. She kept pushing her arse backwards to meet my dickk half way as we pumped on each other until i exploded. After removing the condom and cleaning up, we started all over again. The second round was even better as we lasted much longer than the first one.

She was totally exhausted by the time we finished. I took her to the bathroom and gave her a thorough bath. I took mine too before i crossed over to my room to change cloths. Then i returned to her room and we chatted until it was almost midnight before i left for my room.

About 8 am the following morning, i woke up and went down to a busy area where i found a travel agent. He was an Ivorian but understood some English. I explained to him that someone wanted to send my girlfriend to Dakar but that she had no intention of making the journey with a flight. According to me, she would make the journey with a bus but since the person sending her insisted on flight, we would get the ticket from him and return back for our money when he left.
The agent agreed to do that after telling me that he wasn’t going to add the ticket information into the airline database. I promised to give him $40.

When Sule called that morning, i went to Audrey and woke her up. We agreed to meet at Le Plateau Area where the agency was located. I told Audrey that i had gone to the agency already and that he had agreed to issue us a refundable ticket. She was surprised at how i planned the deal. According to her, it was perfect.

We prepared and went down to Le Plateau. Mr Sule was already there before we arrived. I had told him to come.

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