142: Chilota

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”Who told you where my house is” i asked.
She said she overheard Uzoma her sister on the phone telling her friend that i lived in block 13 with brother Okey.

”Get me pounded Yam and vegetable soup” i said out loud as i saw her mother approaching.
She walked off quickly to get my food.

Her name was Chilota. She was 20. I had asked her to come back to my place on the morning of the next day while paying for my food.

She had come alone around 9am.
I opened the door for her and sat opposite her. I could perceive the smokes from her cloths which meant she had come from the restaurant. According to her, Her mother had gone to buy food items while Uzoma was at the restaurant.

Chilota wasn’t as beautiful and refined as Chinasa. She was just an average young girl who wanted to have sex like her mates. Since i didn’t care if i lose her or not, i had went straight to the reason why she came.
She had come for sex and it was written all over her face.
I had stood up and took her to the room where i squeezed her two young bosoms before making her lie on her back.

”Have you had sexx before” i asked. She nodded in affirmative while she placed a small smile on her face.

I removed all my cloths entirely and asked her to start playing with my . To my greatest surprise, she grabbed it, Squeezed thoroughly and started sucking on it.
Damn, i was hoping to dig an amateur but it seemed i was the amateur. Chilota twisted my in her mouth and sucked professionally until i was almost as hard as a rock, then i got up and tore a condom.

”Ai ai ai, do it hard” i heard from her.

Do what hard, i was doing my best girl.

Her Well was smooth and tight as i had expected. Her two legs had tightened on my back as i fvcked her for several minutes until she climaxed. I had continued fvcking until she released her clutched legs out of pleasure and started smiling while i was still at it. Then i released my sperm and got up.

As i returned from the toilet where i had gone to dispose off the condom, she had changed position in expectations of another round.
”Get up, i am going somewhere” i said.

She said she would come again the following day.
”Don’t come, i won’t be around. I will get you a cheap phone so that you can call me before you come here” i had told her. I wasn’t going to let that sweet Well go easily.

When Chilota left, i got a call from Elizabeth who wanted to know if i was around.
I told her that i was but That i didn’t want to see anybody. She had accused me of being with a woman which i was not interested to deny.
In this game of sex, no one needed to claim each other entirely until you put a ring on it.

I Called Chinasa and told her that i wanted to see her. She had not visited me and i was not in a hurry to sleep with her. I knew that the moment i slept with her, she would begin to lay claim on me just like others. But somehow, a part of me wanted to know how sweet she was.

”I will come in an hour” she had said.

When Chinasa came, i took her to Surulere.
A part of me still believed that the area boys were not aware that i was the one who ratted them out.

We got to Surulere and walked up to my apartment.

”Sit down baby” i said as soon as we got into the sitting room.

Chinasa sat down while i went into the room to change into a different set of wears. I had missed some of my simpler cloths which didn’t follow me to Jakande Estate.
”You live here too?” Chi asked me.
I told her the place was where i lived and that Jakande estate was my cousin’s place and not mine. She was relaxed as i had expected. She said that the place was very good since it was far away from Clement and troubles but unknown to her, Surulere was even more trouble.

Chinasa went to the room and opened my fridge to get water and when she returned, she said ”Why do you have so many hot drinks”.
”I am a lonely man and as a result, my friends were alcohol and music” i said.
She looked pitifully at me. She was seated beside me on the long sofa facing the television.

”Why am i so afraid to fall in love with you?” i said suddenly.
”You should be strong and decisive. Don’t be afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow. Let us live for today” she said.

Great! My little Chinasa had suddenly become a philosopher.

I carried her across my laps and made her lie on them looking up towards my face.
A smile was placed on my face as i also looked down on her smiling face.
I was almost tempted to tell her that i loved her but i resisted the urge.

”I wish there is no Clement between us. It was my fault.i should have found you earlier before Clement” i said.
She smiled for long but said nothing until my mouth found hers in a move that reminded me of the first time i kissed Agnes at the asylum camp in Germany.

”I love you” she said. Good, it was better to hear those words from a woman.

We kissed many more times as my hand found her knees and rubbed the legs up to her thighs.
The Home theatre DVD was playing a song from Chris de burgh titled ‘suddenly love’.

My hands had eventually worked up to her Well which was covered by a tight underpants. I had rubbed the top of her Well while the pants were still on until she weakly spread her legs. Then i pulled the tight pant out and threw it on the floor. My hand moved up to her Well again via her thighs as i rubbed the Well twice before slipping a finger into her Well. She was already getting wet. I had laid her on the sofa and knelt on the floor while i manipulated her and kissed her lips at the same time. I was careful to be slow and tactful. She was moaning loudly and rubbed my back a the same time. I wasn’t in a haste to go into her, therefore i continued the manipulation and kissing while i occasionally sucked on her young smooth bosoms which stood erect in front of me. I had continued the romance for several minutes until i heard ”Baby please do it now”, then i knew she was ready for my manhood. I got up and removed my cloths. It was time.

“There is never a time or place for
true love. It happens accidentally,
in a heartbeat, in a single
flashing, throbbing moment.”

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