26: Football training

The following day wasn’t eventful. It was boring for me in particular. There was no reason to crack my brain or think fast. There were many places around Faro and Algarve to go. We decided to go to Lagos, a beautiful coastal city in Faro. It was close to the Faro airport.
We got to Lagos, bought tickets and joined a tour boat with other tourists.
We were all tourists.
We were served coffee and Cappucino in the boat.
A Portuguese man played guitar for us while people gave him some lose euro coins. The sun seemed to come out in that part of the World all the time. There was no torrential rain like I had experienced back in Germany. We kissed in the boat like we had seen some white people did.
We were all enjoying ourselves. People believed we were tourists as well; probably from USA since it was not in the African culture to go on vacations to that part of Europe.

We spent close to three hours in Lagos and drove back to Vilamoura. Since there was nothing else to do, we went to the Super Eagles training ground.
Okocha was teaching Mikel some tricks. Obobo was running around the field, I think he was being punished or may be he was on a special fitness training.
Obinna Nsofor tied a long sleeve shirt around his waist and practised penalty shooting with Enyeama. I forgot the name of the other gatekeepers, I think one was Aiyenugba or something.
John Utaka and Obafemi Martins were shooting at one goal post.
Eguaveon stood akimbo with a whistle in his mouth.
Ike Shorumni was standing with a guy I suspected to be the third gatekeeper. I guess he was teaching him how to stop Drogba or Samuel Eto from scoring.

Kanu Nwankwo was tossing a ball with Chidi Odiah and Yusuf Ayila.
I wondered if that was how they were going to defeat other teams in the African Nations cup coming up in two weeks in Egypt. There was a man who sat under a tree writing something on a notebook. I guessed he was either the team manager or a media personel attached to the team. He was looking at Jennifer’s legs. She was wearing a shot jean that exposed her laps. Each time he looked our way, I would kiss Jennifer. He got tired or perhaps angry and stopped looking.

We got bored with their training style and walked away into the busy area to eat.
In the evening we returned to the hotel and watched the TV in the reception hall. I drank the remainder of my Hennessy.

The following morning, we packed and left for the airport.
Our flight was going to leave at 11:45am. We got to the airport before 10am. And waited in the hall like some other travelers.
When our flight was announced, I held Jennifer’s had and walked to the gate to get our Boarding passes. We didn’t bother to check in our bags, it was less than 10kg each. We would take them inside the flight with us.

We got our passes and returned to our seats.

At exactly, 11am, we filled in a line and boarded the AirBerlin airbus.
We climbed to the sky later and viewed the Atlantic ocean as it disappeared gradually below us.

It was goodbye Portugal.



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