I turned around and saw John bighead emerging from the bush.

Awiti, who had not seen or known who John was, just stood there and stared at the guy coming out from the bush while I thought how best to handle the situation.

” I think you have a mental problem” I said to him in Igbo language.

The idea was to drag the issue away from Awiti as much I could. I was beginning to like her so much.
But the mischief maker insisted on speaking pidgin English.
”Na your papa get mental problem” he said while maintaining a considerable distance between us.
I took Awiti’s hand and started walking out of the park. It was a ten minute-walk to the Camp. John followed us behind, talking about what he would have done to me if the environment was different.

We got to the camp without fight, so I decided not to do anything about it.

Around 8pm, I saw Awiti off to the female hostel. When I got back, I went to Mike and told him what happened with John in the park.
He advised me to let it go since we will soon be posted out of the Camp.
Mike in the other hand, had approached Agnes for a date. I didin’t know what she said to him but since I had not seen them together, I figured out Agnes was tired of Nigerians and their ways.

People were being posted out of camp on daily basis while new campers were being admitted. Some of the people I knew had been posted out. I would go to the Notice board every morning to check on my name but I knew that it would take atleastrological two weeks after my interview.
Awiti’s Interview came a week before my departure. We had rehearsed her own story over and over again. She was a Somali in camp since there was no crisis in Kenya.

One evening, I went outside camp alone and met a white lady. She was a Polish girl who had come to look for work in Germany. Karolina was her name. She understood German and very little English but enough to communicate with me. I had just finished buying beer from the spar and was on my way back to camp when I saw her coming towards me. She was young and I couldn’t tell her age. We were warned to stay away from girls who were not up to 18 years. fvcking a girl below 17 was a one way ticket to prison, so we were careful about that until Karolina showed up.
It was Karolina who greeted me first as we met, I stopped her and we got chatting. She told me she lived alone in a street in the middle of the town. She asked about Africa and I told her the much I remembered. To my greatest surprise, she thought Africa was just a country. She had never heard of Nigeria or Ghana except some cities like Libya and Ethiopia and Egypt.
Since she was not in a hurry, I invited her to join me in my beer. We strolled eastward towards Cottbus, an Area I was sure Awiti would never venture into. We got to a large concrete bench on the floor and sat there.
August was ending, and a new strange season was descending on that part of Germany. There was breeze and the leaves were falling out of the trees in quantum.
It was a beautiful atmosphere as we sat on the slab while cool breeze brushed past us in a romantic way. After a can of beer each, our discussion changed from Africa to private matters.
She was 18 years according to her but had already separated with three boyfriends.
Two of the boyfriends was from Warsaw in Poland while the last one was a German.
In my own part, I have had only one girlfriend my whole life but when the bomb landed in our town in Cameroun, everybody got scattered and separated and I had managed to found myself in Germany while I knew nothing about her.

When the darkness descended, we fell in a temporal love and started kissing. Her teeth was banded by some kind of wires. She explained to me that it was going to fall out when she was 15 and the doctors had binded them together. Too much chocolate was to blame.
After over three hours with Karolina, I told her that I was going back to Camp. She offered to see me off but I declined. I didn’t want to run into Awiti, so I told her to go. She invited me to her apartment the next day and I accepted.
On my way back to the camp, I expected John to pop out of nowhere but I didn’t see him. I was disappointed because I wanted him to see that I had gone white.

When I got back to the camp, I didn’t look for Awiti. She was surprised when she came to the prayer center and found me singing. I had always gone to take her with me to the prayer house but that evening, I had gone alone. She stared at me through the 30 minute prayer session and when it was over, she walked up to me and demanded for explanations. I had not forgotten to call her, I told her that I was running late and that it was my turn to sing the praises that day.

The following day after lunch, I sneaked out of camp again. I went to the point where I had been with Karolina the previous day. We had agreed to meet there that afternoon and proceed to her apartment. I took two cans of beer along with me. I spent over an hour sitting there alone with my beer until I got tired of waiting. I was considering going back to the camp when she showed up with her bicycle. She asked how long I had been waiting and I lied that I had been there for hours.
We trekked to her house while she moved the bike on the ground.
It was a neatly decorated one room apartment. We sat on the long sofa and talked about Poland and Germany. According to her, the Area we were which was Eisenhuttenstadt with the neighbouring cities such as Cotbuss, Frankfurt oder and many more had belonged to Poland but it was Adolf Hitler who had captured the lands from Poland during the war.
I wasn’t interested in the history but I played along.
When she felt that I had become hungry, she offered to give me food and I accepted. I sat there waiting for hot Rice with fat chicken legs but to my disappointment, she came out with some brown bread and a cup of butter. I smiled and thanked her as if it was what I was looking forward to. I ate two slices of the diet bread and declared myself satisfied.

When I finished eating, she asked a question that changed everything.

” have you ever had sexxx” she had asked.
I nodded in affirmative and asked why she wanted to know.
She said nothing.
She asked me to bring out my Joystick for her to see.
*what kind of weird girl was that*

I was alarmed but I knew that i could over-power her if anything strange was to happen.
I asked why she wanted to see my Joystick. She had heard that African Joysticks were bigger than the whites and she wanted to know.
I pulled down my trousers and brought out my already rising Joystick.

*All the girls who had seen my Joystick since the turn of the millennium nearly two years before that day had also felt it inside their honey pots.
Karolina Maniecka was not going to be be an exception*

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