14: The Visit

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Chapter 14: The Visit.

I met Aunty Franca in her apartment in Place de Clichy. She had talked twice on the phone with me but we never met. She didn’t know who i was. I had stopped at the underground train station in Place de Clichy and walked up to the surface where she was waiting for me. I had called her with a new number.
We had shook hands and exchanged greetings. We walked down to a building about 120 meters down the road. It was a Sunday afternoon. According to her, She didn’t go to Church because of me. She was curious and anxious to meet the young man who had been admiring her.

For the first time in Paris, i wore a black striped Hugo Boss Suit with a black pair of shoes.
I had asked Naomi to give me her Bible.
I was going to Church in Paris.
Naomi had protested that i should have told her that i was going to Church so that she could prepare and follow me but as it stood then, i was already late for the services and couldn’t wait for her.
”Don’t worry, we will go together next Sunday” i had said and left with the Bible.

”Brother, it looks like you are a child of God” Franca said as soon as i settled down in her sitting room.
I had smiled at her and said nothing.
She went into the Kitchen and brought out a plate of white Rice and stew. There were assorted kinds of meat and fishes inside the stew. It had been long since i ate such good food, therefore i prayed over the food and started to enjoy myself.

Franca sat opposite me with her beautiful daughter.
In the middle of the meal, i asked how old the little girl was.
”She is two and half years old. Her useless good-for-nothing father left us here alone” she said excitedly.

Looks like you don’t know the meaning of good-for-nothing. Just wait until i finish with you.

”Why would a man do such thing to his daughter and wife”? I asked between a chuck of fish in my mouth.
”Don’t mind that useless thing” she said again.

Obviously it seemed that Franca had no manners. How can a man live in the same apartment with such a loud and foul-mouthed woman?
”Which part of Igbo are you from”? She suddenly asked.

”I am from Enugu State” I said as I grabbed another chunk of fish from the plate in front of me.

”Enugu State, then you must know one Solomon from Amsterdam. He just came to this Paris and started trouble with me. What is your name?, I even forgot to ask you” she said.

I ignored her request for my name and continued asking my own questions.

”What did the Solomon do to you” i asked.
I had eaten enough and had just dropped my spoon on the tray pan.
”The useless man just came from Amsterdam and confused my girl to follow him. I heard they now live in Grigny Center but i will show him that we own this Paris” she said.
”You don’t have to be talking like that Franca. You are a woman” i said.
She seemed to have suddenly realised that she was taking too much because she stopped talking and kept her gaze at me.

”Do you have his phone number?, maybe you should call him and Let me talk to him” i said.

She opened her Samsung Flip phone and dialed a number.
The phone started ringing inside my pocket. She didn’t think it was her call that was ringing inside my pocket.
I put my hand in my pocket and brought out my phone, a white careful folded piece of paper and an MP3 music player. I kept all of them on the table as she dialed the same number again. It started ringing and vibrating on top of the table again.

”Aunty Franca, thanks for the wonderful food you just gave me. You are partially a good woman but your anger is controlling your life. You can become a very good wife if you can be able to manage your anger” i said.

”You can stop dialing the number now. I am Solomon from Amsterdam”I said and kept my eyes on her face.

”I came to this Country and found Naomi in the streets of Paris. I didn’t know her before that. We just talked and liked each other. We both have the rights to love. I was planning to meet you over Naomi but you decided to send some thugs to my house. They came there and took my laptop, my money and beat my girlfriend. I know they didn’t tell you all that. I am sorry that i have to come this way but the reason why i am here is to tell you how far i have taken this case” i said.

Her face had turned from one colour to another.
”Promise, please go inside the house” she said to the little girl.

”She can stay here Franca, i am not going to start a fight. I have something i think you should see. This is a record of a phone conversation between me and one of your foot soldiers Efosa. I duplicated the conversation into three. One is on the phone which i will play for you now. Two are on different MP3 audio players. I have just one of them here” i said as i switched on the recorded phone call i had with Efosa.

Aunty Franca sat motionless as the phone played out the conversation. She didn’t say a word. When i finished playing the record, i shifted one Mp3 player to her.
”Aunty Franca, this is your own copy of the phone conversation. I want you to play it for Efosa when next you see him. However it is not for free. The price of the Mp3 and its content is €5000. I have hidden the other Mp3 where nobody can find it. If you refuse to pay me the €5000, the other mp3 will go to the French Police” i said and kept quiet for a minute.

”Why are you doing this to me? I have not paid my house rent for this month, where am i going to get €5000”?
”I don’t care Franca, you have three girls working for you here in Paris and another two girls in Ancona. You have less than one week to get the money for me. Before i go, i need you to see this. I have gone to the Police already. I told them that i have evidence that you are a human trafficker. They gave me this paper to hand it to any nearby Police anytime and anywhere i see you. I told them that i don’t know where you live but that has changed now because i have just found out where you live” i said as i showed her the letter i printed from computer.

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