14: And Precious Arrived

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Precious came to Sweden that evening; it wasn’t Precious my friend, it was Precious from Aunty Adesuwa.
Zuby and I waited for her at the Arlanda airport but when it became clear that there was trouble, he said we should leave the airport.

Back in our apartment, we waited for Precious to call. Aunty Adesuwa has been calling every ten minutes, asking if she has arrived.

It was late when Precious called and said she has been released by the Swedish immigration. I directed her to take a cab to the Stockholm Central Station where Zuby and I went to pick her up.

Precious, like most new arrivals, was a teenager. She was around 18 which meant that she was at least a little matured to understand everything we were going to tell her.

We were still in the cab returning to our apartment when Aunty Adesuwa called again, she wanted to know if Precious was already with us. She has been calling from Italy since the very minute Precious entered the aircraft. Somehow i felt that Precious must have been important to her to warrant such calls. I almost had pity for her because i knew that she would soon start looking for the girl all over Europe.

Back in the apartment, we settled Precious in the spare room and allowed her to rest.
While she rested, Zuby and I discussed what we were going to do with her. I was curious over how we were supposed to extort money from Aunty Adesuwa, she would be disappointed that it was Me who put her in a bad situation but i knew that if i had to make money again, i would simply have to step on people’s toes.

According to my boyfriend, we were first of all going to take Precious to Rev. Father Onuigbo’s place. He would pray for Precious and give her some counselling. He would be the first person to start convincing Precious that Prostitution was sin and bad for the body as well. Then He would be the first person to start convincing Precious that Olokun and other blind Deities has no Power to harm her.

The major problem lied with convincing the girls that the deities has no powers. All of us feared Olokun unconditionally. We believed that it could strike one dead anywhere in the World. This was made even worse after the Madams in Italy and France conspired and started attributing every death of a young girl to the deities.
If a girl suddenly died out of cold Pneumonia, they would attribute her death to Olokun or other deities.
There was a time a girl died in Napoli with boils all over her body. The Italian government took her body to the hospital to find out what killed her.
Rumour eventually surfaced that she contacted disease from sleeping with a dog. But the hospital report was muted among the Edo girls in Napoli and beyond; we were simply told that Olokun killed her after she refused to return money to her Madam.
The incident happened when i newly arrived in Italy and since then, it lived with me until i was able to shake off the fear on my own.

There was also the girl who was found dead Inside the bush along the Domitiana way. We didn’t know how she died. Some said she was strangled to death by the customer who took her to the forest. Some said she was killed by Olokun. It was the reason why we were told to move in twos.

Of course the Madams promoted the Olokun side of the story, they made every girl in Italy understand that similar thing would happen to them if they as much as think about running away.
When Precious eventually came out to the sitting room to join us, i started the orientation speech.
First of all, i made her to be aware that Zuby was my boyfriend. I didn’t know how it came to my mind but i wanted to create the boundaries as early as possible.
Zuby, despite being who he was, was a kind of human being who would do the wrong thing, twist it to become the right thing and blame others for whatever mistake that came as a result of his actions.
It was important that i made things clear to Precious from day one. She was also leaving for camp in a few days but those few days could result to anything.

“Precious,” Zuby took over from me, “Welcome again to Scandinavia.”

“I thought this place is Sweden” She responded.

“Yes,” Zuby said. “Sweden is part of a larger subcontinent known as Scandinavia. The other countries that made up the Scandinavia are Denmark, Norway, Finland and some sub-independent Islands. This area is the coldest in all of Europe, therefore you must always cover yourself properly before stepping outside. The reason why we brought you here is not to send you to the street to start sleeping with men for money.”

Precious suddenly looked up and became alerted. It seemed that her life was about to take a different direction. In as much as the girls made money out of prostitution, they would have chosen a different way of making money if there were available ones. But unfortunately, there was no work for them.

“You will be taken to the Rev. Father tomorrow. He will pray for you and ask God to protect you like he prayed for your Aunty here and Fatimah. He will cast away all the powers of Olokun and other deities” He concluded before asking precious if she believed that God in Heaven was more powerful than Olokun.

Precious agreed that God was more powerful but she still believed that Olokun has powers too.

Zuby also asked her to tell us how she came to Europe. Like many other girls, she came through Libya after spending weeks on the road. They were three of them that set out for Europe but one of them decided to return to Nigeria when they got to Ghana.
When Zuby asked if Olokun killed the one who decided to return to Nigeria, Precious said she was still alive and was now in School in Edo State.

“Now you can see that your Olokun can’t do anything to her. From tomorrow, i want you to stop contacting your Aunty in Italy. She would be talking to us and she is going to send us money to take care of you after you finished with the asylum process” Zuby said before asking Precious to return to her room.

…… Dedicated to Chief MKO Abiola… A criminal philanthropic..

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