137: Always trouble.

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Since my new Global Identifications Number was a Belgium issued one, there was no need to fear being tracked.
Although if the Dutch Intelligence Authorities decided to track me down, it was still possible.
If they could be able to link me up with Robin, it would be a matter of time but like i have always known, cases of crimes between two foreigners, especially African immigrants, hardly got that kind of attention unless there was a plan to bomb their facilities.

Another thing that made the Europeans not to care much about black Africans were simply because we were never interested in Destroying things.
Unlike the Arabs which never adopted the Western Styled Christianity, the majority of Black Africans were indoctrinated with the idea that ‘God will Judge’.
A politician stole our money and we left him for God to Judge.
A Pastor stole Church Money, who were we to Judge him? We must allow God to do that on the judgement day.
That was how Africa was mentally under-developed.

In Arabic Countries, such things would lead to your death. They learnt it from the West themselves.
Yes, it was the west that started all that but as they grew, they changed some rules.
Some Offences that attracted death were changed to life in Prison. The west changed their laws as they became richer and more civilized.
That was good, especially good for them.

Where we had problems was that the West wanted us to grow at the same pace with them. They have been using a certain rule for years until they got to a stage where the rule was no longer necessary, then they changed and demanded that everybody changed at the same time. That was the problem.
Some nations still needed to use the old rules until things get stabilized.

The Arabs, being closer to the West than We black Africans, decided that they should have their own rules. As a result, the west tagged them terrorists and did the same thing they have always done; force Africa to accept that the Arabs were terrorists.

The natural law of life was that nobody wanted to destroy things or die. Something always led to it.

But like a badly configured computer, We Africans sat here and danced to the tunes of the Colonial Masters.
One thing we failed to understand collectively was that if the Iran had colonized us, we must have been leaning towards their belief system.

The Arabs were fighting to protect their cultures. They were definitely going to change when necessary but what they never wanted was someone to dictate to them when to change.
Because you had Night Clubs, legalized Abortions, drink beers etc never meant they were the right things for other nations.

America was being run by Corporate Bodies who were desperate to sell their products world wide; therefore the government were used to instigated riots, wars, internal divisions among lesser nations.
The only Country that could have been stopping their aggression was the Soviet Union, but they dismantled them with tricks and as usual told the
Smaller countries that their Mother Russia was a bad woman.
UKraine, Georgia, Belarus (which meant White Russia), Latvia etc, all became Russia’s Enemy. While United States which happened to be far across the Atlantic became their good neighbours.
Why must they force their products and policies on everybody?

Of course there were some good ones too. They always came with both good and bad but they mixed them up in a way that you can never separate them.
Take forinstance Education and Church. They came together. While they told you that 3 plus 2 was 5, they also told you about their belief system which you must learn too.
Their Religion became part of our education brochure.

They had weapons because they got industrialized first. We couldn’t fight them because they had dangerous machines that were designed to kill us.

While Africans submitted to their Superior powers, the Arabs refused. The Arabs decided to fight to the end. They came up with a Plan to kill them and kill themselves in some occasions.
Then the media propaganda from the west made us believe the Arabs were bad.

Che Guevara once said that a terrorist was another man’s freedom fighter.

The west had a long term agenda. They gradually killed all our heroes who chased them out of their lands. Saddam Hussein, Ghadaffi ETC. The targets of their corporations had always been the resources in your lands.
They won’t go to war with Zimbabwe or Cuba, they could only shout from outside.

Peace can never be achieved by using force.
Our brothers in the North must understand that the Igbos and Yoruba were never their enemies. The same goes to the Yorubas and Igbos. The North was never our enemies. We coexisted and traded before the Western Invasion. The weapons they left behind was the tool of division and war against each other.

But we must not continue to sit back and blame the West. Our Destinies could be controlled by us if we can come back to the ground and find something that can work for us.
The Likes of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Emperor Haile Sellasie – Jah Ras Tafari and Peter Tosh saw all this oppression and sang about it. They were all murdered with physical or biological Weapons. But we can’t stop telling the truth because of of fear of death.
I have seen the World and see no reason to fear death. I only want you and you to know that i will never be your enemy. I will never chose a Russian as brother ahead of my close neighbour.

“Until the philosophy that hold one group of people superior over another is discredited and abandoned.

Until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all of us without regard to Race. Until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation.

And finally, until the unhappy regimes that hold our continent down and see us as sub humans are totally destroyed, there will always be war”

Those were the words of Ras Tafari to the United Nations Assembly in October 1963.

You must never accept the fallen crumbs from anybody. Never!

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  2. Quite on point but my African brothers can never reason this deep. Anybody who doubts what’s written here should go and read ‘The confessions of an economic hitman’. It will undoubtedly remove a few scales from your eyes.

  3. Insightful.

  4. He that has hear let him hear what the spirit is saying

  5. Zubby you just hit the nail on the head. Just like its is written in mandela autibiography. That the zulus,xhosa and other tribe in south africa are one and their collective enemy is the white that is controlling their resources. We nigerians should see it that, we are not the enemy of ourself but there is someone somewhere making a living out our chaos and divide we fall but united we stands.

  6. Herbalist you now mean Akaka Nijama 1 of Ihe is a SPIRIT…God is watching ur tongue.lol

  7. wooow!!!!!! The run has been so fantastic, full of twist and turns.

  8. Peace unto my continent African but who will remove those scales on our eyes?
    ozoigbondu thanks for the insightful contribution.

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