136: The end of Captives – What name do you call Me?

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We stopped in Brussels.
From where Kobis stopped us, we took a taxi to Antwerp where we rented a hotel room.

“Wait here, i want to go and get a sim card” I said to Queen.
She was tired but insisted that she go with me.

We walked down to a store and bought a new phone and a sim card.
It was already dark and i needed to know what was happening with Tina and Kate. I was sure they must have been trying to reach me.
It was unfortunate that things turned out the way it did. It wasn’t my fault and the same questions of ‘IF’ also applied to them.
I needed to secure myself first before i could be able to help them because if anything happened to me, i won’t be able to do anything for them from the graveyard.

We bought some burger and milk in a nearby Mcdonald restaurant and returned to our hotel.
All my phones were dismembered to make it impossible for anybody or any machine to be able to track it.

I picked up my French sim card and put it inside Queen’s phone, then i copied out the phone numbers i needed to call.

I called Okey in Nigeria first. He said he cleared the money and paid it into the designated account number.

I called Tina, her phone was off and so was Kate.
I called their woman leader, she said they were already in Calais France and would cross to the UK that night. I wished them good luck and cut the call.

I called Nigeria to find out the situation with the kidnapped guy; they said the kidnappers had called and demanded for 5 Million Naira. They were still negotiating but the bad news was that someone, in his bid to do the right thing, had reported the case to the Police station. The Police had managed to arrest someone whom they believed was the informant who told the Kidnappers that it was my brother who owned the new building project.
Things were complicated down there already.
I called his wife and asked why she haven’t called to tell me that my elder brother was kidnapped. The useless woman had no good answer; only to tell me that there was no need.

I called Johnson but his phone was off.
I called Robin who asked where i was and i told him.

He said he had sold the drugs and asked that i tell him where to send the money.

“Keep it, i will demand for it when i get to Lagos” I had told him.

I wanted to call Madam Model’s husband and Frank but their phone numbers were in the phone i dropped in my apartment in Almere.
I would have gotten their phone numbers if i wanted to but that would require making series of calls to Paris which i wasn’t going to do.

We ate our foods, took our bath and lay on the bed stroking our noses foolishly.
I struggled to be relaxed, just to make Queen believe that everything was alright. It was amazing at how i tried to please the poor girl in the midst of every mental crackdown i was going through.

“You are no longer panicking” Queen had said.

“What, was i panicking?” I asked.

“Yes, you were scared of something and i was afraid to ask you” She said and smiled.

“Sorry about that, things like that happen. That is what makes me human. If i was a stone, you would not have noticed” I said in an attempt to teach her basic philosophy.

“But can you now tell me why we didn’t travel out through Amsterdam?” She asked.

“We are using Air France. They recently bought new Boeing Aircrafts” I lied.

As we lay on the bed and tried to play Romeo and Juliet, my mind returned to the immediate past realities. There was no more worries for financial cover, i already have that area taken care of. As it stood, i was with a little over 7500 Euros which was enough to fly both of us to any part of the World.

We were still awake when Robin called. “Did you hear what happened in Amsterdam today?”.

“Amsterdam is a big city, how can i hear everything that happened there today?”

“When i say Amsterdam, you should know i meant Bijlmer” He complained.

I asked what happened but before i did, i had a feeling that whatever it was, was related to what happened in the secret apartment that evening.

“There is a riot going on in Gein now. Somebody just called me from African Kitchen and asked that i remain iside the house” He said enthusiastically.

“What happened?”

“They said Police killed two Suriname boys in their apartment” He said.

“Why did the police do that?” i asked.

He said he heard that the boys raped too Nigerian women and that when the Police came, they brought out guns; then the Police shot them.
He narrated the short story as if he was there when it happened.

“That’s bad, but that Suriname boys are very dangerous. I want to sleep now, i will call you in the morning to know how it ended. Just don’t go near that place until you send me my money” I joked. We laughed.

I dropped the phone on the table near the head of the bed and pondered over what Robin just said.

We had seen a corpse being taken into an ambulance but i had hoped that the person was still alive and was going to receive some medical attention in the Ambulance bus. But the way it stood, he was dead and so was another person.
I still didn’t know who and who that died but i would bet that Joel was one of them. He was the person with a loaded gun and if anybody would attack The cops, he would be the one to do that.
I didn’t know whether to pity him or not, he was a killer and the Wise good old Bible told us somewhere that he who killed by gun will die by gun.
In a physical context, it was true because he who killed by gun was most likely to die by gun.
I just hoped that the Nigerians involved were safe because i would feel guilty if something bad happened to them.

I didn’t know how coordinated they were because they needed to tell the same story to the Police if they wished to be freed immediately.
They were supposed to narrate what led to them being kidnapped and how they were kidnapped.

Of course my name was going to pop up somewhere in their stories but what was really my name?


Which ever name they knew me for from the list above, they were right.

But if they were able to pick out the first Alphabet of each of the above names, they would have been easily presented with the real name of Zuby, the Master Runner.

But i chose Z for Zuby, the last alphabet.

– Zuby. September 2014.

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