135: The Captives – Who was killed.

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“Lets check out what’s going on” Kobis said.

“If you stop this car, you won’t get a dime from me. Utrcecht now” I shouted.

He casted one hate look at me and drove straight under the Gein Metro and continued his Journey to Utrcecht.

“I think i saw the Paramedics carrying a dead body into an Ambulance” Queen said from behind us.

“I saw it too and i don’t like to see dead bodies. That’s why i told the driver to move” I said.

What has happened?

Surely somebody was shot but i didn’t know who it was. I wasn’t interested in looking at that direction when we drove past. Not that i really hated to see dead bodies but someone could recognize me; Aunty Franca, Madam Model, Joel or his team mates, any of them could have recognized my face and i would blame myself for the rest of my life in Prison for coming back there to check out what was going on. It was a very silly move on my side, i could have seen the news on the internet someday but i chose to go and see whether the Police really went for what i told them or not. I wanted to make sure they did because sometimes in the past, police got such tip offs but they turned out to be fakes.
The bad guys had in the past, called the cops just to send them on a goose chase.
Sometimes, they did that to divert the presence of cops away from where they wanted to operate.
I was sure that from my intonation, the female cop who answered my call must have known that i was a black person. The first hint was that i used English rather than Dutch.
But since i told her that i was involved in the hostage situation, she must have known that i was serious. Another good news was that i gave out an apartment number.
I had checked the number out earlier in the day when i was leaving the place. I knew i wasn’t going back in there and i knew that things could got to a situation where i would have to call the cops as well.
I wasn’t going to allow Joel and those guys with him to kill any Nigerian.
I did what i did because i wanted to use them to leave the place first. If i had had the power to take them with me, i would have done that but Joel and his friends knew that i had made calls for ransom to Paris before we found money by searching the captives. If i had demanded that we let them go, they would have thought that i wanted to go and collect the money all by myself.
Therefore i needed to exit the place first while they hold the other three. It was true that they were my Nigerian people too but the situation we found ourselves was initiated by them.
Secondly it was not a situation where i needed to show love.
The first thing on my to-do-list was Safety.
I never really believed in the love situation where i needed to show love.

There was this silly questions i used to hear when i was a kid. The questions were about ‘If’.
One of them was “If you and your wife were in a boat and the boat capsized. And there was only one chance for safety, would you take it or leave it for your wife?’. A lot of people would then say that they would give the chance to their wives. Some said they would give the chance to their girlfriends.  But for me, the Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, i had always maintained that i would take the chance and allow my wife to drown. I would also advice my wife to take the chance if she was in that position.
We were all going to die someday and every person on earth came here for a purpose.
I always knew that humans can change destinies but people would not agree.
If i take that safety chance, i changed my wife’s destiny but if i didn’t, i also changed her destiny.
Life was pretty much that way but the first step anybody could ever take to find peace and freedom was to discover who you were.

Never allow people to determine how you live. Never allow money to determine how you live. Never never never and when you never did, you will have that inner peace no matter how much money you had.
Never look at how someone else lived.
Never look at how much anybody has, all those things were nothing. They were all vanity and would be left behind. You yourself would be left behind here on earth. Your bones would be turned into a different thing in time.
Names you left behind would be nothing in time. What mattered to you was the peace you attained while living.

The humans has made their World so hard that even the animals has more peace than we do.
You kill a Dog and think you have power, how can you not know that all you did was to release the dog first, you must go to wherever you sent it later on.
And you will begin to grasp all this when you look back at how long humanity had come along.
Then also consider how far ahead the human existence could still go.
In contrast, the average 100 years we lived at the moment meant nothing to time itself.
Time never stopped. It never stops. It goes on. It has been our killer, our doom and our reminder, that we are here on a borrowed time.

And when all this sink into your skull, you will begin to see that no matter how hard you struggled here on earth, whatever you achieved would amount to vanity; so therefore, while trying to make a living, try to live at the same time. We never really know when anything will happen to us.

“How much will it take you to drive us to Brussels” I asked Kobis.

“200 Euros” He said.

“Take us to Brussels” I said.

We drove for an hour in silence.
I was tired.
I was worn out.
I was worried.
It seemed someone has died in the secret apartment.

Who was that?

Madam Model?
Aunty Franca?
Joel or his friend?
Any of the two guys who were smoking there the day we arrived?
A police officer?

Yes, those bastard could have shot a Police officer. They never feared or respected anything.

Was i to be counted as a killer if it was one of the captives that died.
That was not what i came to do in Europe, that was not the dream i had when i newly came to Europe.
It was all a mistake along the line.

But whatever it was, i was kept alive to tell you about it today.

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  1. chidex chicent

    Touching!!! My guess is one of joel’s guys was shot but he didnt didn’t die. Still hoping

  2. It’s a tragedy someone was killed ..Please remember 2 people paid for you to be killed, one sold you out and at least 2 were meant to be the hitmen. I hope the deceased wasn’t a policeman policewoman or an innocent bystander.. a tragedy all the same

  3. Yes! you were kept alive to tell this story.
    Good that Kobis didn’t misbehave.

  4. So so touching

  5. How many brothers fell victim to the street? rest in peace you all nigger”there is a heaven for a “G” it will be a lie if I tell you that I never thougt of death! LIFE GOES ON” tupac.

  6. You are indeed a fine runner. Man needs not loose self and gain the world. Zuby, what is your believe in the relativity of time? Is it relative indeed?

  7. So touching. Will hustle day and night and still we had no peace. Time is truly a reminder that there is a day when will shall depart this world. Peace of mind is very important. Thanks boss

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  10. Deep post. Life Always Goes On

  11. Time never stops

  12. Boss Zuby. You are not just a good writer. You are a great philosopher. The way you touched my life this morning brought tears to my eyes. Life is really nothing when you think about it.
    Thank you for all this.

  13. I wish I can just pay for people to be reading this.

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