132 : Uzoma

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I returned home before 6pm, a certain beautiful lady was supposed to deliver wheat and soup to me before 7pm. I waited in anticipation of seeing Uzoma or her younger sister. Not that i would do anything but it was important they know my place. That would make it possible for any of them to sneak in anytime they weren’t at the shop.

At about 6:25, a knock came a the door. It was Uzoma.

” How are you” i said as soon as i opened the door.

” This is brother Okey’s place” she said while entering the house.

What! Noooo.

” You know Okey” i asked while pointing at the top of the medium sized fridge where i wanted her to keep the food.

” okey is my friend but not that type of friend oo” she said and laughed.

” uzoma what kind of friends are you people” i asked as a knock came on the door.
Okey had returned, i guessed. I was right.

” Uzoma what are you doing here” Okey asked as soon as he entered the house.

I decided to keep quiet and let them sort themselves out.

” i brought food for your friend abi na your brother” she answered.

Okey went to the food and opened it up.
” go and bring for me Abeg, i am hungry” he said.

I sat there and listened to those two people. Okey had hijacked my job and since i didn’t know what their relationship was, i had decided to watch them first.

Uzoma left. I went to the kitchen and washed my hands, then i returned and started swallowing wheat as if i was dying of hunger.

” Guy how far, you wan tidy this one abi” okey said.

I shook my head in negativity and continued what i was eating.

” oh boy, these people can cook vegetable soup, look at the snails and kpomo inside” i said.

” which vegetable soup, i dey talk about important thing, you dey talk about soup” okey said.
I laughed.

” Mr Man, you have destroyed my job and you stand there dey talk, what else do you think i wanted to do with her?” i said as Okey laughed in swahili.

Uzoma returned later with another set of food. I paid for the two, but before i paid, i asked her if she had a boyfriend. She denied. Okey was there.

” so you no get boyfriend abi” Okey asked.

The situation was getting complicated, therefore i asked the girl to wait and take her plates. She said she would return to carry them.

” Make sure you return with your sister, you can’t carry the whole plates alone” i had joked. She laughed and left.

” Guy, make we organise ourselves first. You go chose one if you dey interested” i said.

” chose one, i don tidy Uzoma several times” he said.

Hahahahaha, great.

Then it was obvious that her younger sister was mine. No argument there.

When Uzoma returned for their plates, she came alone. I didn’t talk to her, she was a lost job already. I had already decided that i would return to their shop the following day and stamp my intention on the younger sister. What i didn’t know was that Uzoma had other plans. Yea, she had other plans, very delicate plans.
When My phone rang late in the night, it was an unregistered number. I hesitated before i answered it.
”hello” i said and kept quiet.

”its me Uzoma” the voice said.
I didn’t bother asking how she got my number, i had left it with their mother at the restaurant.
I asked how she was. She said she was fine and asked if i would be around tomorrow afternoon.
” yes, i will be around” she said she would come and hung up.
I wanted to call back but the phone was already switched off. I figured it was done deliberately.
Uzoma wanted to play the cat and rat game with me. The only problem was that Okey claimed to have fvckked her. That wasn’t a problem for me, however the problem was that if Okey was still into her, it would be disrespectful on him if i fvcked her too. I decided that i would settle the matter the following day.

As soon as i heard okey preparing for Market, i got up and went to him.

” The girl called me last night and said she would come here this afternoon” i said.

”ha, if she come, tidy am Naa, wetin concern me. She knows my girlfriend because we usually go to eat at their restaurant together but yet she allowed me to fvck her. You can do whatever you like. I don’t care” he said. He even adviced me to use condom.

Game on.

Uzoma came a little past 11am. She wore a short red skirt that showed some parts of her smooth thighs.
As soon as she sat down, i sat beside Her and started rubbing her thighs. I told her that the thighs were so attractive and that someone could even release sperm on his cloth by just rubbing the thighs. I had decided to talk dirty from the beginning. She had called and booked the appointment by her self and there was only one thing she had in mind.

As my mind wondered all over her body, my hands had removed her blouse and my mouth was already on one of the tips of her bosoms. Her bosoms was so rigid and suckable that i lost myself into it for several minutes. While my mouth was on her, my hand had pulled up the skirt and a finger had found its way into her soft cunnt through the side of her underpants. As she moaned, i hit her clits with the finger and squeezed her bosoms with my mouth. It was sensational.
I had almost forgotten my game while messing around with dangerous area boys back in Surulere.
Uzoma had just brought me back to life. It was like a therapy.

” fvckk me now” i heard her moaned from a clenched set of teeth.

I slowly laid her on the floor and pulled down my cloths. I pulled out her underpants and threw it behind me. I had already left a condom very close, therefore i pulled it from under the sofa and tore it with my teeth. I wore it slowly and mounted her in a missionary style. I pumped in and out of her for several minutes. Despite Okey’s claim that he had fvcked her several times, the cunnt was still tight.

” I love you baby” she said over and over again.

Amateur! Love who.

After two rounds of hot sex, we cleaned up and wore our clothes. The younger sister was still on my mind.

” Hope in reality is the worst of all
evils because it prolongs the torments

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