130: The Captives – Run or Die.

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“Excuse sir. I forgot my ticket at home and they are asking me for money” I Said as i rushed to the Police” I have told them that i have ticket. I have never beaten the train. This is not fair” I continued.

One of the Police men explained to me that they didn’t accept excuses such as ‘I left my ticket at home”.

One of them produced a cuff and slammed it on my hands.
I looked at Joel’s friend and smiled as the cops led me and the other offender down the stairs to the road.

They led us to their mini bus and asked us to seat there, then they asked for my pass.

“I left it at home too” I said.

They asked the other offender for her pass and she produced it.
They wrote down her names and gave her a ticket, then they told her to go.

“We go to the station now” One of the cops said as he slammed the bus door.
Little did they know that the safest place for me at that moment was the Police Station.

“But sir, i have ticket. I came from Paris last week and i left the ticket in the house, let us go to the house and get it please.

Of course being a master of the European transport regulations, i knew they never go to people’s houses to check for such things. I was only being ignorant so that they would have even more reasons to take me to the Police Station.

“When we get to the Station, you go and get it” He said to me.

“Why are you not with Pass?” He asked me.
He was the only one with me at the back of the bus; the other two were in front.

“What should i be doing outside with my pass, i only go out with my passport” I said.

“What, do you have your passport here?” He asked.

We were already turning right towards the entrance of the Police Station.

“Yes, i have my passport with me” I said.

He stretched his hand for me to show him.

I brought out my International Passport and handed it to him.

He looked at the data page and saw that it was still valid. Then he looked at the resident permit card and saw that it was also valid.

I waited for him to ask the kind of pass i thought he asked me earlier. I was already thinking of the kind of pass i was going to tell him but he didn’t ask.
I had hoped to tell him that i thought he meant a different pass since i didn’t speak Dutch. It was meant to be one of those ‘I am a fool’ pranks that had saved me in numerous occasions.

As soon as we got down to the station, he walked to the front and showed his colleagues the documents.
The team leader came down and asked me some questions about why i didn’t give them 40 Euros at the station.
I told him that since i had a ticket at home, i wasn’t supposed to pay.

‘Keep being the fool boy’

They laughed at me and brought out a ticket.

“Now because you have come to our station, you will pay 55 Euros” He said.

No argument.
I would have gladly agreed to pay 1000 Euros provided that gun wielding monster didn’t get his hands on me.

I looked at the police man and frowned my face as if i was the most disappointed human being in Amsterdam at that particular point in time.

“Can you call those people back so i can give them 40 Euros?” I asked.

“No, we cannot”.

I fumbled inside my pocket and brought out my wallet, counted 60 Euros and gave one of them. He wrote a receipt and handed it to me together with my documents, then i walked out to the road and looked left and right. There was no sign of the black Volkswagen car that brought Joel’s friend to the Metro Station.
They must have been scared out of their bodies when the cops showed up. I had a feeling he came with a gun.

As soon as i flagged a Snoda down and entered, i switched on my phone.
It took just a minutes for the calls to start flooding in.

First it was Queen. She was crying. She said she thought i had abandoned her in the apartment. She also confirmed that Tina and Kate left the apartment with their bags and wouldn’t tell her where they were going.

“I am on my way back home now. My phone battery died. I will be with you before thirty Minutes” I told her.

Another call was already on the phone while i talked with Queen; it was Kate calling.
She said they were with the woman and would leave Amsterdam in the evening.
Since i didn’t want to go and see them, i wished them goodluck.

I called Joel.

“What is the problem, why was your friend chasing me?”

He said there was no sim cards in the bag where i put the phones that belonged to the two ladies.

“And so what, is that why your friend ran after me as if i was a criminal? Did he tell you that Police arrested me?” i fired.

“Yes, are you still with the Police”.

“No, I am going to Amsterdamspoort to buy something. Don’t send anybody after me again” I said and cut the call.

He called back.

“This man here said you won’t come back” He said.

“Is that why you sent your friend after me. What happens if i don’t come back, is it not money that you want?” I asked.

“My friend, don’t negotiate with those people and take the money alone. I will shoot you if you do that” he said.

“Really? You will shoot me if i do that?” I shouted.

“Yes, i will kill you if you don’t bring our own share of the money here” He said.

He forgot i knew where he was and that he was holding people hostage.

What it would take to burst his ass was just to tip off the Police. I was tempted to do that right away but for some reasons, i decided to hold back first. I needed to see if i could receive any money from Frank in France and Madam Models husband too.

I was sure Madam Model’s husband must have been waiting for my call but whatever i was going to do must wait until i get to my apartment.

I was going to operate from there since i had numerous sim cards and cheap phones in the house.

As for Joel and his team, they should forget about getting any more money since they wanted to play fast game with the game master.

Since i was now about to match on the tails of the Suriname hired guns, it was really time to round up and run away from Amsterdam.

It was simply run or die.

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