13: The meeting

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Chapter 13. The meeting.

I went to Paris and met with Nonso again. We met at the usual place in Mercadet.
”Nonso Ukeh, it is a pity that you don’t know what i am capable of doing. I don’t want to come after you because i already know that you will start running soon. I am going to give you €1000 now. The next money you will get is after i have gone for the interview. I am not a bad person, it is some of you that start these things and when i help finish them up, people will begin to say that i am wicked” i said as i handed him €1000.

I was about to have a serious war with Aunty Franca, therefore i didn’t want distractions. I was going to start going after Franca, Efosa, Luke and the new guy they brought to my house.

When i left, i called Ernest, the man who found the apartment for me. He was a hungry guy like most of the Edo guys. Most of them didn’t work or deal on drugs. Their major line of work was scamming. They had three major ways of scamming others. Number one was the good old internet advanced fee fraud; popularly know as 419. In the case of 419, an average knowledge of computer was required. It wasn’t easy for most of them because they didn’t know anything about Computer Technology. The ambitious ones would type mistake-ridden letters and find someone to edit it for them.
The second was deceiving their women by promising to marry them; that way, they sent the women back to the streets to sleep with men for money and when the girls returned, they would take the money from them.
The third of course was the resident permit scam; this was the method where they collaborated with their fellow Edo men in other Countries. For instance if there was an Edo man in Berlin, he would be in contact with the Edo man in France. The one in Berlin would be asking for Igbo men who wanted residence permits from France. The Edo man in Berlin would tell them that the price wasn’t much and that the whole process would take just a month. The Igbo man who wasn’t interested in going to France would then give money for the papers. As soon as the money traveled to France, the two scammers would share it. The one in Berlin would then start to tell stories about how the one in France was either arrested or deported.
Yoruba men were also into the resident permit scam while the Igbo men concentrated on drugs and manual jobs such as loading goods for people who came from Africa to do business.

Ernest was part of the resident permit scamming ring but it seemed that there wasn’t much luck for him during the time i approached him.
”There is something i want you to do Ernest, it will fetch you some money” i said.
He asked for what it was and i told him that i liked Aunty Franca and that i wanted him to introduce me to her.
”Hey man, that woman is older than you. He even have a baby. Why don’t you look for a younger girl, they are many of them here in Paris. I can even get one for you if you want. Just forget about Franca” he said.
When he finished advising me, i said, ”I like Franca, she is my type of woman; matured and wise” i said.
Ernest, knowing that there was no need to continue discouraging me, said that there was a birthday party where Aunty Franca would attend the next day. He asked me to be there too in my best cloths since Franca liked men who dressed well.
”No, i want a private meeting with her. I need a quiet place where i can tell her how much i liked her” i said.
Ernest shook his head and said, i will see what i can do.

I left Ernest and walked down to the Orange shopping mall in Barbes. I went into the mall and bought a small MP3 music player, then i entered a nearby Cybercafe and opened the Microsoft word editor.
A quick Google search gave me the image of the French Police logo and letterhead.
I copied the Police Logo and letterhead to the Microsoft word editor, then below the Logo and letterhead, i started typing a letter.

”Cette lettre signife une M. Solomon …. Signale une Mme Franca Evware a la Division de la Police Evry Essonne.  Monsieur. Solomon est tenu de remettre cette lettre a tout officier de Police a proximite partout ou il apercu Franca Evware, un Efosa et Luc”

After typing the above words in English, i used Google translator to change them to French.
I printed the letter and the took it home.

When i got home, i transfered the recorded phone conversation i had with Efosa through USB cable to laptop, then i copied the conversation into the MP3 music player. I connected an earphone to the MP3 and played the conversation, it was clear enough.

Franca Evware was about 37 Years young. According to Naomi, she had come to Europe in 1997. She had lived and worked in Napoli before relocating to Paris after being released by her own Madam who brought her to Europe. A month after she arrived in France, she had hooked up with an Edo man who had promised to marry her. They had a baby together before the man found a younger woman. Aunty Franca lived alone in a two bedroom apartment somewhere in Port de Clichy in Paris.

A day after i told Ernest that i wanted to meet with Aunty Franca, he met her at a birthday party. I had warned Ernest not to reveal who i was to her.
Ernest had told Franca that an Igbo guy who had seen her in two different places wanted to meet with her.
Franca had agreed to the meeting out of Curiosity. According to Ernest, the venue was going to be her house. She was definitely going to impress the new admirer with some special food.

”Good job” i said to Ernest on the phone. He warned me to be careful with Franca.
”I don’t know what you saw in her but you must be careful. Men run away from her” Ernest had said.
I thanked him and went to the ladies room where my two unofficial wives were playing cards.

”I need my hugs from my girls before i retire to my room” i said to them.
Naomi frowned while Lisa smiled. They both got up and hugged me before i left for my room.

”Let all bitterness, wrath, anger and evil speaking be put away from you”.

This Chapter is dedicated to achovirux, one of my major fans. Today is his birthday.

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