13: The Game Of Wits

Chapter 13.

Inside a nicely designed room, I watched as Bastian removed his clothes and climbed into his swimming trunk.

When he was done, he removed my own clothes gently and kissed my back while at it.

When it was just my Bra and Tight pant remaining on my body, he carried me to the pool and set me down at the extreme end where he had told me was not deep.

I stood inside the pool and slowly tested the surrounding areas.
I wanted to make sure that i won’t mistakenly slip into a deeper place.

The area where i stood was waist deep.

Bastian had jumped into the pool and started splashing water everywhere.

“Come on, take the tube” He said.

I stretched my hand and grabbed one of the three tubes floating on top of the water, put my head through it until it settled under my arm-pits, then i floated and drifted towards him.

It wasn’t difficult to find out that the area i had drifted to was deep.
My legs couldnt reach the ground and i wondered what would happen to me if the tube suddenly leaked.

Bastian pushed me around the deep part of the pool while playing with me at the same time.

We swam and talked until he dragged the tube to a corner where my leg touched the ground.

I removed the tube and climbed to one of the long chairs.
He came out of the water too and walked to the small room where he had asked me to change my clothes.

From there, he emerged with a pack of Condom and threw it at me.

I smiled and picked one out, tore it and waved my hand for him to remove his swimming pants.

His manhood had bulged and it was easy to play with it.

The white meat got stronger and bigger as i sucked on it slowly.

He stood opposite me and moaned while holding my hair.

“That’s good baby” He said continuously as i put my mouth deeper unto his manhood and licked the tip on my way out.

When i was done, i put the condom on the manhood and stood up to remove my tight.

Less than a minute later, i exposed my newly shaved cunt and smiled at Bastian.

From then on, i was all his.

He grabbed me, turned me and made me hold the chair while my cunt opened up from the back.

I almost shouted as the big round manhood entered into me through the back door.

Slowly, Bastian increased the pumping tempo as i moaned.

After different sex styles, Bastian busted his creamy liquid inside the rubber and collapsed on the chair.

I pulled out the condom and threw it into a small waste basket beside the pool.

There was a shower rail hanging overhead near the room i was initially told to change my clothes.

I walked there naked while intentionally shaking my buttocks to the delight of the man on the chair.

At the shower rail, i mixed the water and took a bath.

When i was done, i returned and told Bastian it was time to wear my clothes.

I knew where the clothes were kept inside the house and i knew the door was open but i wanted him to go with me.
I didn’t want to enter the house alone.
I could be tempted to search for money like i did back in Milan.

Ever since I succeeded in stealing money that belonged to Ano, the spirit of searching pockets had been born into me.
I hadn’t yet searched any man’s pockets but my mind always went there whenever i saw a man’s cloth hanging anywhere.
It was even a miracle that i didn’t do that when i was with Max down in Napoli. Perhaps it was because i still had some big money with me.

Bastian followed me to the room where i put on my short skirt without the underpant.

I had washed the pants and Bra and spread them on the electric heater panel to dry faster.

Bastian also wore boxers and singlet.

We sat on the pool chair and drank more of our champagne while we talked and exchanged phone numbers.

During the night before, i had come up with a plan on how to start my own Sex Industry.
I had thought hard and figured out that it would be beneficial to give out my phone number to Uncle’s customers.
I would then encourage them to call me privately without having to go through uncle.
That way, the entire money would be mine instead of getting some percentage from Uncle.

It all sounded like betrayal at first but it was my body and life that was on the line.

The game of sex was also like the game of drugs.
A few good customers were better than many small ones.
It reduced risk of being caught at the same time.

I would prefer two men fvking me every week and giving me 200 Euros than 20 men fvcking me and giving me 400 Euros.

Irrespective of the fact that money was the primary objective, we also remembered that we were women who would get married someday to a man who would never know what we did with our bodies.

I gave Bastian my phone number and asked him to call me whenever he wanted to play.

“You don’t have to go through Uncle all the time. Its dangerous coming to pick girls up there. I can come here on my own whenever you need me” I had said.

He saw the sense in what i said and nodded.
His own concern should be on the amount of money he paid, whether it was to Uncle or to me.

In the illegal business industry, betrayal was a legal factor.
It was left for the betrayer to play his or her game very well to avoid being caught because it was dangerous to be caught.
One could get killed for such thing.

After giving my phone number to the Austrian Brute, i smiled within myself.

In just a few days, i had managed to get two trusted customers.
Tino the Police man had even helped me out from Jacob and i also knew that he would pay me any moment he used me.

To perfect my game, i agreed to sleep with Bastian that night. However, i told him that i had to return to Uncle’s place first because he was likely going to ask for my whereabouts.

Bastian gave me money to take a cab on my way back.
He dropped me off at a bus station where i took the bus back to Uncle’s Place.

Uncle was there when i came back.
Since he didn’t ask me to pick any money from Bastian, i figured that he had taken the money and would settle me at the end of the day.

I waited for him to call me.

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