By March 2003, I had saved up a lot of money. I became afraid that something could happen to it, so I went to Berlin with my master Johnson to buy vehicles and ship to Nigeria.
I purchased 2 mercedes 190, A Honda civic, a V-boot Mercedes and one L-300 mitsubishi bus.

I removed the headlamps and other items that could be stolen. I put them inside the bus and loaded it up with some other articles such as engines and used TVs.
We drove them to a shipping yard that belonged to a man called Jude Owa, a man from somewhere in Delta state Nigeria.
We paid up for the shipment and went into the Berlin city center.

There was a Nigerian joint in Flughafen strasse. (strasse means street) a man from Onitsha was the owner of the joint, his name was Akunne.
It was located in the TempelHof Area of Berlin. There were many Nigerians drinking and eating when we came to eat. Somehow, news that an unknown Nigerian guy had come into Berlin and purchased 5 vehicles had reached the Akunne joint ahead of us. People were heard talking about the guy who purchased the vehicles.
Some said they knew him, some said he was their friend and that they had gone to night clubs with me.
Unknown to them, the guy who bought the vehicles was sitting right there with them eating semo and Egusi soup.
When we finished eating, Johnson, being a more reserved person said it was time to go back to Brandenburg.
A part of me wanted to stay back in Berlin and drink more and even buy drinks for the Nigerian guys there. The way some of them were begging for food told me that they were hungry and poor.
I told Johnson to go back alone. We were supposed to buy some weeds before going back. I told him I would buy them when returning in the evening.
When Johnson left, I bought a bottle of Jack Daniel whiskey which cost about 30 euros then and sat in one corner. I placed the whiskey in front of me and drank alone. About 20 Minutes later, Jude Owa, the owner of the shipping yard came there to eat.
As soon as he saw me, he walked straight to me and shook my hand. He said I was the first Nigerian who brought vehicles and paid for the shipment instantly.

We talked and he said the vehicles would be in Cotonou before three weeks.
People started picking interest and before I knew it, every Nigerian at the joint was shaking my hands. The hands that had purchased 5 vehicles at once. They were surprised, especially Akunne that a guy my age could pull such fit.

Some of them, got glasses and joined me to drink whiskey. We finished it up and I bought more. Some didn’t drink strong spirits, so they took beer. Some said they had not eaten since morning, so they took food. By the time I spent two hours at the joint, I had also spent over 400 euros. One of them had given me a name; Ozoigbondu.

* The name still rings bell in Berlin up till this moment. If you ever venture into berlin and go to joints such as the Akunne, the Ofotos, the Emmy Ojos etc, just ask of Ozoigbondu and they will give you food for free*

I became the toast of the joint. The ambitious ones wasted no time in asking me what I did for a living. Some wanted to know where I came from or where I lived. Some asked for my phone number etc.
it was a thursday, so I promised them that I would be in town again on saturday afternoon so that we would go to a night club.
I took my bag from Akunne and exited the joint through the back door.

I went to Tony, my supplier and bought a kilo of weeds and two kilos of Hashes and went back to Brandenburg.

I usually hid my goods inside the forest near the silokanal of Brandenburg. (silokanal was a man-made river behind our HEIM).
But that night, I had taken too much alcohol in Berlin. I wasn’t in a good state of mind to hide the goods that night.
I just divided the goods and gave Johnson his own, then I took my own to my room and hid it inside my sofa. I had used knife to cut open the sofa through its handrest and made a hole in it. I used to hide small goods, especially the ones I couldn’t sell for the day in it but that night, I had just bought large quantity. I put the drugs inside the hole in the sofa and left it there.
One other reason why I decided not to go to the bush while I was drunk was that I couldn’t be careful enough. If anybody saw me hiding the goods, the person would steal it. Some german weed heads usualy patrol along the Area in the night looking for drugs to steal.
There was another Yoruba guy Bola who had been posted to our HEIM in December. He was a thief and had followed some people into the bush in the night to know where they hid their goods. Then he would steal them when the owners left.
I couldn’t risk Bola following me into the bush that night, so I decided to hid them in my room.

Unfortunately for me, around 4am the following morning, the German Police invaded Brandenburg HEIM.
The drugs were discovered…

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