129: Price Of Freedom – Mysterious Coincidence

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Since the beginning of human life, people talked about people.
Sometimes we say positive things about people but most of the time, we sit back and condemn every single thing people did.

During the course of my life, i had discovered that the people we hated, or condemned were the people whose lifestyle didn’t conform with ours.

During our prayers, the people we condemned and wished evil, the people we asked God to punish were the people we perceived as our enemies.

Gossip against other people had never been higher that it was at that time. Technology gadgets which enhanced information passage, had been discovered and were spreading everywhere.

People no longer needed to visit their friends for gossip, they just called them on the phone. That was what Lilian had just done.
She had called Max to paint me black.
She was never going to say anything that would favour me. She was going to list every bad things in the book and tell Max that it was me who did them.

“I want to sleep, you can call me back in the morning and tell me” Max said.

My heartbeat had already increased dramatically. I didn’t know if Max would have told her what he just did or was it because i was there with him.
It had just become too difficult to trust anybody, including Max.

We were all guilty of such things but when it was you in the eyes of the negative news, then you would know that what goes around comes around.

“No no” I whispered, “Let her say what it was now” I said to Max.

I was sure Lilian had insisted that she say whatever it was that night.

Max sat on the bed and we both listened to her.

“Max do you know that Maria is a witch?” Lilian said.

I wanted to shout her down and make her know that i was listening to the phone conversation, but Max made a sign for me to remain quiet.

I had climbed out of bed and was sitting beside Max.

“How did you know she is a Witch?” that was Max.

“I know because she lived with us here. She talks in her dreams sometimes. That’s how we knew she was a Witch” Lilian said.

Max looked at me and continued asking some questions to Lilian.
“So, since you knew she was a witch, why did you bring her to my house?”.

Lilian kept quiet for a few seconds before she said, “Max I am sorry. I made a mistake by bringing her to you, if you give me another chance, i won’t do such thing again”.

“Do you understand that Maria is my girl now?” Max asked.

“I know Max. She betrayed me by dating you. It is the reason why i decided to warn you on time before it is too late” She said.

“Lily, what do you want me to do now?” Max asked.

“I want to return to you. I want you to tell that witch to go. Chase her away before she steal your money, she is a thief also” Lilian said.

My blood was boiling all through the phone call. I felt that i should have said something in the beginning. If i had interrupted them and made Lilian know that i was there, she would not have had the chance to say everything she had said about me. First, she said i was a witch and then, she backed that claim up by claiming that i talked in my dreams.

It was obvious that Lilian had seen me in many occasions while i was sleeping. I remembered that i had slept with her in different occasions. I must have talked in my dreams once or even many times. She must have known that i did something like that and she had packaged it carefully to use against me.

Secondly, she said i was a thief. At that stage of my life, it really looked as if i was a thief. I had suddenly come up with thousands of Euros which would have taken many years to make through prostitution.

Lilian and Madam Philo must have had some kind of conversation in which Lilian must have told Madam Philo that Max could not have paid such money for me or that Max didn’t even have that kind of Money.

Max was South African who, like many other South African Men, depended on women for their expenses.
Although they occasionally made some money but they usually threw party with such money.

Lilian really hit me hard, it would have been so effective if i had not been there.
If she had said something like that behind me, Max would not have even answered my call let alone allow me to come to his house.
But then, i had been freed by Madam Philo with the help of Max, so if he wanted, he could just go to hell for all i cared. My only worry was how to get my money from him.

“Lilian, please stop calling my number again” Max said and cut the call.

That settled it.
I had expected that Max would say nothing after the call, which would have made me to think that he might consider what Lilian said or even believed her.

“Baby dont mind her, she is just jealous” Max continued.

I didn’t know how to react at first.
Max had thrown me off balance by how he responded. His response seemed like a big blow for Lilian.

I felt a little satisfied but still, i felt i could have said something during the call, if only to make Lilian know that i was with Max.

Max wasn’t even my boyfriend. He came into the picture because i needed someone to represent my virtual boyfriend.
It was me who made the money that bought my freedom.
It was me who called Max and told him what i wanted him to do.
It was me who was going to start running and hiding for the Milan contingent.
Ano and his group were never going to be looking for Lilian or Max, they were after one person and that was me.

I was going to be looking behind my shoulder from then on. I was going to stay away from Milan. I was going to be playing hide and seek in Venice because there was a link to me in Venice.

Julia, my workmate knew that my asylum heim was in Venice.
She could be bought with just 100 Euros and she would tell them to go looking for me in Venice.

But one thing gave me strength.
It was that i was no longer going to stand at the dreaded Domitiana highway where every Italian racist idiot spit on us.

All that and other unforeseen troubles were the price.
They were the price i paid for my freedom.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

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