128: The Captives – Belated Search

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I nudged Chike. “How much did they give you to track me down for them?”

“Just small 2500 Euros. That small money is why i am tied here”

I detected helplessness in his voice. I wasn’t sure he was going to give me a straight answer but he did without thinking twice. I believed he knew he was helpless.

“2500 Euros, and you gave me 1000?” Joel stood up.

“Please sit down there” I said but he didn’t listen to me. He had flashed across the room and hit Chike on the face before i could stop him from landing the second blow.

“We will have problems if we start to behave this way. He gave you a contract and you agreed. Its not your business how much he collected for the contract” i said.
His friend nodded and agreed with me, he said something in a strange language which i couldn’t understand but Joel walked back to his seat.
His friend had returned some minutes back with the items he bought; Bread, biscuits, cola, sandwich and every other junk in the Supermarket.

For some reasons, i wasn’t hungry and needed no food.
The others except Chike were eating.

“OK, i could have been killed because of 2500 Euros. Did you ever ask Madam Model why she wanted me dead?” i asked.

He Kept quiet.

I stood up. “Unfortunately, nobody will hold me back if i want to hit you, so if i were you, i would simply answer the questions. Did you ask her what i did to make her want to kill me?”

“She said you took her girl in France”.

“Her girl, did she tell you it was her daughter?”

“No” he said.

“Did you ask her who the girl was?” I asked.


“After telling you about this evil women in Paris, i left you and went there only for you to turn back and give them access to my life. Would you have come for my burial if they killed me?” i asked.
I didn’t expect any answer from him, rather i was just reading out his offences. He was just a big time idiot, who just wanted money. And to think that he was only going to pocket 1500 made the whole thing worse.
If not that i was avoiding fight by all means, i would have dealt with him inside there. But somehow, i still remembered how we met. He had actually saved me from the Ghanaians and i thanked him properly for that. I even gave him money. But whatever he did for me was never enough to want to kill me without knowing what i did.

“Where is the money they gave you?” i asked.

He kept quiet. Of course it was never going to be easy telling me where the money was. That little money could be the only cash he had at that particular time. Amsterdam was already difficult to live in since the drug business was being closely monitored by all European governments.

“Joel, search him and see if the money is there” I said.

Joel walked to him and kicked him to turn around. He did.
Joel put his hand in the first back pocket and brought out his wallet, then he stretched it towards me to check by myself. It was the kind of thing i would have loved to do but knowing how European governments worked, i didn’t
Want my fingerprints on that wallet.

“Check it” I said to Joel.

He searched through it and brought out some money, then he counted them and declared it to be 1450 Euros.
I stretched my hand for him to hand it over to me and he did.

By simply handing the money over to me, he had ceded absolute power and control to me. It was good that he did that because if he had decided to keep the money for himself and his friends, i would not have objected.

“Search the ladies’ bags too” I said to him.

I watched as Madam Model shifted uneasily.
Apparently there was something that made her uneasy. It seemed that she had something in her bag.
I also watched Franca and saw her staring at me.

“Don’t touch my bag” Madam Model shouted.

“Hey you, Get me the tape” i said to Joel’s friend.
He picked the tape on the window where he was sitting and brought it to me.

“Say one more word again and you won’t be able to say more for a long time.

Joel had picked up the bag and was browsing through it.
Then he brought out a smaller hand purse and opened it.

“See” He said as he showed me some big Euro notes bundled together.

He brought them out and handed it to me.

“Keep Searching” I said as i unrolled the Currency notes and started counting them.

Madam Model had 6500 Euros bundled together inside her purse.
In a small pocket inside the hand bag, another 400 Euros was pulled out, making it almost 7000 Euros.

How come i didn’t do the search in the night when everyone except me was asleep? I could have just sneaked out of the apartment and disappeared down to Almere.

Joel was now searching Aunty Franca’s Bag. I was sure there would be some money in it too but not as much as what we just found in Madam Model’s.

After a thorough search of Franca’s bag, Joel came out with 910 Euros. That was still a large amount of money.

Combining all the money we just discovered, it totalled 9260 Euros.

I kept all of them on the table so that everyone could see it. I knew that the only thing that could cause trouble between me and the Suriname criminals was money.

“Joel, how much does this kind of apartment cost for a month?” I asked.

He said 600 Euros, even though i knew that it might not be up to such amount.

“Take 1200 Euros from the table, that will pay for another apartment for two months. You will abandon this place as soon as this operation is over” I said.

He walked to the table and took 1200 Euros, then he returned to his seat.

About 8000 was left on the table.

“How do you want us to share this money?” I asked Joel.
The other two guys who had been in the room since morning had suddenly emerged at the hearing of money and was standing too close to the cash.
I knew that they could grab it and demand that i leave the room. There was no impossibility when it comes to physical cash. As a result, i picked up the money and asked them to sit down.

“Joel how do we divide this money?” I repeated.

“Share it into three, take one and give us two” Joe said.


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