127: Being Mrs. Max

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I got to Napoli Central Station and called Max. He directed me on how to locate his place.
It was true that i had visited his apartment in the past but i didn’t really know Napoli very well.

Napoli was a pretty large City, one Of the biggest after Rome and Milan.

I eventually found his place but it took a taxi to locate the Place.

Max was alone when i came. He was in the kitchen cutting carrot and cabbage to make Salad.
I took over the food making from him while he stood at the kitchen door and asked me some questions.

“How did you make all that Money Maria?”

“I told you” I said.

“I know you told me about a British man that gave you the money but its difficult to believe. Its difficult for any one to give you that kind of money without following you down here to know what you wanted to do with it” He said.

“Max, Are you saying that i am a liar?” I said as I employed the Nigerian method of pushing back when in a difficult angle.

“That’s not what i mean” He said, “I just want to know that you didn’t deal on drugs. That’s the only thing that give such money in a small period of time”.

“I am not a drug dealer and i would never touch drugs. I told you the truth about the money. He is in Milan but i dont want to even go back to him. I dont like white men” i said.

From the way Max looked at me, i believed he didn’t believe what i was saying. But that was his own business.
I already formed a story for him and whether he liked it or not, he was going to take it.
I wasn’t going to tell him that i met a guy called Ano, who found a job for me, and later got into trouble, and that it was him who owned the cash.
If i ever told him something like that, he would believe that version of my story but he would also know that the same fate could befall him if he ever got into trouble.

After making the Salad, i took my portion with a separate plate and sat opposite the TV.

Max had to go to the kitchen to get his portion. He had managed to ask me many uncomfortable questions which i never expected.

Somehow, he still believed that i did drugs.
He knew such money couldnt have come from being a street prostitute.

As he sat beside me in the sitting room, he continued his enquiry.

“Why did your Aunty brought out that Banded key and nail to pray for you?” He asked.

This time, His question was better. It was going towards another direction. He had seen the banded charm and had heard the things Aunty Philo said when she brought it out.

“Max, that woman sponsored my travel to Europe. She feared that i could run away from her to another city or even another country. That was the reason why she held me down with that Charm” I said.

“Wow! Do you mean that you were held down from running away with that thing?”

I looked at him in the face. “Yes Max, but i am free now. I am free to have a boyfriend or husband. I am free to chose the kind of work i want to do rather than being a street girl. I have always wanted to go out of the street and find Something better to do with my life. I dont want to be a prostitute”.

He seemed to have believed me because he said that i did a very good thing by paying the woman off.

“I didn’t know you really meant it when you told me about it on the phone. I thought that you just wanted to see me again after all those while” He had said.

We continued our chat into the late evening.

There were three rooms in his large apartment. He had dropped my bag in his own bedroom.
I had asked for the bag when i wanted to change clothes, and he had told me that it was in his room.
The other two rooms were vacant.

I wondered why he didn’t just send the bag to one of them.
I figured he might want me to stay in his room with him. That would be a welcomed development because i would officially be his girlfriend.

Max was a gentleman. It was a pity that the fist time we met, it was for a sex party which consisted many other people.
I had sex with him and his friend that Same day and i believed that the action could come back to hunt me in future, especially now that i was about to live with him.
Men hardly married girls they used that way. One or two of his friends would constantly remind him that i was a prostitute and that was a kind of news nobody would love to hear.

After our food, we took a bath separately and relaxed back in the sitting room.
Max carried me on his legs and played with my breasts. I lay back on his chest and allowed him to do whatever he wanted with my body. He had done a good job by presenting himself as my boyfriend.
I knew tha i could have hired any man out there to do the job for me but such serious business required someone i knew.

The anger exhibited by Lilian had also helped my cause.
Atleast i knew that Madam Philo would ask her why she got angry during the settlement. She would tell her about how she was the one who introduced me to Max and how i had gone behind her to date Max.
That on its own, would make Aunty Philo to believe that Max was actually my real boyfriend.

I had won a big battle and had even sent some more money to Nigeria.

I still didn’t know what to do with the money.
My original plan was to build a small bungalow with it in my family land.
That way, my parents would have a house of their own instead of paying in another man’s house.

The problem was that i didn’t know if the money would be enough.
I had another over 200,000 Naira in the bank which when added to the new one, it would amount to 1.4 million or more.

The total cash would be able to finish up a three bedroom Bungalow.

As Max fumbled with my breasts, i thought about how i had managed to find myself where i was.
It was just that decision i took in Milan. If i hadn’t ran away with the cash, i would still be working at the McDonalds. I would also still be living in Ano’s apartment, until one day, when a letter would arrive in the mailbox and reveal that the house rent was due to be paid.
My eyes would have cleared very well by then.

Thank God for what i did.

If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

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