126: The Captives – Fear of Red Blood

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“I want to call my friend in Spain. She can send me money if she has” That was Franca.
She had just been released from the tape that covered her mouth after she indicated to us that she wanted to say something.

“Tell me her name and i will call her” I said.

She did and i dialed the number with her phone.
The voicemail reminded me that i had just one minute of airtime to make the call before it cuts me off.

“Listen, your friend is in trouble. I will call you with another number now because there is no airtime in this one” I said hastily and cut the call before she could be able to say anything.

She called back immediately.

“Good that you called. How well do you know Franca?” I asked.

She said she had known her for as long as she lived in Europe and that they both came to that part of the World the same day.

“What kind of trouble is she in and where?” she asked.

“I will give her the phone to talk to you now but you must have in mind this could be the last time you ever hear her voice. Secondly, i am not only switching this phone off, i will remove the battery and destroy the sim card. No one will ever be able to trace where she is unless you people do as i say. You can talk to her now” I said as i put the phone on Franca’s ear.
The phone was switched to speakout.

“Hello Rita” Franca said and kept quiet.

It was time for Rita to talk. “What is it the man is saying, are you in any trouble?”

Franca admitted she was in Amsterdam and confirmed that she was being held. “They said i must pay 10,000 before they let me go”.

“What did you go to do in Amsterdam?” Rita asked.

I pulled the phone from Franca’s left ear and responded “Good Question. She came here to kill me because i tried to help one teenage girl in Paris. I will be calling you, take care”.

After speaking with Rita, i asked Franca if there was any other person she felt could help her out of the situation, she mentioned Frank.
Frank was a guy in Paris. I didn’t know or cared what she meant to Franca but i decided to call him later on. People were already sleeping by that time of the night.

After the calls, i dismembered Franca’s phone and put the components inside a nylon bag.

“We are going to have a very long night, do you have more drinks in the house?” i asked Joel.
He nodded and went to the room where the teenage girl had been bunked.

Few seconds later, he came out with another bottle of White poison called Vodka.

It was amazing how Joel and his friend left the operation for me to handle. It was naturally the best thing for them to do because their direct involvement could hamper the entire process but i had feared that they would be difficult to handle.
They knew it was my game and they also knew that i knew the captives better than they did. All they cared about was to know how much money that would come out of the operation.
That also didn’t have to bother them because as long as i was concerned, it was them who were going to Receive the ransom money whenever and wherever it arrived. I was not going anywhere near western union.
I also had a feeling there was going to be a fall out between me and the Suriname team but right inside of me, i already decided that i was never going to allow money to come between me and them.
If they even decided to keep the entire money, i would let them do that. My major purpose of what i was doing was to get those people out of the way. They were going to continue searching for me all over the place and i knew that i could not hide forever. It was just a matter of spreading their net and waiting for some kind of news to come up.

As we drank, i talked to the Suriname team on the need to stop smoking weed until the operation was over.
First of all, i made them understand that i was also a smoker but since i needed to be extremely conscious of the surroundings, i decided not to smoke.
I was carefully trying to analyse the situation to them the way they would understand it because i didn’t know how they take such things. One of them could misunderstand me and get violent. In other words, i was also a captive of my own plans.
They didn’t allow me to handle a loaded gun and that alone told me that something was in the air.

Around 2am, Joel said he was going to catch a quick sleep. The first two people in the room when we newly arrived had gone into one room earlier and never returned. I guessed they went to sleep.
Joel’s friend was the only person who decided to hang in there with me.
Aunty Franca and Madam Model were on the floor with their eyes closed, i wondered if they were able to sleep in that condition.

Chike was awake and alert, and so was me. Since he decided there was not going to be sleep for him, then there would also be no sleep for me either. Among the three captives, he happened to be the only one i was scared of springing up a surprise.
I already knew he was a strong guy and i also knew that the curtain rope that tied his hands together were not the strongest of ropes. If he managed to break free of the rope while we were asleep, he could damage a lot of things before we knew what was happening; as a result, i decided that there won’t be any form of sleeping for me.

“Do you think you will go free after what you are doing?” That was Chike.
He had suddenly said to me.

“You have shown that you are a very stupid man. After everything i thought you about this evil women, you still went ahead and dined with them. How much did they pay you to kill me? You wanted quick money as opposed to the slower and careful way i was introducing to you. Now you are asking if i would go free. I can decide to shoot myself with this gun right now and it is not your business. Don’t worry about my freedom, if i were you, i would be more concerned about my own freedom right away. I have told you to stop deceiving yourself with biceps and muscles, those things are just for women to admire you here in Europe. Nothing else.” I said to him.

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