Chapter 1: Familiar Territory

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Lagos, Nigeria.

The time was 10 in the morning.

I had returned to Nigeria from Amsterdam with a beautiful girl named Queen; indeed she was queen.

I found Queen in a Paris street on a night i had gone out to have fun and do what i had chosen as a career in Europe, rescuing trapped teenage Nigerian prostitutes.
She was a tall Slim girl whose Parents had given birth to in the United Kingdom.

Queen was sent to Nigeria to Study in the Nigerian British International School Victoria Island Lagos. But unfortunately the parents died and it became impossible to pay the fees. Her Aunty who lived with her in Lagos at that time started Maltreating her and as a result, she started seeking for a way to return to the country of her birth. She eventually ended up back in London but was sent to live in a social welfare controlled building. When she contacted another Aunty in Paris, she was advised to relocate to Paris where she ended up in the streets as a prostitute.

It was in the Paris street that i found this beautiful girl that night. She had attempted to tell me that she wasn’t a prostitute and i believed her because she was unlike the other prostitutes i had helped to leave the streets.

Since i had come from Amsterdam to Paris for the purpose of helping a prostitute out of the Paris streets, Queen ended up going back with me to Amsterdam.
She followed me back to Amsterdam because i had promised to help her secure some transfer documents which was required to process the continuity of her education in London. Unfortunately she came into my life at time i was being pursued by numerous enemies all over Europe. We were nearly caught but we succeeded in sneaking out of Amsterdam Bijlmer area to Belgium where we finally boarded an Afriqiya airline jet to Lagos via Tripoli Libya.

We had cleared Nigerian Immigration at the airport and ended up at the hotel where we slept on the same bed without touching each other.

I had woken up before Queen and walked to the table near the window where i sat and sipped directly from a bottle of Jack Daniel i had opened that morning.
I watched queen as she slept  like an angel and a new born baby put together. It was easy for me to see through her heart. She had gone through some rough stages which she didn’t know was possible. She had watched the burial of her parents who had died in a ghastly motor accident which was attributed to witchcraft from her parent’s relatives.

She didn’t snore, in fact it was very difficult to notice that she was even breathing.

As i watched her, i wondered where to start helping her out. The first thing was to visit her old school in Victoria Island, Then find out what was required by the school authorities to release the necessary documents that would help her secure an admission in London.
Of course the only thing that was required was Money. Some other things could be involved but the moment money is flashed, every other thing would definitely take care of itself.

But there Was a little problem. One of the reasons why i returned to Nigeria was because my elder brother was kidnapped in Enugu. A month after his kidnapping, he was yet to be found. It was required that i go down to Enugu before anything else but on the other hand, i needed to help clear queen so she could return to Europe.

As i wondered what to do first, an idea came to me.
‘Take her to that school first, find out what the requirements are and see if there are things that could be done in one day’ My mind said to me.

Yes, that was a good idea. I was going to head to that School first. I would ask them what was needed to get Queen going. If the demands were something that could be done in one day with money, i would initiate the plans, keep Queen in a hotel in Lagos where she could stay until the entire process would be over. I would go down to Enugu to find out more about the missing guy whose Ransom money had been paid two days after his abduction.

“Baby are you not sleeping” The tiny golden voice said from behind me.
Without looking behind me, i knew who owned the voice.

“Its past 10am Queen” I said.

“Did you call me queen?” She asked.

I knew why she was surprised. I only called her by that name when there was a small misunderstanding. She knew it and i knew that she knew it. I had forgotten that she could be a little scared with me because i had managed to bring her back to Nigeria without a good guarantee that i wouldn’t abandon her there. She had followed me with trust but trust has always been breached.

Instead of responding to what she said, I smiled at her. She was already coming out of bed as i stood up and met her sitting on the edge of the bed. I pulled her up and hugged her.

“Its Ok” I said. I have a million beautiful names for you and Queen is just one of them.

“You have started drinking this morning” She said.

“Right, I was bored being up alone and didn’t want to wake you up, so i decided to have some JD mixed up with my blood” I said.

“But you promised not to…” She was saying when i interrupted.

“Forget what i said about alcohol. I don’t smoke and the moment i stop drinking, my life would be finished”

“But this is not good for your health” She said.

“It is good for my mind. It helps me to think about helping people. The moment i stop drinking this, i could end up not being able to help people again. Do you want me to stop drinking this?” I asked.

She just looked at me squarely on the face and said, “Clever guy. You always turn everything to your own advantage. Just don’t kill yourself with whisky”.

Very well, it was always good to attach goodwill to bad wills. Being a master also meant that you must always find a way to get your back off the wall.

Women, the moment you let them win an argument or the moment you give them any power, forget about that power forever. You won’t ever wrestle it out of them again.
That was why i had to make sure i tied Queen’s hands on whisky issue.

I wasn’t going to quit drinking it soon.

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