125: The Captives – Time for Business.

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“Hello” I said with a big voice.

“Who is this, give the phone to my wife immediately” He shouted.

“Your wife? She is my girl friend too” I said.

He paused. “Who are you?”.

“Who are you too?”

“I Just said i am her husband” He shouted.

“I just said she is my girl friend” I said coldly again.

“Can i speak to her?” He pleaded.

“No, she is locked up somewhere in Holland” I said.

“I know she went to Holland, she told me but what locked up are you talking about?”

I cut the call.
The discussion wasn’t going anywhere. I had thought i would pick a trail to follow by towing that part but it seemed nothing was coming out of it.

He called again.
“Please tell me what s going on, where is my wife?”

“Are you aware your wife is a human trafficker and a child labourer?” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” he said with a tone that made things looked like he never heard those words before.
I knew he would deny such allegations, who wouldn’t.

“Listen, i don’t have all the time in the World. Stop calling this phone. If she ever come out of this, you will see her again. I have recorded evidence that she is involved in bringing teenage girls to Europe through the dangerous Mediterranean Sea. She will be handed over to the authorities after getting more evidence. She and her friends are going to spend the rest of their lives in prison if nothing is done urgently” I said and stopped.

“If what is not done urgently? please explain to me what you mean”

I told him that i will get back to him, then i cut the call.

I turned to Madam Model immediately and asked, “I didn’t know you kept a Man in the house, and feed him with ritual money. And you Franca” I said as i Turned around and pointed at her, “You went around Paris and Italy telling whoever cared to listen, that i am a ritual man. Why?”.

“Who said i told him or her that? I didn’t tell anybody such a thing” She replied.

“Telling lies will not help you here. You people will spend one year here if we don’t get what we want. The worst is that you will spend this one year on one meal daily” I said.

The phone has started ringing again and it was from the same Paris man who claimed to be the husband of Madam Model.

“Listen Mr. You are to stop calling this number until we contact you. If you try to contact this number again without being told, we will send our men to track you down there in France. Stay with your phone, we will get in touch with you” I said.

It was time for business, there was no more need wasting a lot of time. At that stage, it had occurred to the captives that they were kidnapped irrespective of the fact that they came to the secret house on their own.

“Pay attention, we are not interested in living here forever. You are going to be released but that would be after you save yourselves with money. A lot of money. Every single person who participated in this operation will be paid. There are two other men standing outside this building monitoring What is happening out there. They were given instructions to let us know when and if danger comes. If we suspect any suspicious movement around this building, i will shoot three of you. Madam Model and Madam Franca, two of you will tell us who to contact in France immediately. Both of you will pay us 10,000 Euros each. As for you Chike, we will come to that later. You will tell me why you want me dead after introducing you to Madam Model. I am not sure you will leave this place alive, so if you know how to pray, start doing that. Concentrate on the redemption of your soul because you will have to give me atleast five good reasons why i won’t shoot you” I concluded.

I already knew i wasn’t going to do anything to Chike. I would let him go. I was about to go home.
I knew that Madam Model would get to him and offer him some money to track me down. I knew that the idea and suggestion of shooting me were not his. I never did enough harm to him to want me dead but i also knew that sometimes, we were expected to take responsibilities of our actions whether we liked it or not.

I turned to the two women and said again, “It is true i promised you one set of food daily. It is not guaranteed and you are not getting anything this night and tomorrow. The things you ate in Paris are still in your bodies. We will vacate this place if you die here and nobody will find out what happened to you. I know there are other women involved in this mission to kill me but i will find them one after the other”.

“Where am i going to get that kind of money?” That was Franca.

I told her that i didn’t care. “You can think of your best friend and give me his or her phone number. You can also contact your group that sent you out here to an unfamiliar territory in Amsterdam to capture and kill me. We will tell them that their plans backfired. They won’t abandon you here. Get me the tape” I said to Joel’s friend.

The captives might have been thinking that we were not serious. Nobody had hit any of them yet and it was time to make them see some red blood on their bodies. People were known to pay more attention when blood was involved.

“Gag their mouths” I said to the guy who just came out with the silky tape.
He proceeded to do that while i continued talking.

“You people believe we are not serious here because i haven’t shot anybody yet. One of you will soon die without warning and maybe that will wake others up” I said and moved to Madam Model who had just been gagged.

I hit her on the forehead with the butt of the gun and blood started coming out instantly. She wasn’t able to cry out, rather she shook and vibrated on the floor and eventually fell down flat.

“You Chike, i know what you must be thinking now. You must be thinking of what to do to me if you survive this ordeal but that would be if you survive this ordeal because the way things look now, i don’t think you are leaving here alive unless you tell me why you collaborated with this devils to have me killed”

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