125: One Up on Maria

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”Help, somebody help” it was the voice of Maria.

Some group of unknown men had stopped her at Emmanuel bus stop, a few meters away from the bar where I was drinking. They had searched her and took some money from her. They took her phone too. Therefore, she couldn’t reach me.

I wasn’t interested in the shouting. People had gathered around the area and more people were joining. It was becoming risky for me to stay there since someone might have seen me with Baba and the other actors. I got up, settled my bill and walked towards the opposite direction to a small street called Balogun Kuku. The street stretched up and busted out at Sanya street. I stopped a bike there and drove home.

Ten minutes later, a knock came to my door.
”Who is that” I had shouted.
”Its me Maria” the voice said.

”I have been trying to call you and warn you that some thieves were in that bus stop I told you to come but your phone was not ringing” I said as I opened the door.

She came inside and started crying.

”I told you that I have forgotten what happened in Benin. You don’t need to keep crying over that” I said, pretending that I didn’t know why she was crying.

”They took my phone and the money” she cried out.

I held her and asked who took them. She said it was the thieves at the Bus stop.

I sat her down on the Sofa as my cousin walked in. We both consoled her and told her that she should thank God they didn’t kill her.
My born again cousin reminded her of some examples of where thieves stole from people and even killed them.

”You need to go back to your place and rest. You will get headache from crying. I wanted us to go somewhere this night but you can’t go in this condition. I will take you home” I said as I dashed inside to get my car keys. I didn’t give her any chance to say anything.

I was going to recover the N30,000. I gave to her parents and the money I spent in benin hotels. She didn’t just knew that.

It was good to pay good with good and evil with evil if you can. But we must be careful of backlash when we pay evil for evil for humans were created to look for revenge against every evil deeds.

I drove her home and promised to get her another phone as soon as possible.

”The best way to get your enemies to pay and work for you is to make them believe that you are still friends”
I knew good when I saw it and I believed every reasonable person should be the same. However if gave you my heart and you tried to betray or kill it, there was only one option left for me. Just one.

I had bought her Valium 5 and paracetamol tablets to help her sleep. I had also advised her to take three tablets of the stuff instead of one. I knew it won’t harm her but would rather make her sleep deeply. She needed the deep sleep. It would help her to reflect on the things she had done wrong to deserve what happened to her. I believed so much in Karma especially when I inflicted it by myself.

Life is a very complicated thing but You cannot sow a yam and harvest Cassava.

” I have yet to see a problem however complicated that when you look at it the right way does not become more complicated”

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