124: Another Plan

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Nigeria cultivated Marijuana in large quantities in some states that included Ondo, Edo and Delta
Unlike the types cultivated in Europe, the Nigerian local weeds were herbal. They cured diseases. However that does not change the fact that it was still an illegal banned business. Banned by who?

Nigeria is a country that danced to the tunes of its colonial masters and other western agents. We had no sayings of our own, we were not involved in any World trade organisation deals except the oil which the west determined the prizes.

Since we had areas that efficiently grew Marijuana, it was a business the federal government should have delved into, just like the governments of Mexico, Colombia and other central and South Americans delved into Cocaine.

The imperialists would never want the developing countries to catch up with them. As a result, they termed most of their natural resources Illegal just like they did in Afghanistan.
They go behind and use their military men to deal on those drugs because they needed them to manufacture their artificial drugs such as chloroquine, procain and other dangerous injections. They knew that as soon as Marijuana, Opium and other Drugs were legalized, they (the west) would be put out of business.
They had their laboratories where they manufacture diseases only to also manufacture the antidotes to experiment on us.

”I got the contact from a friend of mine from Akure. There is a large forest 20 kilometers away from the Owo highway. It is where the Marijuana farm is located. The government forces are aware but we settle them each time we want to shift compressed weeds from the farm to town or to Lagos” Jude had said.

According to him, he was still learning the ropes since he had no contacts to supply it in Europe. After discussing the Marijuana topic, it was clear to me that I would go into it some day but not at that moment. I needed to make friends from Ondo state first, then Edo state and Delta state. I needed the insiders who were interested in Shifting the stuff to Europe. But first I was going to go to Europe and find buyers.

Three days after the Benin events, Maria returned, or rather called and said she had returned.
”Did you return with Madam Comfort or did she send you to get the money alone” I had asked her.

”I want to come to your place so we can discuss this” she said.

I told her that I was not at home. She wanted to come to wherever I was but I told her to wait until I returned. I was at home anyway but it was becoming dangerous allowing Maria to come close to me. I hadn’t given a serious thought on how next to tell her to leave but I knew it was going to happen someday sooner.

Daisy called and said she couldn’t make it. It was a welcomed news, the tension of the previous day had reduced dramatically. I was already feeling like myself once more. That soft spot part of me had been replaced by the non compromising part that usualy pushed me to act before I was acted upon.
Life itself was all about that; ”Don’t let the action come to you if you can take the action first” .
sometimes the outsiders would understand the first action as the offensive one, the bad one.
But all my lives, I recalled one Igbo saying that said : ”Rather than allowing someone’s dog to kill my own dog, I would rather let my own dog to kill the other dog first. It would be better to pay someone for his dog rather than allow them to pay me for my own dog”

Life is all about survival of the fittest, especially in our own part of the World where over 90% of the populace were hungry.
Hunger was the biggest cause of our problems down in this country and a hungry man could be motivated to do anything instead of facing the imminent option which was death.

As for Maria, I knew that whatever she planned to do was part of her survival plans. Maybe she wanted husband, money, fame etc and she believed that she could get that by using some kind of charm on me.
”It is only a tree that heard it was going to be cut down and still stood in one place”. Since Ozoigbondu was not a tree, it was important that I shifted because shifting was an unpredictable manner that displaced things.

Maria had tried his luck and failed. However knowing who I was, I needed to teach her some lessons never to try such things on any other person.
It was time to get my revenge on her. Leaving her In Benin was just a merciful punishment since I knew she had enough money to get her back to Lagos.

A day after she called, I called Baba and his gang.
I told them that Maria had stolen my money and that I needed to get it back. They were angry that after asking them to recover money from Chukwudi, I went ahead and used the Police.
I had to talk them down into taking the new job after making a promise of fifty-fifty sharing.

Around 8pm, I got down from my house and walked up to Emmanuel bustop along Adetola street. There was a small bar along the street off Emmanuel bus stop. I sat there and called Baba. He came with two friends. I told them that I was going to call the girl and that she would stop at the Emmamuel bus stop. They were to stand around there and grab her bag when she came.

I called Maria. She was happy and thought that I had forgiven and forgotten what happened.
Silly girl. I don’t forget. I may chose to forgive but forgetting would put me in a similar situation like before.

She said she would take a bike to my street before 9pm. The later the better.

” I am out of cash and I need some money from you”. I had said to her.

Since she was ready to do anything, she agreed that she had N52,000 in the house. I told her to get it for me.
”You will get it back the following week” I had promised.

” As to the deceit perpetrated upon women, let it pass, for when love is in the way, men and women as a general rule dupe each other”

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