123: The Captives – The Capture

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“I need to hold one gun myself” I said to Joel.

“No, We can’t allow that. We cannot give you gun” He said.

There was no need arguing too much about that, i wouldn’t give out a loaded gun in that circumstances as well; therefore i decided to play my last card.

“Remove the bullet and give me the gun. I need to make them pay”

After considering the last option, Joel removed the bullets in one gun and handed it to me.
“Don’t hit anybody with it. If you do that, i shoot you in the leg”.

As we waited, I thought about the likely situation that would play out in the room.
It was most likely that the sitting room would soon be crowded with people. We were already five; the boy and girl who came out of a room had disappeared. That left the initial two chain smokers who didn’t do anything else but smoked, Joel and his friend and then Me.
Chike was likely to show up with his pay masters. Three of them would make the room crowdy and one thing i learnt from crime was that the fewer the better chance of success.
We were going ahead with our plans, there was no going back. It was either i got things over with or i continued to run and hide from them. It would be just a matter of time before they cornered me at a place where there would be no escape.

I picked up a plastic Single Chair and sat at the extreme end of the room near an old Television that i wasn’t sure was working. My hands were behind my back as if they were tied to the chair.

All of a sudden, my phone started ringing.
The screen showed it was Tina.
I had forgotten that they existed and occupied my mind with the immediate danger.
If things didn’t work out well, they could leave Amsterdam to London without seeing me again.
There were big chances that the money we were going to demand was not with the French squad.
If they were going to pay, then they were going to call for money in France. That possibility would naturally take long time which i did not have.
But however things worked out, i was going to ensure they meet with the woman who was going to take them to London.
Another issue was Queen. If i didn’t complete the task at hand in a day and The other two girls left to London, she was going to be alone in that dead quiet apartment. She would not only be scared of silence but would also fear that i abandoned her. The only little glimpse of hope was to call her constantly.

I pressed the green button on the right hand side of the Nokia phone and put the machine on my ear. “What is it Tina?”.

“Where are you Brother?” her tiny sweet voice said quietly.

“Listen Tina, tell Kate and Queen that i located Where Aunty Franca and Madam Model are staying. I want to scare them to leave Amsterdam for Paris immediately.

“But why not just forget about them and return home, Remember we are traveling tomorrow. They won’t see us again from Tomorrow” She said.

That was what her mind told her first and the average girl of her age hardly looked back in time to learn.
Hiding from our enemies only solved temporal problems. The permanent solution was to crush the enemy totally.

“I will return tomorrow but if i don’t return, call the woman we gave money in the morning with the number i will send to you after this call. She will tell you what to do” I said.

Immediately after talking to her, i forwarded the number of the woman i gave 4000 Euros for their migration to the United Kingdom. I wasn’t sure how things would work out in my absence but i knew that sometimes, there were things we could not just do.

I was about to call Queen when the knock came on the door.

I quickly picked the empty gun and put my hand behind the chair, then i changed my facial expression to that of a man who has been receiving torture all evening.

Joel’s friend came in first, followed by Chike who turned his face back to the remaining two ladies yet to come inside the room and said, “Its him”.

The two ladies entered the room after him and stood near the door facing me.

Joel told his friend to close and lock the door.

“You think you are clever. This is where your own ends” That was Aunty Franca as she dashed forward and gave me a hot slap twice.

I was tempted to hit her with the gun but since there was no bullet in it, i decided to play out my plan to the end.

She stood opposite me and said all kinds of things she was going to do to me. I kept my hands behind the chair, hiding it properly on the wall to make sure nobody saw i wasn’t bound.

Joel had stood up and dragged Franca out from where i was, while Madam Model moved to replace her. Another hot slap came from her on my left cheek before she was dragged out too.

It was Chike’s turn. “You think you are too much. You decided not to give me the balance of the money we agreed on. You did this to yourself”.

I suddenly looked up at him. “How much did they give you Judas?”

“So you still get the energy and gut to talk and call me Judas. Anyway you are already finished, if not, i would have shown you what Judas can do” Chike said.

“Madam Model, why did you and Franca come to Amsterdam?” That was me.

The questioned seemed to have confused her. It sounded awkward to her ear.
She thought i was bound and powerless and at their mercy; how could i have asked such question.

“What did you just ask me?” She stood up again.

“You and your friends go to Africa and steal innocent girls, bring them to Europe to sell them or send them to be your prostitutes. Is that a good thing to be doing, can you ask you daughter to do the same thing?” i continued.

“Look, it is never your business what i do with my life. You that sell drugs in Amsterdam, are you not a bad person too. Infact if you open your mouth to say one word again, i will personally kill you here” She shouted as she stood up and tried to make her way towards me.

“One more step and you are dead” I shouted as i suddenly stood up and pointed the empty gun on her chest in a flash of one second.

“And you Chike, on your knees” I said.

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